ANOTHER SHOCKER! Egyptian Intelligence reveals documents on the case against the Obama Regime and its secret collaboration with Mohamed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood


Off Service Magazine has just published classified documents from the black box of the late former Intelligence Chief Omar Suleiman written by Dr. Hisham Mahmoud Youness in Arabic. The documents contained terrifying and shocking secrets about events which took place since Barack Hussein Obama’s visit to Egypt on 4/6/2009. Mubarak understood that the purpose of this visit was to send a message to the Mubarak regime that it was time to leave, and this was the start of the removal scenario.

SOURCE: emannabih – I have posted excerpts here, but you can read the entire document at the link below:

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Part 1: Mubarak knew that it was time to leave after Obama’s visit to Egypt

Omar Suleiman warned Mubarak after Obama won the presidency post, that this event is a milestone point. Suleiman explained that a specific current in the States achieved victory and will direct the US to a certain direction. Suleiman saw Obama as the black man who was placed by the American Solid Heart as the head of the States, in order to execute the black scenario in the whole Middle East area.

Omar Suleiman informed Mubarak that President Obama doesn’t look to Egypt as his predecessors did. Obama believed that all circumstances were suitable for him to become the US President who will impose the New Middle East borders. And Far away from going through a long conversation inside the frame of the conspiracy theory, it is a fact that many Arab countries including Egypt have disappeared from the borders of the new Middle East.

Obama realized that he was actually in Egypt as a man who was declaring a war on Egypt from inside the Egyptian Territory and at the presence of the legitimate State’s President, but Obama was acting out of the president of a country which is ruling the world and who got so bored and fed up from these small entities who is getting US AID from the United States of America, while they are not showing obedience nor accepting orders, but they are objecting the US orders and instructions and not acting according to what is required from them.

Specifically, Obama whispered in Hilary’s ears that this is going to be the last visit of an American President to Egypt. Because Egypt is not going to exist for long.

Omar Suleiman was aware at this period of the Muslim Brotherhood direct contacts and meetings with foreign intelligence. He was monitoring every move Muslim Brotherhood were making, every meeting Brotherhood held in Turkey between Brotherhood leaders and strategic planners from the American CIA. Suleiman knew about all their meetings including the meetings that included other foreign intelligence elements like Qatar, Turkey whether to discuss issues concerning financing or preparations. Suleiman got all documentations of the conspiracy threads in his hand.

Suleiman knew and recognized the full names of the American Intelligence who had meetings with Muslim Brotherhood.


Part 2: The details of Muslim Brotherhood Organization agreement with the American CIA on Brotherhood taking over the power in Egypt, just few months before the 25th of January 2011

During 2010 and specifically in February, the Egyptian surveillance elements spotted constant meetings for 3 days in one of the secured houses in Ankara. The elements who attended these meeting were from the US Intelligence CIA, three Brotherhood leaders who reached Ankara a day earlier before the first day of the meeting. The Egyptian Intelligence knew all what have been discussed in these 3 days meeting.

Recordings of Meetings between the three Brotherhood elements and the CIA Intelligence elements, they discussed the Scenario of  after Mubarak leaves his post. The US Intelligence elements were insisting that Muslim Brotherhood leaders to provide them with information about their sleeper cells elements in the Egyptian Military. But the Brotherhood insisted that this was out of the question and can’t be revealed even to their friends in Washington. But they confirmed to CIA elements that their sleeper cells inside the Egyptian Army do exist and they are very effective and capable of making a difference when it is necessary and needed.

Suleiman explained to Mubarak that there is only to ways to get out of this swamp, either to get Muslim Brotherhood Organization involved in the political life and put their organization under the microscope then explode the whole case. Or, Omar Suleiman to provide the Egyptian Concerned Authorities with all the documentations and proofs of this conspiracy and he insisted that the civil Judiciary to handle the whole case and not the Military Judiciary.

But Mubarak had another point of view which was totally different than what Suleiman suggested. Mubarak said to Suleiman:” Do you want Egypt to admit that we violated the sovereignty of three friendly countries? United States of  America, Qatar and Turkey and to admit that we practiced intelligence acts on the territories of these countries? If we do as you suggested, the Americans will go crazy and at this minute, they might do something in this regard.  Mubarak didn’t mention what was this something that the US may do to Egypt.

Omar Suleiman monitored activity of the Israeli Mossad through some of  the Israeli diplomats elements inside Egypt who were sending reports to Israel about the possibility of developing the Egyptian Middle Class Sector’s capabilities.

 At this specific stage, Omar Suleiman had confirmed information that the Israeli Mossad presented an Intelligence report to the Israeli Ministers council warning Israel from making any commercial or trading contracts with Mubarak Regime during the next period, and to consider accurate confirmed information that Mubarak Regime will be taken down before the end of 2011.

Part 3: The Americans refused that Khairat Alshater (Brotherhood chief deputy) or Mohamed Abu Elfotuh (Ex Brotherhood leader) to take over the Presidency post. Instead, USA imposed on Brotherhood Organization and insisted that Mohamed Morsi takes over the Presidency post in Egypt

A meeting was held during the events of the 25th of  Jan 2011 in Egypt between the US Representatives of The American Administration and one Israeli Mossad Element and Muslim Brotherhood. In this meeting they agreed on the outlines which were conditioned by guaranteeing the security of Israel and also to guarantee some form of Gas Exportation with American assurance on US practicing influence on Gulf countries to provide big financial facilities and the US commitment to drop a big part of the Egyptian debts to the States and Europe.

They also discussed in this meeting a group of terms that the Muslim Brotherhood must follow before they actually reach power and start ruling Egypt.

The Muslim Brotherhood refrain the candidacy of any of their members or leaders for the Presidency elections.

The Muslim Brotherhood refrain from appearing as a ruling authority during the very difficult years which will follow the 25th of Jan 2011 Revolution

Muslim Brotherhood must agree on the above mentioned scenario in order to stay away and prevent facing very hard and difficult confrontations that the Americans and the Israelis were expecting to take place in Egypt.

The big difficulties that the next president and the next Regime are going to face won’t give them any space or any chance to finish their ruling period, and this is why Muslim Brotherhood must have their hands totally clean when they climb to the governance platform.

When the right moment comes for Brotherhood to take over the power in Egypt, only then financial supports will start appearing so people would link these financial supports and the Egyptian economy refreshing  to the Muslim Brotherhood regime. This economy improvement will be followed by a remarkable security stability in the whole country. And only then, the picture would seem like Muslim Brotherhood have reached power in Egypt by  the people’s will and general acceptance. It will be very hard on Brotherhood’s opponents who are in the meantime very hostile to the United States, to overthrow the Muslim Brotherhood from power.

But as it is known about Muslim Brotherhood, they never commit to any promises or agreements all over their history.

The minute some news leaks about The Military pushing a candidate for the presidency, the Muslim Brotherhood called for an urgent meeting and they discussed that if they find out for definite that the United States had the intentions to allow any military background candidate related to the Military, they were going to handle the situation in their own particular way to stop it from happening.

This particular way of stopping any military candidacy by the Brotherhood, was to spread more chaos in Egypt and it would be enough to destabilize not only Egypt but also the Middle East Area. The Brotherhood knew that the Americans wanted Egypt to be stabilized before Obama finishes his presidency period.

Hilary Clinton Threatened Marshal Tantawy before the Final announcement of the Presidential Elections At the end, it was Mohamed Morsi and not anyone else that USA wanted and supported to become the President of Egypt. US support to Mohamed Morsi was not normal, but it was to the extent that Hilary Clinton personally came specially to Egypt and had a meeting with Marshal Tantawy, Former Minister of Defense just to discuss one matter.

Hilary warned Marshal Tantawy of the serious and bad consequences if any of the other candidates for the presidency won this elections. Hilary confirmed to Tantawy that the United States of America are not ready and won’t accept to deal with symbols from the old regime.

Finally, all the presidential elections forgery and serious violations were totally ignored despite that these violations were directly effecting the final result of the Presidential elections and the whole election process and operation. There were also serious violations in counting the votes. The elections committee announced the result with a shaking voice and all what matters was just to declare that Mohamed Morsi was the winner and became the president of Egypt.

That was actually the most terrifying part that Egypt got pushed and dragged into, not by Egypt’s free will or own choice, but by other foreign Countries, foreign Intelligence and a secret Organization. All these involved combined parties cooperated and coordinated with each other and decided whatever matched and fit their interests. All these involved parties were dividing the big cake, and decided who will take what?! As if Egypt was just a deserted land that had no owner, the Egyptians were always the owner of the land, but who cares for 87 million Egyptian? Henry Kissinger was right, I guess this is the stage of a US president who is running the Middle East as it is his own shop! This is how US dealt with Egypt and the Middle East!

Part 4: Obama gives the green light for the operation ” The Egyptian Swamp“

 Obama gave the Green Light for the operation ” The Egyptian Swamp ” after his last visit to Israel. 

Omar Suleiman said that this visit of Obama to Israel wont be  for the purpose of discussing security development or the capabilities of The Israelis Army or whatever, this visit as Suleiman confirmed is going to be the green light for the operation “Egyptian Swamp”

The innocents from the Egyptian people who believed in the 25th of Jan 2011 and that it was a revolution for social justice, freedom and decent life, were the ones who paid their lives for nothing but the US strategy and new policy for the new Middle East map. It was from the first minute a deliberate pushing to a totally different direction than these innocents thought.

The Egyptian Swamp was the executive form which contained:

Names, individuals, Groups and logistic facilities.

Economy part consist of: specific inflation rate, the amount of deficit in the provisions of basic services.

Real tests conducted by specific trained individuals to test the speed of security bodies response to different stimuli and the time of response according to the status of roads and traffic, etc…

Incitement of hatred among people against the regime to the extent that a cooperation with the representatives of the regime is totally excluded.

Preparations and readiness of the people to practice violence against the local security forces.

Realizing the capability of getting away from punishment according to the various and multiple Militias supporting an individual or a group or certain currents.

The Egyptian Military in the middle of all these events was not able to interfere, otherwise the Military would be accused of a military coup and turning against the Regime legitimacy and would be the direct cause of applying international punishments on Egypt by the United Nations.

Omar Suleiman reached the conclusion that Egypt is going to be dragged into the swamp and it will be just a matter of time before a foreign power interferes in word and deed inside the Egyptian territories.

Part 5:  US AFRICOM Task to attack Egypt under the banner and the cover of ” Protected Areas.“

AFRICOM can cover any military presence under the cover of Humanitarian work, like Minorities Protection or Relief works…etc. And the most important factor is that it possess strong communications with the Civil Community Organizations inside Egypt.

According to last updating that Omar Suleiman had in this regard during the events of the 25th of Jan 2011, the training operations conducted by AFRICOM in the African continent, makes it capable of mobilizing 45 thousands soldiers from different Africans nationalities, were previously trained under AFRICOM leadership and led by 3200 African Officers leaders.

All these forces can be mobilized and moved during max one week from the date of  orders issuance, wherever their final destination is located.  Even if this huge force is obliged to go through hostile deserts to reach its final destination, which became an existing factor, specifically after the fall of Libya.

AFRICOM have the capability of making locals accept their presence and also to cooperate and communicate with civilians and locals through the local relief organizations by providing medical supports and care, and electricity generators units…etc of different services which can help AFRICOM to get locals positive response in accepting their presence on locals territories.

What Omar Suleiman possessed of information and documentations was not just related to the conspiracy of destroying and taking over Mubarak Regime, but it was beyond that. It was the fall and collapse of the Egyptian State.

Part 6: The Last Chance for the Survival Of The Egyptian State 

What Omar Suleiman left behind was not unknown or mysterious, it was facts, proofs and evidences, meetings and recordings which were not at all based on Conspiracy theory like they always claim that Egyptians are living and drowning in their own imaginary Conspiracy theory!

Egypt was actually occupied by a secret armed terrorist International Organization supported and financed by the United States of America and their allies, and Egypt had to be saved from this swamp which was the introduction to a new form of colonial nations occupation.

There was a historical disagreement between Omar Suleiman and Marshal Tantawy (former defense minister). It was not a conflict but just two different schools.

Many inside the Military Councils tried to assure and convince Marshal Tantawy not to pay attention and to totally disregard Obama’s administration direct threatens. The US made it clear that they won’t allow any candidate from Mubarak Regime to win this presidential elections. And they made it clear that they want and accept Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohamed Morsi to become the next President of Egypt.

Leaders inside the Military council in this period assured Marshal Tantawy that the Egyptian Military is capable of protecting Egypt against any National Security threatens. Muslim Brotherhood on the other hand, threatened publicly that they will burn the whole country if Mohamed Morsi Brotherhood candidate doesn’t win the presidential elections.

The US and the Muslim Brotherhood threats exceeded all red lines and limits to the extent that Muslim Brotherhood have terrorized the elections committee and put them under severe pressures to announce the presidential results by declaring Mohamed Morsi’s name is the next president of Egypt. And they did n’t allow any investigations on all the presidential elections violations.

Just a few hours before the declarations of the elections results, someone swarmed the elections result with the correct figures of voting to Ahmed Shafik the competitor of the Brotherhood candidate. Then the elections committee were more than 3 hours late in declaring the result and without any given reasons for this big delay or any explanation.

During the last hours before declaring the result, there were hard attempts from many whether from inside the military council or outside the council who knew about all the US and Muslim Brotherhood serious threatens and pressures, tried to convince Marshal Tantawy not to surrender to inside or outside threatens. But it was in vain, Marshal Tantawy gave himself up to fears circle and these circles were not based on emptiness; these fears were based on real serious threats.

A previous conversation between Hilary Clinton and Marshal Tantawy, who was at this period representing the American National Security Body and the interests of Arms companies and what is beyond and deeper than this. What enhanced Hilary’s abilities on putting pressures on Marshal Tantawy, that she made it clear to him that Obama decided to leave the whole file to her, and whatever decisions she will take, Obama is not going to have any comments on it.

The documents Omar Suleiman left behind, as much as they contained serious and terrifying information and details which explained and answered many questions, in a part of these same documents Suleiman indicated the weakest points in the whole conspiracy swamp plan, in order to show us the safe way out of it, which are as follows:

– The swamp plan need  many elements which were mentioned previously. There are already fears from the plan failure which will be based on unexpected changes.

– Fears that Israel in a recklessness moment may invade Sinai, or start small operations on the borders. Israel wants to get rid of the bigger neighbor that they fear even in their weakest moments.

– Fears that Mohamed Morsi will step down. But he is not going to step down because he will realize that stepping down means the signal to start many operations that won’t be neither in favor of his Organization nor in favor of Brotherhood supporters. Morsi will hold strongly to the authority after he will commit a lot of bloodshed even until the end of the state itself.

– Fears that the Oppositions will manage to adopt popular situations and practice the same pressures that Islamist were already practicing against them. But this possibility have vaporized on the real ground because the Egyptian opposition is nothing but a jarred entity against each other and it doesn’t really care for anything except its own safety.

– Fears that Egypt will get big amounts of funding and financing which will contribute in calming down the situations before they explode. These funding won’t be from Qatar nor loans from IMF and not even businessmen reconciliations money, but it will be funding that the normal man in the street may feel. This amount of money is going to be equal to Egypt’s deficit budget. But maybe it won’t happen at all!

– Fears that the Egyptian Military move in the suitable moment. They feared this moment that the military move because this move will cause the collapse of the whole conspiracy.

This move moment will only come right before the collapse of the Egyptian State and it will be enough for the Military to save the country.

But this moment will never come unless the great majority of the Egyptian people have their own desire and own will to remove the Muslim Brotherhood Regime and their Brotherhood President.

This moment if it comes, Egyptians will need to see justice taking place, because not only Muslim Brotherhood and their president will face fair trials for all the crimes they have committed in Egypt, but also for more crimes which they will commit against the people.

That was Omar Suleiman way out and safety before the collapse of Egypt, he realized that only the military can save the country but at the right moment and based only on the Egyptians will and desire.

Omar Suleiman had accurate visualization based on the reality of concerned operations rooms to all the proceedings of the 25th of Jan 2011, minute by minute, with full names, specific locations and places and specific timing. Omar Suleiman was planning to use this base of visualize reality if he would reach the presidency or to cooperate with the one who should have been the legitimate President, so Suleiman would present all what he owned of evidences and documentations to the Egyptian Judiciary and to the Egyptian people. Suleiman was certain that once the Egyptian people will learn the truth, they are the only ones who would correct the track which went sidetrack.

Omar Suleiman decided to leave Egypt before he faces the destiny that anyone like him possessing this kind of black box would definitely face.

Omar Suleiman died on 19/7/2012 in Cleveland Hospital in the States after he suffered in his last days from lung and heart problems and he died of a heart attack while he was having medical tests.