CANADIAN Muslims wish you a Merry Christmas by putting up a poster offensive to Christians and soliciting donations to keep it up

Why ban Christmas when you can make a mockery out of Christianity? A Muslim so-called charity in Toronto is running a very offensive advertising campaign in the Toronto subway about Christian beliefs. 

Rachel Erenfield at ACDemocacy

Is Jesus God?” A billboard posted at Dundas Subway Station in Toronto asks. The screaming poster’s words answer: ”Bible & Quran say NO” further instructing the reader: “Discover the Truth.”


CoolcetfreeQuran, a Canadian registered charity, sponsors the poster and calls for contributions of $600 per month, or $150 per week, or $20 per day to maintain the poster. This ad and the facebook plea would have made Vladimir Ilyich Lenin proud: While belittling the core of Christian belief, this Muslim “charity” is soliciting Christian funds to destroy it. This is but one of recent examples of how blatantly Islamic organizations are advancing their agenda of global Islamic rule.

Jonathan D. Halevi, a Senior Fellow at ACD calls our attention to a  new Islamic street ad in Toronto regards Jesus as a Muslim Prophet and implies his future role in ridding the world of evil and establishing the rule of Islam globally.

“The Group of Mercy,” Dawah (propagating to Islam) group lead by a group of young Muslims in Greater Toronto Area, are running on Christmas Eve and until mid-January 2014 a new street ad campaign that targets the general public, and specifically the Christians. 

WIIC poster Allah - Muhammad

The Quranic verse, chosen as the main and only message of the street ad, conveys to GTA passerby the tenets of the Islamic faith regarding Jesus. The Quran in Chapter Mary quotes the first words uttered by Jesus just moments after he was born, and this newborn’s statement serves (in the broader context) as an evidence that Jesus was neither born a Jew nor he was a “son of God”. 

TTC facilities are used for Islamic propaganda refuting the Christian creed of the Divinity of Jesus and implying that worshiping any religion other than Islam is worthless. Walk in Islamic Info Center (WIIC) is a Toronto-based organization dedicated to Dawah (propagating to Islam) activity in order to extend the influence of Islam in society as part of a global Islamization.

group of mercy ad campaign jesus-2

Jesus, according the Quran, was a flesh and blood human being, who was destined to prophecy since his miraculously conception in Mary’s womb. Jesus’ role to call upon all mankind to follow the teachings of Islam was not ended when he was rescued by Allah from being crucified and was raised up to Him. Jesus, according the Islamic belief, is waiting to be sent alongside the Mahdi (prophesied redeemer of Islam) at the end of days to rid the world of heresy and evil.

The Quranic verse, quoted in the street ad, alludes to the future and final mission of Jesus (“the day I shall be raised alive!”) on behalf of Islam. The website brings as follows a concise description (embedded with Islamic narrations) of the Islamic eschatology regarding the prophesied series of events prior the Day of Judgement.