Did you know that one-third of the tens of thousands of Somali Muslims that B. Hussein Obama is importing here every year have a mental illness?

They blame it on Somalia’s violence and drug problems, but we know the real reason is Muslim inbreeding (first cousin marriages), practiced in up to 70% of the Muslim world. Somehow, though, when they get to America, they quickly learn how to line up and demand their welfare benefits.

Hawala demo

Frontpage Magazine (Daniel Greenfield)  Do we really need more Somali immigration? Aside from incidents like Westgate in which Somali terrorists kill non-Muslims, according to the World Health Organization, most of the country is insane.

That may explain some things.

Somalia has one of the world’s highest rates of mental illness with one in three people affected, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO). The cause is Somali Muslim violence. And drugs.

Clearly we need more Somali immigrants to bring their brand of drug and Islam induced mental illness over here. But advanced Somali Muslim medicine has the answer. Just lock them with a hyena.

In Somalia there’s a belief that a mentally ill person can be cured by shutting them in a room with a hyena.


…and if that doesn’t work.

Mentally ill people in the war-ravaged country are often chained or locked up. Others are tied to trees and abandoned when their families are forced to flee fighting.


It must be hard to tie 1/3 of the country to a tree.

Many Somalis attribute behavioural problems to bad spirits and seek help from religious leaders or traditional healers. One of the most extreme treatments involves locking a person up with a hyena.

“In Somalia, there’s this belief that hyenas can see everything including the thing that causes mental illnesses,” says Habeeb.

“Two hyenas were brought from the bushes and brought to Mogadishu. Patients were locked in a room with the hyena with the belief that when the thing that caused the mental problem sees the hyena it would leave the body of the patient and the patient would be fine after that.”


This treatment is not cheap – the cost can be around $560, according to Habeeb.


Hyenas are as expensive as psychiatrists. You would think that anyone could just grab a hyena, there must be plenty of them in Somalia, and stick it in a room with you… without a PhD.

What’s with the hyena health care markup? Does Somalia use its own Chargemasters or did they pass ObamaCare?

I’d like to see an effectiveness study on hyenas vs psychiatrists.

WHO says most mentally ill people in Somalia are chained up or imprisoned. Habeeb told the BBC more than 170,000 people have been “locked and … left to die”.  And no one in authority is talking about it.

You don’t have to look hard to find numerous images on the internet showing people chained to trees, rocks and beds.


Apparently the Hyena Cure isn’t working.

But we shouldn’t pass judgement on cultural differences. If locking people up with hyenas or tying them to trees until they die is a culturally approved treatment for mental illness in Somalia, who are we to pass judgement on their culture?

After all, look how much Somalis add to ours: