FRANCE: Muslims plan a march against ‘Islamophobia’ while demonstrating their increasingly public ‘Christianophobia’

Being against the veil is being against Islam! (Yes, it is, what's your point?)
Being against the veil is being against Islam! (Yes, it is, what’s your point?)

Several associations that participated in the International Forum against Islamophobia, on Saturday 14 December in Paris, called citizens to demonstrate in March 2014 to demand the abrogation of the law published 10 years earlier, on 15 March 2004, against wearing the veil in public schools and discriminatory regulations in place against Muslim women. 

IVE  The annoucement was made by Houria Bouteldja, spokeswoman for Parti des Indigènes de la République (PIR) [Party of Indigenes of the Republic]. The organisation joined with Collectif contre l’islamophobie en France (CCIF) [Association Against Islamophobia in France], Mamans Toutes Egales (MTE) [Mothers All Equal] or the Collectif féministe pour l’égalité (CFPE) [Feminist Association for Equality] to denounce a law that was the first spur towards institutional islamophobia in its current form. 


Associations are mobilising in parallel to focus on this struggle. The campaign Abrogation des Lois Islamophobes (ALI) [Abolition of Islamophobic Laws], which was founded discreetly in September by independent activists, should also be mentioned.

In Toulous, breeding ground for the Muslim jihadist Mohamed Merah, who slaughtered 4 Jews in a school last year, a Railway Station was forced to cover up the annual Christmas Nativity scene after a (Muslim?) customer complained. (When they don’t ID the complainer, you know it’s a Muslim)


IVE “This Tuesday, we received a note from Toulouse regional management, demanding that we withdraw the manger as quickly as possible”, explains an SNCF employee [French railways]. “The management explained to us that it had received a complaint from a user who was shocker to see an obvious religious sign in a public place,” continues another employee. “The worst thing is, we know who this complaint was coming from,” another employee claims.

Unhappy about this, the railway workers in Villefranche have refused to comply with their management’s request. “We’ve been installing a Nativity Scene here on one of the counters for ten years now. We don’t see why that should change! Our manger is always in place. It will stay there, but seemingly covered up,” concludes one railway worker.