ABOUT TIME! U.K. strips citizenship from 20 Islamic jihadis fighting in foreign wars

BFRbVwiCIAI-tc5_zpsed7fc8dcSecret use of citizenship-stripping powers has been dramatically stepped up as Theresa May moves to prevent the return of dual-nationals who have gone to fight in Syria. The Home Secretary has so far revoked the British citizenship of 20 people this year — more than in her previous two- and-a-half years combined.

She has removed the citizenship of 37 people since May 2010, according to figures collated by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism. Critics warned the practice could leave individuals at risk of torture and ill-treatment in their home countries. Security sources are particularly alarmed because Syria’s proximity to Europe makes it easier for violent UK-based extremists to travel to and from the country. A former senior Foreign Office official said “There are somewhere between 40 and 240 Brits in Syria, and we are probably not as quick as we should be to strip their citizenship.”

I hope this includes a ban on their re-entry to the UK as a visitor too.