Infuriated that Egypt has declared the Muslim Brotherhood a ‘terrorist group,’ the Muslim Brotherhood continues to prove that they are

Five people have been injured in Cairo (Egypt) after a bomb on a bus exploded as passengers were getting of at a busy school intersection. Never forget, CAIR, (Council on American-Islamic Relations) headquartered in Washington DC, is the North American arm of the Muslim Brotherhood.


NBC “The Egyptian government intensified its crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood on Wednesday, formally listing the group as a terrorist organization after accusing it of carrying out a suicide bomb attack on a police station that killed 16 people. The move marked a major escalation in the army-backed government’s campaign to suppress the Islamist movement that propelled Mohamed Morsi to the presidency 18 months ago but has been driven underground since the army toppled him in July. It gives the authorities the power to charge any member of the Brotherhood with belonging to a terrorist group, as well as anyone who finances the group or promotes it “verbally, or in writing.” “This is a turning point in the confrontation. This is an important tool for the government to close any door in the face of the Brotherhood’s return to political life,” said Khalil al-Anani, a Washington-based expert on the movement…”

UPDATE: Obama says Egypt is going way too far with the Muslim Brotherhood, but won’t take action against them

Damn right he won’t. Egypt has proof that Obama is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood and they have enough evidence against him for his cooperation with the Muslim Brotherhood that they could arrest and try him as a war criminal.