More on the Wichita Airport Muslim suicide bomber wannabe

The coverage on this story has been minimal. Once the media found out that the “white” airport worker arrested before he could carry out his planned suicide bombing at work was in fact, a Muslim convert who wanted to kill people for Allah, the media, outside Kansas, all but dropped the story like a hot potato.


READ HIS CONVERSATIONS WITH UNDERCOVER FBI AGENT HERE: why-are-the-media-focusing-on-the-race-of-the-suicide-bomber-wannabe-in-wichita-kansas For months, authorities allege, a 58-year-old avionics technician named Terry Lee Loewen – driven by radical ideas and prepared to die in a suicide attack – moved forward with a plot to detonate explosives at Wichita Mid-Continent Airport. The planned attack was designed to inflict the maximum number of deaths at an airport in the nation’s midsection before Christmas, says a detailed criminal complaint filed Friday.

The plot got as far as a gate to the airport shortly before 6 a.m. Friday, when authorities arrested Loewen without incident. What he didn’t know until his arrest is that the people he had been conspiring with all along were FBI agents, U.S. Attorney Barry Grissom announced Friday.

Grissom and FBI Special Agent in Charge Mike Kaste stressed that there was no indication that Loewen was involved with or working with any religious community in Wichita and that his alleged actions in no way should reflect on any religious group. (Oh CRAP! Read one of his statements below)


Loewen worked as an avionics technician at the Hawker Beechcraft Services facility at the airport. The company said it suspended his employment after learning of the arrest.

He is alleged to have spent months developing a plan to use his access card to airport grounds to drive a van loaded with explosives to the terminal. Authorities said he planned to pull the trigger on the explosives himself and to die in the explosion.

Loewen has been under investigation by the Wichita Joint Terrorism Task Force since early summer 2013, Grissom said. Loewen didn’t realize he was having an online conversation with an FBI employee in which Loewen expressed “desire to engage in violent jihad on behalf of al Qaeda,” the criminal complaint said.

Over a period of months, Grissom said, Loewen took a series of steps to act on the plot, as part of the jihad, or “holy war.”