MAINE: Pregnant Somali Muslim mother of 10 killed instantly in a head-on car crash

‘LEWISTONISTAN’ – A Somali Muslim woman who helped members of Maine’s Somali community help themselves to all the benefits Maine’s generous welfare system could provide, was killed in a head-on crash in Topsham over the weekend.


WGME (h/t Frank)  Salima Nuh was a mother of ten and a member of a Somali Assistance Association in the Twin Cities. Nuh’s husband tells us that his wife was seven months pregnant when she died. Although he has been here since 2004, he speaks not a word of English, so an interpreter was provided. Unforgettable is how Abdi Maalim describes his wife.  He says he’s heartbroken. “I’m not going to see her anymore and I will not ever see her again,” said Maalim speaking to CBS13 News through a translator. 


They have ten children at home and Maalim says Nuh was seven months pregnant with their eleventh. “It’s a big loss for me and I’m not going to see her anymore,” Maalim said through teary eyes. He says Nuh was heading to work driving a small Volkswagen Passat. Police say she was headed east on Route 196 in Topsham when the driver of a Ford F350 coming west, crossed the center line and crashed head-on into Nuh.

Maalim says this wasn’t how their lives were supposed to turn out. Nuh had become an active and well-respected member of the Somali community in Lewiston, a community that’s now mourning her loss, and comforting her family.

Police are still trying to figure out exactly why 52-year-old Robert Robitaille, the driver of pickup truck, crossed the center line, but say at this point it does not appear that speed, alcohol, or drugs played a role.