MAINE: Pregnant Somali Muslim mother of 10 killed instantly in a head-on car crash

‘LEWISTONISTAN’ – A Somali Muslim woman who helped members of Maine’s Somali community help themselves to all the benefits Maine’s generous welfare system could provide, was killed in a head-on crash in Topsham over the weekend.


WGME (h/t Frank)  Salima Nuh was a mother of ten and a member of a Somali Assistance Association in the Twin Cities. Nuh’s husband tells us that his wife was seven months pregnant when she died. Although he has been here since 2004, he speaks not a word of English, so an interpreter was provided. Unforgettable is how Abdi Maalim describes his wife.  He says he’s heartbroken. “I’m not going to see her anymore and I will not ever see her again,” said Maalim speaking to CBS13 News through a translator. 


They have ten children at home and Maalim says Nuh was seven months pregnant with their eleventh. “It’s a big loss for me and I’m not going to see her anymore,” Maalim said through teary eyes. He says Nuh was heading to work driving a small Volkswagen Passat. Police say she was headed east on Route 196 in Topsham when the driver of a Ford F350 coming west, crossed the center line and crashed head-on into Nuh.

Maalim says this wasn’t how their lives were supposed to turn out. Nuh had become an active and well-respected member of the Somali community in Lewiston, a community that’s now mourning her loss, and comforting her family.

Police are still trying to figure out exactly why 52-year-old Robert Robitaille, the driver of pickup truck, crossed the center line, but say at this point it does not appear that speed, alcohol, or drugs played a role.





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  1. So Sick of having to pretend to be politically correct.. I dont want to be anymore… North America is a great place to live. Im from Canada.. The fucking muslims are ruining my country too. They move into our neighborhoods.. within a few years the homes are ruined, our schools cater to them.. My kid is a fucking minority in his class. All the while. we are told to be tolerant.. and recognize their rights as immigrants.. we have to adapt.. I say FUCK THAT… I moved to Canada as a young boy from Ireland. I didnt make demands when I arrived on a potato boat. “I ADJUSTED TO MY NEW HOME” I didnt make demands.. They come in become parasitic on the health care system, the education system, the welfare system… and its not enough..
    Even our local police are considering letting muslim women wear burkas… Fuck me.. If someone shows up at my door wearing a fucking burka, they arent gonna have my respect..or anyone else I know.. And they sure wont be welcome in my doorway..

  2. 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    • jihad, while I am sure you are babbling incoherently as most muslims here do, we cannot read your page long run-on sentence with no punctuation. On second thought, don’t fix the punctuation. Nobody here gives a crap about what you have to say.

    • @Jihad, You are a blithering idiot who cannot express a single coherent thought. The one thing I did get from your message, before I tuned out the rest of your babble is your inherent supremacist islamist attitude that it is us Americans who must change and adapt up to, and even to the point of turning to islam, not newcomers such as you, who need to adjust to our customs and language. That isn’t even possible for truly devout muslims.

      Piss off and get out of MY country! America is NOT allah’s! Hell is allah’s realm and when you draw your dying breath, you will be in intimate communion with him and his’ disgusting pig of a prophet, muhammhock.

  3. The heartless comments are disgusting, this was a mother and a human being.My daughter was two cars behind this lady and held her hand until the police arrived.That was narrow minded people sicken me.Love and be loved and don’t be judgmental of others until you are perfect.You folks are what is wrong with our society..Heartless..

  4. “Maalim says this wasn’t how their lives were supposed to turn out”

    Umm. Actually, if all actions are the will of Allah, then yes, yes it was.

  5. They come here. Live off our taxes. Make no attempt to learn our language, or assimilate, but practice their apartheid hatred of others…us Infidels. while milking our system for all it’s worth. I feels sad…that her husband wasn’t with her too!

  6. Sorry no great loss. Since they are blood sucking welfare parasites (no surprises there) how do they have the money to pay for a eueopean car – Volkswagen Passat. Nit such how much you guys pay for european cars in the US but here in Australia they are expensive to buy and maintain. If thats the same in the US where are these jungle animals getting the money for such luxuries? Also the Muzzie brats wouldnt fit in that car so where do they put some of them on the roof? Or they surely must have another car or 2. Makes me wonder again where that extra income is coming from. My guess is the husband is getting money under the table or partaking in some illegal activities (again no surprises there).
    Husband will grieve for a short time and is most likely in the process of sourcing another baby making machine at this very moment.

  7. America needs a population redistribution. This is just a part of it. They don’t want to assimilate into the soup mix, then get them out.

    How is the driver of the F350, Mr Robitallie, doing?

  8. So is she now enjoying her 72 virgins in allah’s heavenly whorehouse? Oops, what exactly is her reward for being a good muslima? Does she get to become part of a muslime man’s harem?

    • As I understand it Women are damned to HELL!
      MoohamMAD told a group of women he had seen hell, and it was full of women!! (yeah right!).

      Their husbands are in Heaven with 72 virgins so they don’t need wives!! These virgins miraculously are eternal virgins!! After every “encounter”, they renew their virginity!!!

      Shows what utter, totally, dangerous and demented BULLSHIT this retarded SECT preaches!

      Show RESPECT to Islam? PISS OFF.. or should I say “Piss on HIM”.
      These are TRULY PRIMITIVE sub-humans. They have NO right to life because they are INTENT on destroying us and OUR Civilization.

      How can ANYONE believe this nonsense?

      AND our Politicians are telling us to share our countries with these dangerous psychopath bastards!!

      • Chances are high the newly widowed hubby will bed his eldest daughter to satisfy his uncontrolled sexual pulsions… and this is where a whole new series of IQ-deficient kids will invade the health and welfare systems.

  9. We are following the example set by Europe. I feel for the mayor and those who voted against this insanity but being a Blue state Maine deserves this re-distribution of wealth.

    • Funny you mention Maine, being a “blue state”.
      I was in Marden’s (a discount store) on Monday and got involved in a conversation between the cashier and another shopper behind me. They were discussing the virtues of Maine’s winters.

      Typically, (I’ll talk to anyone), I casually suggested that we should contact his highness, king o’shitbag, and request that he, the almighty, take the months of October through March and switch them for the summer months, thus giving us snow in the hottest months and warmth in the winter. “He could do this”, I said. “He’s all powerful, ya know”…

      Before I finished, both of them glared at me like I had two heads. Had looks been knives, I’d have been butchered in place. The girl, behind the guy behind me was laughing to beat hell. And it WASN’T because of my foolish statement, it was because I mentioned o’shitbag. The guy said “don’t mention o’bama, I’ve got nothing good to say about him”. The cashier said he was a useless liar.

      Back to “blue state” thing. While our political status may be “blue”, the people are all but! Folks, around here, know that even if there’s still checks in their checkbook, it doesn’t mean they have money. They CAN do math and they DON’T like “flat-landers”, (invaders), either.

      • The sad truth is that Obama and his minions couldn’t care LESS – and they won’t care!!! If necessary, they’ll invoke martial law (even albeit illegally – too many of their people will ignore the technicalities or worse…), have their terrorists and other foreign mercenaries rampage all over the USA (and likely Canada and Mexico), killing, raping, destroying at will – and especially using the extra munitions Obama will have provided them and FEMA… It looks very much like it will be an absolute bloodbath all over North America.

        Lord Jesus, please DON’T DELAY your Second Coming: we’re ALL DEPENDENT upon you so that this whole earth doesn’t get denuded of all life…

        DEATH TO ISLAM and ALL totalitarianism, PERIOD!!!!!

  10. When they first started bringing them here, it was Lewiston, where they were settled. I think the number was around 1800 in Lewiston, some 12-14 yrs ago. Now look at it. 6000, and 10 more little moslems coming right up. Now, they are plopping them down all over the fucking state.
    Portland has them now, too. Shit!
    Where are the environmentalists on this?

  11. On whose tab were those 10 money-gobbling Muslim children? Probably U.S. tax-payers. The husband will just find another breeder, probably with no high-risk pregnancies.

  12. To bad the firtal bitch didnt kiss the car 10 yrs ago. Think of all the money would would have saved. Never mind how many more of the cockeroaches are going to be here in generations to come from the muslim slime!

  13. No more baby machine.

    It’s saying something when Americans are so cynical about these moochers. There may be some Somalians who are hard-working and decent, but this story shows that we expect the WORST behavior from Somalians.

    • @perceptor1

      “There may be some Somalians who are hard-working and decent,”

      There are always exceptions, but it is not worth the effort to find out.

  14. The bad news is that the mussy father/breeder, will now get a big law suit for millions, from the truck driver, import a cousin to marry and have about 10 more inbred, low ability mussys to suck up the welfare from taxpayers and the cycle of muslim leeching continues. Do not vote democrates in 2016.

  15. Reminded me of a joke…..

    Sitting at a Red light yesterday, minding my own business, patiently waiting for it to turn Green even though there was no on-coming traffic.
    A carload of bearded, young, loud Muslims, shouting anti-British slogans, with a half- burned Union Jack duct-taped to the boot lid of their car and a “Remember 7th July” slogan, spray painted on the side, was stopped next to me.
    Suddenly they yelled, “Allah Akhbar!” and took off before the light changed. Out of nowhere a bus came speeding through the junction and ran directly over their car, crushing it completely and killing everyone in it.
    For several minutes I sat in my car thinking to myself, “Bloody hell! That could have been me !”

    So today, bright and early, I went out and got a job as a bus driver.

  16. …….regrettably, the “root” cause of the problem (the husband) is still alive…………..he’ll just import another baghead to look after the children, and they’ll bang out another dozen………………

    • Now you are getting close to their Grand plan

      Its about immigration , out breeding , brainwashing the dhimis, infiltrating govt , media and schools and finally when they have got their numbers big enough
      then they can threaten and murder their way to converting America into another
      sharia hell hole.

      • That’s about it- marry a stupid American woman and let her bang out a few anchor babies and then get a “divorce” or just simply bring the foreign Muslima over with an Islamic nikah so there is no legal entanglement and have her bang out a few too. If you’re lucky you can get your full quorum by adding two more dumb Americans or other foreigners so that everyone can bang out a kid a year and get full welfare, section 8, WIC ect as “single mothers”. And you the Muslim man can take a few classes at the community college, work under the table at a friend’s restaurant or simply sit around and play video games or surf the net while you claim you are “homeless” since you rotate around 4 apartments and do not claim any of them as your permanent home.

  17. While I feel sorry for the family I can’t help but say that the family shouldn’t have been here in the first place. Somalis are about the lowest intelligence, poorly behaved and horrific in personal hygiene of any of the Muslims and that is saying a lot.

    • Its sad reading this from a person that claims Somalis are poorly behaved, have you not seen your people in public? they are savages, have no manners what-so-ever, and are disgrace to the human kind. I suggest you go back and get some home training before you get on social networks and open your useless mouth.

  18. They breed like rabbits. In this way they will take over the US and elsewhere with our assistance every step of the way until they vote themselves into government and attempt to impose their will and Sharia Law on the infidels. You are correct Petard, it should be looked at as a positive thing for the U.S. It is not cruel to admit to the reality that these people have an agenda and not to admit that is not only cruel to our future generations it is downright idiotic. I for one am not prepared to live under Sharia.

  19. She’s been pregnant non-stop since her arrival. A muslim baby factory. How shameful. Now the husband can pick up an additional wife who also will become another muslim baby factory.

    Maine must institute a mandatory English-speaking program. This makes no sense.

    The fact they chose a predominantly French Canadian community as their hometown is not good news for them either. I have a feeling the French are fed and one just lost it while driving… I know that whenever I see a hijab, I become dizzy.

    • Just so u know thats just one community out of thousands in the US, mutliplying every year and yet again increasing the muslim population here. It doesnt matter if u feel dizzy or whatever. The fact is we as somalis will never assimilate ur pagan culture.

      • Since you so hate us, “kassim”, why don’t you go back to where you came from???

        Please, for your own good: LEAVE, and the sooner the better, while the going is good!!! Leave before some of us get so fed up as to have to deport you forcibly!!!!

        DEATH TO ISLAM!!!!!

      • Then go home. You are not wanted. Worthless parasitic eaters that have no useful skills and are a drain on the resources of society. One Vietnamese immigrant is more then worth a thousand sand rats.

      • kiss ass
        I don.t get dizzy when I see a headbag, I give the sign of the horns and go on. If the critter is a retail clerk, I pass that place so as not to assist your cult.

      • your little brains wouldnt be able to even if you wanted to assimilate…thats why its silly that you come here.
        silly because its obvious to us you are here to suck out $ from our welfare system and silly because the day is coming when all of those entitlement programs tighten up and youll need to find something called a JOB

      • ADHD: i didnt mention any hatred but i see ur full of it. plus dont forget this is the land of immigrants, and it doesnt matter which religion u have. anyone can come here and leave life the way they want and NOBODY can say anything abt it.

        THE REST BELOW: do u guys even know stats about who lives on welfares in here? majority of walfare seeking people are white caucasians and africans americans. why dont u tell them to go back to where they came from?if u know this, i urge u do alittle more research on this.

        so why are we different? just because we practise a different religion than those poeple i was taking about right?
        i know this is an anti Islam website, the fact is no one can harm the religion of GOD, He revealed it and He promised to safe guard it from any enemy, thats why u see IT spreading so FAST in here.

        One thing, u will never see a muslim person saying bad thing about any religion because we believe in all the BOOks, the old testament, the new testament and more the Holly Quran.

        Before u pass ur message across , do urself a favor and try to do research on everything u wanna talk about? even if its religion, warfare,somali, African, caucasian etc.

      • Ahhhh, kassim, you poor dumb fuck….

        “The fact is we as somalis will never assimilate ur pagan culture.”

        That comment right there tells everything any civilized person needs to know about what it is with which we are dealing.

        If you refuse to assimilate into our “pagan culture”, why did your people come to North America?
        This is why we say get the hell back to where you originated.
        Why do you want to be here?
        If you think we will stand idly by and let your primitive, ignorant stupidity run rough shod over our society, you are in for one rude fuckin’ awakening!!!

        You are essentially declaring war on the west with comments like the ones above.
        A war of demographics, but a war none the less.

        Somalians have PROVEN to be opportunistic, shifty, classless, advantage-takers for decades.
        In Canada, you are the lowest of the low, and have an inherent ability to work every angle to scam and exploit at every turn.

        Welfare fraud.
        Insurance fraud.
        Drug dealing.

        All the while laughing at our stupid government leaders and making them look like the fools they truly are.
        That is OUR fault, not your’s!

        I guarantee, we will force you to cease and desist long before you can entrench any substantial new islamic enclave in North America.

        It’s getting closer every day.

      • Thank you so very, very much, dear Ms. BNI for banning “kassim”: the amount of lies, distortions, half-truths and other such taqiyya and kitman his reply oozes all over the place is beyond any proper answering!!!!


      • Postscript:

        1) Moslems regard welfare as their jizya which they’re automatically qualified for as Moslems;
        2) Hate begets hate: it’s Moslem hatred that generates their being hated;
        3) Excellent reply, “amboyduke”!!!

        Q.E.D. – and again, DEATH TO ISLAM!!!!!

  20. I don’t mean to be the devil’s advocate here but I don’t think this is an appropriate post. We cannot rejoice over this incident when her demise was innocently accidental. Best to to take this post down.

      • I dunno, maybe the truck driver had sudden infideljihad syndrome. Whatevah. One less Mooslime population bomb on the planet.
        The old man has been here 9 years and can’t speak English? Deport the whole boiling lot of ’em.

    • There are at least 80,000 more Somalis that were admitted this year alone in the U.S.

      Out of these 80,000, we can now safely say they have reproduced to at least 120,000 for this year alone while some 90% are on full benefits.

      They refuse integration and propagate their tribal culture. The tiny young girls are hijabed by the age of 5 years old. These kids will never integrate. They insist their demands are met or else they demonstrate.

      I am sorry but somehow, I have no compassion. If anything, the husband must be happy (he sure doesn’t sound distraught). He can now import a younger model for his sexual pulsions…

      • That’s about 120,000 Somali muslim cockroaches infesting our home. Time to call the Orkin man. As taxpayers, maybe we can have him make a service call to the source of this pest infestation, the White House.

    • I’m sorry but I, too, must play “devil’s advocate” and ask you, LM; had she been intentionally killed, would you have cheered???
      While I’m reviled at the thought of seeing a woman or a child killed or hurt, what would YOUR reaction be to one that is carrying a grenade or intent on killing YOU?
      Somewhere, the LINE MUST BE DRAWN!

      • Your a hypocrite clearly your not reviled by the incident because your assuming she was a terrorists when infact she was looking for a way to provide for her family, if one billion Muslims were all terrorist you better believe the entire world would have no peace, so take your ignorant,narrow minded self to see a therapist because your nuts

        • You’re right! I’m NOT reviled. She was here, sucking the life out of hard working Americans while spitting out more Hajis that will only do the same later.
          Fuck You and your pompous lies. In fact there ARE a billion mosque-rats and the world IS in turmoil…BECAUSE OF YOU AND YOUR ILK. Or haven’t you looked out from under you rock?
          I would also suggest you see a therapist but there’s no point. One cannot fix something that is already rotted!

      • To “I love Islam”: thanks to you and your fellow-Moslems, the world has already been SEVERELY ROBBED of peace and it’s only getting WORSE!!!!!

        Had it not been for your terrorism, wars, pretend-“immigrants” (actually, colonists trying to force your EVIL Islam down the throats of the rest of us!!!) and “students” being launched upon Israel and the West, we KNOW that the world would be a much safer and more tranquil place!!!!

        Islam is a CULT of WAR plus its attendant HATE, DESTRUCTION and MISERY!!! To call itself a “religion of peace” is one of the worst possible LIES I’ve ever had the misfortune to come across in my entire life!!!!!

        It’s thanks to your LYING and DECEPTION (all part of the WAR your ANTICHRIST “prophet” Mohammed and his sock-puppet Satan {one of whose many names is “allah”} have commanded you to wage upon everybody and everything else!!!) that we hate and loathe you Moslems worldwide!!! God Grant we PROUD “infidels” ALL wake up so we can flush you all – every last single Moslem man, woman and child – OUT of what you DARE to call dar al-Harb and then wall you up so you will eternally stay segregated from the entire rest of the world in your dar al-Islam!!!!

        It’s you Moslems that need to take your taqiyya, kitman, tawriya and muruna – and LEAVE the West and ALL non-Moslem lands AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!!!! GET OUT while the going is good, while you don’t have to feel you’ll be arrested, rounded up and forcibly dumped back into your Islamic countries without a shred of clothing (or any other possessions) or a scrap of food!!!

        DEATH TO ISLAM, COMMUNISM, NAZISM and ALL other tyranny and totalitarianism, PERIOD!!!!! Now and forever and unto ages of ALL ages, Amen!!!!!

    • It’s not about the woman; it’s about the Muslims infiltrating small American communities, breeding like rabbits and taking over within a generation. I salute the mayor. What he said was true and common sense. Some reporter claimed there was “Public Outcry” against the mayor (who only said immigrants should assimilate or leave.) “Public outcry” indeed. This an old trick from the Democrat reporter’s handbook. Use inflammatory words – like “public outcry” sounds like the villagers are at City Hall with their pitchforks, when in reality the “public outcry” was the 6000 Muslims, the reporter and the Liberal Professor. running an organization of one.

  21. blame this on obama he probably had nothing to do with it but blame him anyway he’s the head muslim community organizer somewhere there is a connection

  22. The first thing that entered my head was: KARMA. I do feel sorry for ten motherless children, but that is all the sorrow I can muster.

      • It really repulses me that they can come over here and bang out one kid after another while citizens get to have their 2.5 and have to stop since the bills will bankrupt them. Besides where in the hell was she working with all those kids and probable minimal English skills? I’m sure it was some sort of “make busy” job. I’m sorry if I’m bitter its hard to see my country taken over a little at a time.

      • Wow barenakedislam your worried about the babysitting fees when clearly ten kids lost their mother, how inhuman do you sound, I would never wish the same thing on your family

      • So many, many LIES from “I love Islam”!!!!! We know too well how much you’re COMMANDED to hate any and ALL non-Moslems, the way your EVIL Qu’rân speaks of us as no better than dogs and pigs – BOTH of which animals as individuals are INFINITELY BETTER than ALL Moslems worldwide put together!!!

        We know how Islam also hates women, apes, art, music, science and everybody plus everything “un-Islamic”!!!!

        Take your taqiyya and your kitman ELSEWHERE – and LEAVE the West while “the going is good”…

        DEATH TO ISLAM!!!!

      • A twofer indeed. Too bad it couldn’t be a thirteener, huh?

        That’s really scary, ten kids and one in the burner, and the “Milk Chocolate Messiah” keeps bringing more and more of these colonist slugs. Willful demographics jihad here people, complements of the muzz-in-chief.

        I say put the butt-ugly islamo-slugs to work in the salt mines and see how long they last!

    • Funny how your saying you don’t wish to be cruel but this is a positive thing, imagine if it was your loved one who was killed, I’m sure you would be pissed if you saw your own comment

      • Again: take your taqiyya and your kitman ELSEWHERE – and LEAVE THE WEST FOREVER, all of you Moslems, period!!!!! We don’t want you here and we’ll get rid of you one way or the other: your hate and intention to harm us and everybody and everything we value has ensured we’ll NEVER tolerate you any longer than we so far have thanks to the trickery and cheating you and your Communist allies have made us do!!!

        DEATH TO ISLAM!!!!!

      • I(hate)islam – if you’re so worried about mommies and babies how come you aren’t up in arms about all the murderous child raping muslims who cheer every time they rape / kill an infidel, even if the infidel is a baby? Hypocrite.

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