Islamofascist crybaby, Dawud Walid from CAIR, slams Nelson Mandela for his inattention to Arabs in Israel


I guess he missed all the news reports about Nelson Mandela singing the praises of Muslim terrorist Yasser Arafat. See video below:


Detroit News  Nelson Mandela is a symbol of struggle against apartheid in South Africa. He did not end apartheid, however, literally or figuratively. The end of apartheid, on paper, came about through an international movement that called on sanctions and boycotts and protests across universities campuses throughout the world, including in America. It was not the sole result of Mandela’s work. 

And the apartheid system ending on paper did not end de facto apartheid in South Africa. Whites make up less than ten 10 percent of the population yet control 80 percent of South Africa’s wealth.  Blacks still suffer from still-diminished economic opportunities, own little land and have the worst schools and educational opportunities.

While we hail Mandela for his accomplished life, we should not fall for the narrative being pushed that structural racism has been dismantled in South Africa, America and other lands, so get over it. (That’s right it hasn’t been eliminated. Now it’s racism against whites there: saint-nelson-mandela-not-so-fast)

What Mandela should have said, but didn’t is: “Our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians,” a reference to the Jim Crow-style inequalities that Arab Israelis face as well as the ongoing illegal Israeli occupation of Palestinian land.