Terror-linked CAIR demands that graffiti on a mosque be investigated by the Feds as a hate crime. AGAIN!


Because the Feds have nothing better to do than run around the country chasing down what is either a juvenile prank or done by the Muslims themselves to get attention and/or sympathy from the media. Since when does graffiti warrant a TV News report?

Photos below have been censored and blurred so you won’t go into cardiac arrest from looking at bad words

Bluefield Daily Telegraph  Muslim Brotherhood front group Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR),  today called on state and federal law enforcement authorities to investigate vandalism of a West Virginia mosque as a hate crime.

WV-vandalism-editedThe Mercer County Sheriff’s department is investigating an act of vandalism that occurred at the I.S.A.R. (Islamic Society of the Appalachian Region) Worship Center near Princeton. Mercer County Sheriff’s Deputy E.P. Parks is conducting an investigation into the vandalism that occurred either late Sunday or early Monday. A person or persons unknown spray painted defamatory words with negative references to Allah, the numbers “666” making reference to the Antichrist, the word “paedophile” and other anti-Islamic words. (But Prophet Mo WAS a paedophile)

WV-vandalism-censored-and-blurred“This really hurts all of us because all of us feel that we are part of the American dream,” Dr. Abdul Piracha, one of the senior leaders of the regional Islamic community said. The images were spray painted on the exterior of the worship center as well as on the sign. “We have to stand up to this kind of thing,” Piracha said.  Piracha said the worship center hopes to work with a local contractor to remove the paint in a way that won’t impact the appearance of the center. “This is a sad and hurtful thing,” Piracha said. (Awwwww)

24253980_BG1Dr. Riaz Riaz, president of the I.S.A.R. said that the graffiti on the worship center does not appear to be the work of an uneducated vandal. “When someone spray painted on the walls after 9/11, they put general hate group images on the walls,” Riaz said. “This was more specific. This is a person who spells pedophile correctly and who knows that 666 is the sign of the Antichrist. 

Riaz said that he hopes to make contact soon with a friend of his who is a religious studies professor at Duke University. “He’s a Christian, and a Baptist minister, but I think he is someone who can educate people about Islam.” (Obviously, the vandals were educated about Islam)