PLEASE! Stop putting pigs’ heads on mosque properties

It doesn’t stop Muslims from building there or attending the mosque, and it annoys the pigs.

Muslims simply call in the neighborhood pork eater to clean it up, then say a few prayers, and voila! Everything is halal again.


Portsmouth UK  A pig’s head was stuck on a fence spike outside a Muslim school in Portsmouth. The attack (attack? You mean like a suicide bomber?) on the Madani Academy in Fratton has been branded ‘a despicable incident’ by the Islamic community.

The consumption of pork is forbidden for Muslims because it’s seen as an unclean animal. (But there’s nothing in the quran that prohibits carrying a pig to the garbage can)

Luthufur Rahman, who will be in charge of the school, was told by police officers what had happened. ‘This despicable incident happened on December 3,’ he said.  ‘I was very upset and left sad by what happened. (Oh, Boo Hoo)

Councillor Mike Hancock, who represents Fratton, is a patron of the Madani Academy. ‘I was horrified by what happened and it’s an absolute disgrace,’ he said. ‘The people who did this should be totally ashamed of themselves. ‘Members of the community came to me and said they were horrified by it. (Funny, they aren’t horrified by Muslim terror attacks on America)

A Hampshire Constabulary spokesman said:  ‘We would appeal to anyone who may have seen a person or persons acting suspiciously in the area at the time to get in touch with police on 101. (Heh)