Secret French government report calls for a ban on language critical of immigrants with sanctions on media or institutions that do not comply


And we know when these far left dhimmis say ‘immigrants,’ they mean MUSLIM immigrants aka invaders. Any discourse on the reception of migrants illegal aliens and asylum benefits seekers, which delegitimizes their illegal arrival or negatively affects respect for these people anti-Christian colonizers, will be officially outlawed and fined.

These words – integration, insertion, assimilation – will be outlawed, the French company is now having to be“inclusive.” (So does this mean we can’t use words like “economic parasites,” “entitlement whores,” “welfare leeches,” “enemies of the state,” etc?)


(Below is a crappy English translation from: Valeurs Actuelles I’m sure that everything on this blog would violate the politically correct insanity of this proposed law)

The report details several “recommendations” able to facilitate this process. Since “designate and assign it is stigmatizing,” it will “revisit all lexical registers used […] by the institutions […] as the media and political parties,” without fear of study “the use . the sanction “It will also” revisit certain recommendations of the Commission to Study the principle of secularism “- the veil in particular. To “include” the best, we recognize “the essential place of learning and the value of the language spoken at home” language that will “make it visible in the public space.”Finally, to make the issue of immigration “a heritage issue,” we can celebrate “International Migrants Day” set up“workshop-debates” at all school levels, enhance “the action of immigrants in important moments in French history “or” encourage municipalities to name new streets and squares of cities and villages “…

h/t IslamvsEurope

Muslim riots are common several times a year in France
Muslim riots are a regular occurrence several times a year in France now