Caving to Islamofascist pressure, GOOGLE ‘dhimmis’ ban Geert Wilders’ anti-Islam stickers G-mail account

wilders.sticker-300x199Google has deactivated the islamsticker@gmail Gmail account politician Geert Wilders was using to spread his anti-Islam stickers. The deactivation was probably prompted by the many complaints Wilders’ umpteenth anti-Islam initiative had prompted.

ORIGINAL STORY: geert-wilders-controversial-but-accurate-anti-islam-bumper-sticker-gets-the-expected-reaction-from-muslims-and-dhimmi-apologists

NL Times (h/t Marina) It was the politician himself who reported via Twitter on Boxing Day that his account had been closed. “Unbelievable; Google just blocked the account. It seems Mohammed Rabbae’s complaint was successful,” he tweeted. Rabbae had complained at Google that Wilders was abusing its service.


His complaint –on behalf of the National Council of Moroccans– had been among many complaints that were lodged against Wilders after he came out with his anti-Island sticker a week ago; it read “Islam is a lie. Mohamed is a criminal. The Koran is poison.”

The politician claimed the sticker was not meant as an action against Muslims as the majority of people of this faith is not violent. He has since launched a new account where people may order his sticker. Here’s the new email address for the stickers:



BNI READER Version of Wilder’s Sticker: