Terror-linked CAIR jumps on the Leftist’s Bullying Bandwagon

CAIR-California to Release Report on Bullying of Muslim Students. Apparently, CAIR’s recently released bi-annual report on ‘Islamophobia – Legislating Fear’ wasn’t annoyingly anti-free speech enough. 


pura7a190f2957a9a29On Thursday, December 19, the California chapter of the Muslim Brotherhood front group Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-CA) will hold news conferences in Anaheim, San Diego, Santa Clara, and Sacramentoto release a first-of-its-kind report documenting bias-based bullying of American Muslim students in that state’s schools.

4-teen-bullies-charged-with-anti-muslim-hate-crimeThe new report, “Growing in Faith: California Muslim Youth Experiences with Bullying, Harassment and Religious Accommodation in Schools,” is based on a statewide survey of almost 500 Muslim students, ages 11 to 18. They were asked questions about their relationships with peers and teachers, as well as their comfort levels participating in discussions about Islam and Muslims.


WHAT: CAIR-CA to Release Report on Bullying of Muslim Students

WHEN: Thursday, December 19

WHERE: 11 a.m. at CAIR-Greater Los Angeles Area (2180 W. Crescent Ave., Ste. F, Anaheim); 10 a.m. at CAIR-San Diego (8316 Clairemont Mesa Blvd., Ste. 203, San Diego); 10 a.m. at CAIR-San Francisco Bay Area (3000 Scott Blvd., Ste. 101, Santa Clara); 1 p.m. atCAIR-Sacramento Valley (717 K Street, Ste. 217, Sacramento)

Additionally, the report provides information for parents about how to request (special and intrusive) religious accommodation for their child and a list of resources that parents can use to learn more about the issues children face at school.