How Singapore culls its Muslim population

The Republic of Singapore won its independence from Malaysia in 1965, when Singapore had 75% Chinese Buddhists and 15% Malay Muslims. Today, more than 50 years later, Muslims still comprise the same 15%.


HLA OO  How has Singapore been able to do this without ethnic cleansing and without receiving a single human-rights violation complaint from the UN or that notorious Multinational Muslim Mafia OIC?

Simple, the Chinese-Buddhist-dominated Singaporean Government uses two pronged approach:

(1) Strict non-immigration policy for Muslims 

(2) Strict legal prohibition of interfaith-marriages between Muslim men and non-Muslim women in Singapore.

In Singapore, no Muslim male is allowed to marry a non-Muslim female, period. No Large Scale Muslim Immigration is Allowed. No asylum seekers. No economic parasites. Except for some individual cases of highly educated professionals, Singapore never allows large scale immigration of Muslims from any Muslim country. 


Islamic Proselytizing By Interfaith Marriage is Legally Prohibited: There is no legal restriction on interfaith marriages in Singapore except for the interfaith marriages of Muslim men to non-Muslim women. 

SingaporeMuslimsRatio-ROMMTo enforce that law, Singapore maintains two separate Marriage Registries. Registry of Muslim Marriages (ROMM) for Muslims and Registry of Marriage (ROM) for non-Muslims.  Polygamy is legally prohibited. On the other hand, Buddhists can freely marry Hindus or Christians or any other religionists or even Atheists. But the cross marriage of a Muslim man to a non-Muslim bride is not allowed unless the woman is a willing convert to Islam. Singapore Government strictly enforces Muslim Law Act (1968) and ROMM is one significant part of that act in keeping the Muslim population at roughly 15% of total 5.4 million Singaporeans.

Singapore is determined not to allow it to be turned into another Burma (Myanmar) where Muslims are the cause of civil unrest, increased crime, rape, and forced marriages with Buddhist women. Unlike in Burma, forced conversions of Buddhist girls or women into Islam is prohibited.

Bengali-Muslim Imam Hussein, his four wives, and 30 children in Maungdaw. (All taken care of by UNHCR, MSF, and other Islamic INGOs so eager to rapidly increase the Muslim population to Islamize Buddhist Burma.)

Bengali-Muslim Imam Hussein, his four wives, and 30 children in Burma (All taken care of by UNHCR, MSF, and other Islamic INGOs so eager to rapidly increase the Muslim population to Islamize Buddhist Burma.)

In Burma, Bengali-Muslim men can freely marry up to four Burmese-Buddhist women, and all Buddhist wives are later force-converted to Islam. An illegal Bengali-Muslim man can create a massive 20-members Muslim family in just 10 years.

In almost every case of interfaith marriage between a Muslim man and a Buddhist girl  or woman in Burma, the Muslim husband always tells his prospective Buddhist bride that she would be allowed practice Buddhism after their marriage. Later the Buddhists brides are forced to convert to Islam.

In Singapore, it is felt that if a Buddhist female is required to convert first to Islam legally well before marrying a Muslim man, she would think seriously before blindly marrying a Muslim man.





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    • lol.. they only need to spread the Teachings of the Mad Buddhist, so that peace and separation from Islam can happen…As long as Islam spread more children will die and heads will roll..Pedophile playground awaits. Sick sick sick

  1. I am from Singapore and I have to say that the article is so true. The Singapore government has been doing its best from within to suppress the growth and threat of Islam both in civil society and the military and at the same time ‘deceive’ the public by trying to portray interfaith religious harmony.

      • The Singapore government also suppresses the threat of Islam by banning the hijabs in schools and preventing Muslims from serving in sensitive government and military positions and at the same time putting up a ‘fake’ front in the public that it advocates religious equality by holding interfaith meetings and implementing harsh laws to ban criticism of religions and cults.
        Islam is brilliantly suppressed but it comes at the cost of freedom of speech and expression in Singapore.

  2. Singapore is on right way. Like Singapore every non-Muslim country ban entry of Muslims. Muslims r bug for world 🌍 . All r terrorist. All should beheaded.

      • This is the whole problem, there’s NO FRICKEN GOD!!! What the hell is wrong with people, it’s 2016 & we no longer use stone tools, we know the earth isn’t flat & yes earth does revolve around the sun. Think hard, you really believe some magical being created planets & stars trillions of light years away? Thankfully religion is dying off but unfortunately there’s still a ton of morons that think they’re doing a gods work by killing people. Of course they’re all Muslim and all cowards!! If the Middle East got rid of religion it too could join the modern world in the 21st century instead of being held back. Hey if they wanna use stone tools then let them but just keep the f*ck outta my country!

  3. Please stop giving our country a bad name.
    I lived in Singapore for a very long time and I have to say none of my fellow Singaporeans ever sees Muslims as “The Enemy”. After all, Muslims are humans. They are our fellow brothers on Earth. And also in case you guys do not know, anyone who dares to speak of Muslims as the above will be jailed, fined and dishonoured over national newspapers.
    We have a very strict national programme of Racial Harmony in here that is not only heavily emphasised on, but also firmly impose a ‘zero-tolerance’ policy on any form of racism.
    As for the so-called “ban” on procreation, Muslim families living here is firmly against interreligious marriages, and the government is just doing things according to the wishes of the majority Muslim population.
    Furthermore, minority rights in Singapore is very high. Every GRC must have a minority member, and a group of minority ministers inspect every bill in Parliament for racial bias before passing it.
    For evidence, just look at the amount of racially motivated crimes in Singapore. Practically unheard of. This is not because of zero tolerance towards Muslims, it is because of zero tolerance towards RACISM.
    Please, before typing down any comments, think responsibly about whether or not your message will offend anyone, and how much you actually understand the situation here. Thank you

    • Dimber, you are dimmer than a light that’s gone out. Why don’t you house all the backward, primitive, communist muzzies in your own home and see how life goes for you?

    • Yeah, we know about Amos Yee. But are you able to rebuke what he said about Islam? If you can’t rebuke his arguments, he has still won even though he is going to prison for this.

      By the way, the law about punishing people who speak ill about Islam only applies to people in your country.

  4. Incidentally, Singapore also uses corporal punishment on student miscreants!

    (something else that these crooks and miscegenists needn’t fear in the US or Western Europe)

      • Exactly!! And why don’t muslim men convert for the women they marry? I think in any marriage involving a muslim man and non muslim woman the man must be converted.

        • Its the girl who wants to marry, its their choice ultimately if they want to convert or not. Its not our place to judge or play the blame game. Ur comment reeks of ignorance

      • do not make fun of my name in any replies because you can't properly argue with me on logical and sound terms on

        There is no “ban” on the marriage of non Muslim women and Muslim men. The ROMM registry is optional. You don’t even need to change your name.

        And yes,I would know. My mother is a Chinese Buddhist and my father is a Malay Muslim. I am a Buddhist. No conversion required – everyone is fine, I get money packets on Eid and Chinese New Year. It’s really up to the two parties and what their own families think about it.

        Singapore is not trying to “cull Muslims”, and a majority of Muslims here get along fine with the rest of the population.

        Continue spewing your rubbish if you wish (referring to the writer of this article on To all other people reading this: please THINK CAREFULLY before you believe anything written on a site that is clearly intended to provoke or wound.

    • Its not fair to disregard the sentiment of the native population. Muslims have shown themselves to not compatible with other cultures or religions. They complain a lot. They expect to be treated special. They are abusive to the native citizens. They cost the country too much. They accuse people of bigotry for reasons like questioning their practices. They protest about everything and file lawsuits. They are not the kind of neighbors most want to have. Its risky and dangerous to women and gays and dogs. They love to force their ways on everyone else. They just aren’t wanted. Why be somewhere your not wanted? Why should a country lose their identity because of new comers are offense. They refuse their responsibility as immigrants to the new country.

      • Because in many cases, their “brother” Muslim countries simply don’t want them either!

        Look at the case of the Palestinians for example. Not a single Arab country allows them full citizenship, even after nearly 70 years in refugee camps.

  5. I do see Malay men married to Chinese wife of other faith, notably Christians. I encountered two friends (during National Service in Singapore) who are Christian (likely to be Presbyterian) & Catholic respectively. Their fathers are Malay (one keep his Islamic faith but the other seems to have left his original faith). Well, their mothers are believed to have strong social status, that’s why they were not Muslims from the beginning. Some claimed that Christians have more (secret) privileges than ordinary Singaporeans (including ethnic Chinese), but I do still encounter Christian families from disadvantaged backgrounds.
    The problem is that Christians (excluding Catholics) also practice staunch attitudes on their faith. One must convert to Christianity to marry, but most don’t really think Christians practices this way. However, while Chinese sees Christian convert as if nothing is wrong, Chinese Muslim converts are seen as traitors of their ethnic since Singaporeans have such stereotype of thinking that Malay = Muslim which is untrue.

    • I’m from Singapore born in an Christian family.Christians here don’t bother if their spouse is a Christian or not, the reason for conversion by the spouse is due to their own choice. But for Muslims it’s different, it’s compulsory. I’ve had a Malay and Indian Muslim gf in the past both made it very clear that “reverting” on my part is necessary as Islam is the religion every human is born into. Later I married a Hindu and after awhile she liked and embraced Christianity after getting to know about from my mum. She wanted to baptize and I had no objections. I don’t actually believe in Christianity I’m an atheist. Her family had no objections as apostasy isn’t shunned upon or prescribed with death in Hinduism…

    • And rest assured, neither Christians nor other religions have special benefits. Muslims on the other hand have the privilege to park their cars along main roads, and at other private roads during their prayers at the mosques. Hindus and Christians usually get fined. U might want to look into that

    • Christians aren’t strick about conversion f spouses. Some are but its not the norm. Besides its safer to leave other religions as they won’t call on all Christians to murder them like they do Islam. Mohammed covered all angles didn’t he. He takes free will away and controls everything Muslims do. The religious scholars make sure to take gods job of judgement and punishment away. Because they murder or maim you or make women fair game for rape. Not worth the trouble. God is going to judge all of the Muslims who play god. Maybe he will turn all these jihadist into virgins for all those martyrs who get 72 virgins. I hope that they are turned into virgins over and over for eternity.

  6. In today’s USA, any country including USA itself is considered “xenophobic” (fearful of outsiders or “others”) by some thinkers, if they control the nation’s borders and prevent, control, or restrict immigration in any way whatsoever. That’s knee jerk open border malarkey, is what that is. I applaud nations that have the integrity to know what needs to be done to provide real border security and to control immigration. That being said, government control of groups and individuals often seems like oppression. That’s because it is. However the governments do need to take immigration very seriously indeed, during an era of worldwide “population explosion,” resource destruction and depletion, mass extinctions, increasing desertification, global storming, and on and on. This is serious stuff folks. The Islamofascist problem just puts a hell of a spin on the whole deal.

    • If ur living in Singapore,go back to ur country if u cannot learn to integrate with us.Period.Singapore has no room for people like u trying to spread hatred among our diverse communities.

    • What you’re reading is untrue to say the least. I invite you to Come here to Singapore, witness the diversity of our nation. We got Buddhist temples, Christian church, Hindu temple and also Muslim mosques. We all live together with high respect of each other’s ethnicity and religion. The nation is forged by mutual understanding of peace and equality. (we human err, don’t blame the religion, blame the person practicing it.)

      • great to hear of such fantastic intergration.Guard it well, all it needs is some IS brain washed muslim group to destroy such harmony existance in Singapore. The Malaysian Chinese and Indians are bombarded with horrible racist remarks from some muslim malays,the Imams are at it too.

  7. It’ s everywhere the same, the Religion of peace destroys peace, wealth and is dividing any non-islamic Society, and this for 1400 years now. Singapore is right doing so….Greetings from Switzerland

  8. In the United states, the Liberals,Progressives, et al, are determined to wipe out biblical Christianity from the public square. In this, they share a common goal with the Muslims who wipe out, from the lands they occupy, any memory of Christianity. This conflation of intent, this shared hatred of Christianity, may explain the Liberals’ strange silence in the face of the Muslim threat. This a spiritual war. Liberals and moslems are on the same side in their shared hatred of the christian God, which is why one will never witness the republicans or democrats mount an effective defense or offense to the perceived threat. To them, it is not a threat, at all, but an ally to eradicate the one power that stands in the way of the absolute dictatorship of the Left. In their blind hatred of Christianity, the Left will discover too late that once this elemental force reaches critical mass, it can no longer be controlled, analogous to the German industrialist discovery that hitler could not be controlled, after all.

    • …. This conflation of intent, this shared hatred of Judeo-Christianity, may explain the “liberals’” strange silence in the face of the Muslim threat ….

      That and the much more important fact of their shared ideology.

      Of markedly more importance than the pretense of being a “religion, islam is a murderous, hostilely-colonizing, fascist-totalitarian ideology.

      And scratch a “Democrat,” even — and there’s another totalitarian.

      And including by any other name.

      • This meme of “judaeo-christianity” is a complete lie. We Europeans are not Jews. The Jew has always kept himself apart from us yet within our societies. His race is different and his culture is different. His is a cult of individualism and parasitism.

        • “Parasitism?” In what way? Jews are among the most productive citizens in any country they are in. Jesus was a Jew until they day he died, so if you are a Christian, you have Jewish roots.

    • lol.. without legit migrants, Australia stops 😉
      atleast Singaporeans and Asians in general are willing to do all the hardwork.. Australian born Aussies are on the otherhand, reluctant to do so.

      • There are plenty of migrants Australia can choose from civilised countries, non-Islamic. Australia should follow Singapore’s example. NO moslem immigration, NO polygamy, NO interfaith marriages. Every step should be taken to contain the numbers of moslems in the community to reduce the long term threat they represent to decent, law-abiding people.

      • @C J (@cojen59) Because DNS is a dirty “progressive” raghead leeching in Singapore or Malaysia. Check how he defends his barbaric Muslim brethren in this article with the same excuses we’ve all heard before

        “It’s not the religion guys!”

        Thankfully, most Singaporeans aren’t Muslim nuts and I wish Australia would take the same hard stance on Pisslam. Having trained with the SAF (Non-Muslims thankfully), I know there is no love lost for these ass lifters. Until recently, Muslims were excluded from the military. Western countries should ban all Muslims from joining our armed forces or better yet, just deport the vermin.

      • They say that shit about America and everrywhetre else. The fact is that its not a good idea to allow immigration from cultures who are hostile to the citizens. How many Muslim immigrants take welfare paid for by horrible racists in Australia?

  9. As a young man growing up in Singapore, I’ve always wanted the kind of freedom enjoyed by the West. I hated how our personal freedom were taken away from us in little aspects of our lives. Now older and (hopefully) wiser, I am happy with the level of freedom here. I may not have that kind of personal freedom on this island but yet the restrictions have given me the freedom that I truly need. I know my car is still going to be there when I wake up the next morning, I can walk down the streets without the fear of a gun man choosing random victims, I can have muslims friends and colleges without having to worry about them plotting a jihad on me. Living here, I have no fear nor hate.

    Ironically the freedom enjoyed by the West for so many years is destroying itself. The group of people seeking that freedom in the lands are taking calculated steps to destroy it. Its not a time to get weak in the face of adversity, its time to take your future into your hands and decide for yourselves the country you want for your children to inherit. Less for more.

  10. faith What people fail to realise is that all of you are thinking The Islamic bomb is ticking and will explode. But what you fail to realise is that it has exploded, the day Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was born. Also, if the likes of rape and murder was indeed Islamic then it would be confined to Muslim communities. Also double standards exist. If a white man who was Christian raped a litter girl, like Jimmy Savile, no one gives two shits about his faith but if a Muslim who was Asian or Arab did it, the whole flaming religion Is blamed? Muslims might have done atrocious things in the name of Islam but then again, what religion hadn’t?

    • dear friend, i began to read Qur’an very recently and i found many sentences favoring killing others(non Muslim) and taking their women as sex slaves. I dont think that other religions have this kinds of behavior. And i personally think that ISIS is following what muhammad has started which is against humanity

      • Even satanist don’t think this way. Muslims just refuse recognize that the world doesn’t owe them.

    • Find a phrase condoning/promoting violence in the scripture of the buddha.

      Now. Find a phrase condoning/promoting violence in the Quran/Hadith.

      Not all religions are alike.

  11. Funny because this is not really true. There are immigrants from South Asia and middle east and they are muslims. That 15% muslims were born locally lol. And also , muslims here are not like how the western media potray us. All of the people here live in peace regardless of race or religion. So you can swerve back with your western opinion on islam . People of this country are not brainwashed like Americans and citizens would still choose over thier muslim friends over some racist bastards. Cheerio

      • BNI. I am an Indian but i grew up in Singapore fr 16 years. Trust me. The muslims there are just like the others. It is just that they don’t reveal it. WHen I was in school, my close muslim friends were trying to justify 9/11 because of the Israel/palestine conflict. These guys were ‘moderates’, I mean they were like normal people but when it comes to religion, they are totally different. I even know of a guy who became more and more religious within the span of 6 months after which he left for Yemen.<———–You know what that means. To all the apologist below, I am not from America. I call a spade a spade.

      • The author of this website is such a liar. I am sure this is not allowed in any religion. This is descrimination! I am Christian by the way, you seem Satanist.

  12. I have a Muslim colleague & friend (yes, don’t be shocked). He plays the oud and I play classical guitar and flamenco. We jam together alot. I always tell him, when we play music we put aside our differences. Forget religion and politics. Music makes this world better. I told him no matter what happens between our religions (I’m catholic btw), we’ll always play music together. We won’t get involved in the shit that goes on around the world.

    • You are living in the clouds hippy man. Outside in the real world there is a butchery lesson going on and Muslims are the teachers.

  13. Its hilarious how many extreme uneducated people are commenting… All stupid, life less people who believe literally everything in the media! Seriously America should better improve its education to make others be able to talk to them

    • Thank you Hanna what an insightful comment. You just go on ignoring the reality of the world. Think about what you said next time there is an honor killing or explosion or beheading. Tell yourself your in no danger at all from radical Islam. When they are in large groups they like to act up. What will you give up to accommodate the demands of islam

  14. I would like to add something. I know this post might seem to make singapore seem like either a better state to the enemies of Islam, or a cruel, unfair state to muslims. Maybe even malaysia seems the total opposite to each party. But as a citizen of singapore, and well, a frequent visitor of malaysia, I feel this post is an unfair testament to the reality of these countries. There are more laws than TWO in the country.

    These MANY laws that address specific religious groups kind of level things out. Sure as a Singaporean citizen, i am not as happy with the fact that the government wants less of us. They may even want to render us insignificant… but they give us our freedom of religion. I can choose to be a muslim here. Just like you can choose to be any faith you want and no one criticize you for it, if you were in a non islamic state.

    Singapore publicly encourages racial and religious harmony, but are legislatively biased. And maybe because I am currently less affected by such laws that I am grateful for my country’s stand. But either way guys, you are all making a big deal of nothing. You are just expressing you hate for Islam or preference and belief in it. Which I guess makes you happy. But I just wish you’d realize how much of a waste of your life it is to hold on to grudges against racial groups or anybody. Its killing YOU inside… not muslims. We know our faith is real. We try to please God not you… your words are really mean, but I can’t help but feel sad for fellow human beings… don’t waste your time hating us. Live your life, be somebody, move on from such hate, Make millionaires if you want. Cos you guys only have one life…

    Us muslims have the hereafter.

    • Well, surah 9.29 – “fight those who don’t believe in Allah and his prophet unless they pay jizyah willingly and being subdued”;

      And surah 9.111 explains meaning of the “FIGHT”:

      “they fight, so they kill and are killed”.

      The JIZYAH historically was tax at least twice this paid by Muslims, but up to 80% – or DEATH.

      – obviously – it depended on the WILL of Muslim rulers.

      Now, let you still try to lie to me that Islam is peaceful, tolerant, good and other blah, blah, blah.

      I jokingly only assume every Muslim would like to be treated as good as dhimmis are treated in Islam, yeah?

  15. it is prohibited to marry out of faith unless the woman is one who follows one of the monotheistic faiths (christianity, judaism) and the man is a good, educated muslim. Technically its not so bad if such a law exists. On the other hand… Singapore is very scared of an increase of muslims cos our neighbors are all muslims. muslims won’t kill each other in war. if another country fights a war with us, singapore will potentially lose because of that fact. that is why if you’re muslim and you want to sign up for the army, you need to declare that you would put the country before religion.

    • Hey Paki Shafeez,

      Doesn’t matter if we are or not, we know what Islam is and we respect ANY nation that treats you sub humans the way you should be.

    • I think that Muslim men should be able to marry as many women as they want to! The prerequisite would be to spay the women or 10 months prior to the first marriage cut the man’s nut sack off. Yes, I think this would be the best plan, don’t you?

    • To Shafeez

      Do we have to be from Singapore to know that moslemia infestation is to be stopped?
      Chapeau!, indeed, for this country! Their judicial system works well against the spread of Islam and the laws of the land prevent this territory from being further islamized. The common-law grounds established by their National Civil Official Marriages Act seem to work well against this cult of evil (the cult of the deranged personality of Mohammad). Singapore seem to have well smelled the putrid odour of the ‘religion of peace’ before letting the country sink into social division and doctrinal unrest. What makes a state policy sane is to keep the indigenous (as well as minorities) safe and immune to any possible religious unrest by not allowing those to melt. Of course, they know how soon the supremacist Islam will ask for ‘special treatment’ and privileges once having established a foothold on the kuffar lands. Any ‘melting pot’ with the ingredient of the spicy Islam turns into a barrel of gunpowder, simply because mohammedanism is supremacist, exclusive and woman-oriented. In a special way.
      My point is, while Scandinavian countries presently experience waves of raping (performed by none other than Muslim cultural minorities), it is quite a good measure for Singapore to limit the risk of cultural terrorism through rape, polygamy or simply mixed marriages. We well know that the three aforementioned terms do not apply, statistically and culturally, to the female gender. Thus, we ought to trust the rule by which a Muslim man should not or would not take a kuffar as spouse, by any means, except for the time spent in Paradise.

      • “Tangkap basah” “Arrest while still ‘wet’….” refers to being caught in the act of adultery or illicit sexual intercourse by the islamic religious police. I don’t know if the Malays have their own religious police within the state of Singapore, but I very much doubt it. Does anybody know this….?

  16. Islam is not suitable for any decent modern country.
    I see many migrants to the uk as competition but many muslims ( not all ) I see as a threat.
    I am also concerned that there seems to be a concerted effort on the part of muslims to expand there culture and I believe a group of some kind possibly using big oil money is helping this.

    • You’re right. It’s oil money from Saudi Arabia that’s funding these imbeciles in their invasion of Europe. And you Europeans are letting these barbarians stampede all over you

    • Well said. Muslim men are encouraged to marry white girls to spread Islam. Muslim women are discouraged to use contraception but to produce as many children as possible, is another way of spreading Islam.Some muslim men are very good in enticing non muslim girls to marry them for one reason only-spread islam through their children. So you British non muslim girls be very careful with their smooth talks. In fact the whole of Europe should becareful of such tactics,in the event of divorce ,some muslim men want the kids not you ,you are only a breeding machine…….read the stories online.

      • I have a White Mother and Yes My Muslim Father Married her 40 years ago!! Yes she is Christian and we are Muslim!! Yes we Married Muslim. Yes Iam 50% White Yes Iam 50% Asian. Yes Iam Proud of My White European Roots Yes Iam Proud of My Asian Roots. But the Most of All Iam a PROUD MUSLIMA!! ALHAMDOULILAH. AND Yes My Childeren are Proud MUSLIMS!! I dont care If They marry White and I dont care If I got blond Hair and Blue eyed Grandchilderen!!! As long They Are MUSLIM AlHAMDOULILAH.

  17. If Malaysia did the same to Buddhist or Christians, u call us racist and discriminating… remove ur double standard and then u will see who is the REAL ENEMY….

    • Malaysia is a filthy Islamic state which tortures Hindus and if you don’t believe me simply google ‘persecution of Hindus in Malaysia’. If stupid India had any pride at all, they would NUKE filthy Malaysia and all its vile cockroach Muslim scum. Malays are cockroaches.

    • There’s no double standard. Muslims have been invaders for 1400 years. We see the same thing repeated everywhere they infest.
      Once peaceful, prosperous and often well educated Lands turned into violent, impoverished and often illiterate centers of death and hate.
      Now go to Syria and Martyr yourself.

      • what does that have anything to do with Malaysia? We NEVER invaded anyone, throughout history it was Thai Buddhists, Portuguese, Dutch, England and Japan that had invaded us. Your argument regarding Malaysia is IRRELEVANT.

        • Are you Muslim? You sound like being one. Always complaining, whining and belly-aching.
          Throughout history, you said, all nations came forward to subdue you: Thai Buddhists, Portuguese, Dutch, English and Japanese invaders. Were there any Muslim invaders, if any? Anybody else?
          Nay? Why? Muslims should have come there earlier to bring you a copy of the [holy] ku-ran. And some camel piss.

    • naz: Read the Malaysian constitution. If you’re not a mohammedan you’re not a citizen. And a former antisemitic Prime Minister used to hand out the atrocious “Protocols of Zion” as a gift to his friends. Where do you keep YOUR copy?

    • correction ,it is well known fact that if you marry a muslim man /woman ,you have to change your religion to muslim.If you change your religion to Muslim you get financial gains in Malaysia-subsidised housing ,favourable trade concessions etc etc ie form of bribery which has been inexistence since the time of prophet Mohammed.IF you can’t use conquering ,force, and killing then use the soft tactics like material bribery.If you happen to be shiats or sunnies then the inhouse fighting will start like in the Middle East. Relgion should teach peace ,respect and tolerance. Has anyone of your friend /relative dead and gone to heaven and back to Earth to inform you that there is heaven and hell since the time of Jesus Christ. Have you ever read a buddhist bk, mahabarat, bible,jainism or other relgious articles. I bet you did not because it is considered harum by muslims to read other religious books. The early christians were like that but they have moved on since the middleages and become more tolerant and less gullible. and leave christianity if needed so.

  18. At least Singaporeans seem to understand what so many in the west do not; that muslims are THE ENEMY, and they are doing what they can without getting the naïve, thoroughly masochistic western world in a screaming ‘hissy fit’ over their (Singapores) ‘mistreatment’ of the dear muslims.

    It is quite simply a bloody disgrace that the leaders of the entire western world have not come to the realization that without muslims the world would actually be a very peaceful place, a few skirmishes, yes, but few seem to realize that without muslims news channels would really be scratching for news.

  19. Singapore is showing how it’s done. Too bad our so-called “leaders” aren’t willing to follow their example.

  20. Guys. I live in Australia now, but I was born and bred in Singapore. One thing I respect about Singapore is that the government is actually aware about the antics of Islam. The best part is, no Muslims are allowed in the Singaporean Airforce. Only Chinese and Indians. I didn’t believe that until I was attached to a Singaporean Airbase during my national Service as a Military policeman.

      • While we are ranting here….. the moslems are silently making more babies and increasing global population with thier act of sexual decadence!

      • BNI, indeed we should. Mathan, belated but hope Australia treats you well. People who understand the parasitic behavior of Muslims and their death cult are always welcome here.

    • ‘Only Chinese and Indians’ lol.. Did you know that some Indian people are muslims too? Chinese too?

      Also, one of the main reason why Singapore doesn’t allow migration like the other western countries is because they are penny sized. Singapore is about the size of Perth and its a city state.

      • @DNS

        There might be some chinese/indian who are muslims in singapore but I can assure you that the percentage is extremely rare, and by that I mean less than 1% and I have only seen a few in my 20 years here.

        Also, Singapore have rather relaxed immigration policy in recent years to boost it’s falling birth rate.

        Just wanted to clarify.

    • Ignorant fool.We Malays are now granted in the Air Force and Navy.Phase by phase.And thank god ur in aus now,Singapura don’t need bigots like you.Oh well…

    • They have no loyalty to their country if its not Islamic. Can’t trust them. Only drunk !Muslims you meet in a strip club can be trusted.

  21. “I think we were progressing very nicely until the surge of Islam came, and if you asked me for my observations, the other communities have easier integration – friends, inter-marriages and so on – than Muslims… I would say, today, we can integrate all religions and races, except Islam.”

    — Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore statesman

  22. Fantastic !! Singapore gets it right !! It is a pity we have so many OXYGEN thieves / brain dead do gooders in Australia who cant see the writing on the wall. It will hit them in the face one day, when it is too late………

    • This is just madness. Singapore has always been muslim before the British colonised us and brought in so many chinese and indians into this country. Now they don’t even allow native malays to be high-ranking officers. What blatant apartheid, chinese and indians should just go back to their respective countries of origin, leave this place alone to native inhabitants a.k.a. malays and other southeast asian ethnicities!!! The same way Europeans don’t want muslims immigrants in their homeland, we too don’t want immigrants who came here and control our lives. Go back home stinking immigrants!!

      • zorg, hey payback’s a bitch. You mooselums have destroyed several countries with your murderous death cult. Time for all of your brethren to get out of our countries. Very happy to hear you don’t like how you are treated there.

        How about this, we’ll send you all our mooselums, and you send us all your Indians and Chinese.

      • to Zorg (aka Al-Abdel [the sub-servient servant of Allah])

        You said ”Singapore has always been muslim before the British colonised us and brought in so many chinese and indians into this country”?

        (Let me resolve this): your problem seems to be the Chinese and the Indians into ‘this country’? And the British being the ones that brought all this gentile to your pure native land?

        Your ultimate lastly solution would then be (quote again:) ”go back to their respective countries of origin”?

        ”Leave this place alone”?
        (Hmm again…)

        – Sister?
        – Yes, Doctor.
        – Bring the medication, will you? And the forceps.

  23. Well done Singapore !!! Western should learn from Singapore how to control Muslim population ! The more Muslim the more problem be happen. Muslim like mouse need to control or remove !

  24. We need massive protestations over the large number of Muslims coming into this country, or we are going to have the same problems as Sweden, Norway and European countries. WE must put a stop to it. They will dominate just by their sheer numbers and by the lawfare they are using to get what they want, a Shari’a based government. Many of them try to say it is compatible with our Constitution, well NOOOOOOOOOO it is NOT

  25. good for Singapore it is a law that should be enforced in the rest of the world rahter than pandering and handing our countries over to them

      • to BNI:

        I read the articles on Muslim attractions in Japan. All the way from the UAE to the Japan shores, the ‘Halal’ and the ‘Muslim friendly’ were all in (by air, by land), all provided by the Japanese airlines’ companies and tourists’ resorts therein.
        It is now that these worshipers of Allah can ‘slurp noodles’ in the ‘halal’ way all the way.
        Will this comity also allow that the Japanese sword would turn into a scimitar dance for the Arabic princes and heirs’ cultural needs? Will pork be forever then banned from Japanese consumption?

        • Alex, there are only 10,000 muslims in Japan. If they start letting more in, they will suffer as the everyone else has. Fortunately they have very strict immigration policies and hardly any foreigners are allowed to become citizens.

    • Good Japan is so cool. The young people are fun and creative. I would hate to see it change. Like Sweden had a great way of life and history and now its ruined.

    • When I lived in Singapore (late sixties, seventies) they brought in a two child policy for Singaporeans. The first two children only were entitled to free health, education etc. etc. – any more and you paid all the bills yourself. The rest of the world would do well to look at Singapore’s policies. These guys, under Lee Kwan Yew, really had their heads screwed on and the backbone to implement laws that would horrify western liberals. Guess who has the better and safer country?

    • Strangely enough, there were no muslim pilots in the Singapore Armed Forces (my husband was a QFI seconded to train the Singaporeans) – only in Admin. and as squaddies. Took me a while to realise why. They just were not as intelligent, educated and quick compared to the Indian/Chinese boys, yet all had equal access to free education at that time.

      • True. When I was a Singaporean citizen and had to do my national Service in changi airbase as a Military Policeman, I noticed that there wasn’t a single Muslim in the Airbase let alone a Muslim pilot. They probably were smart enough to know that the Muslims would end up backing their Muslim brother’s in Malaysia and engaging in kamakazee on Singapore itself if there was to be a war with Malaysia

  26. Singapore was kicked out of the Malaysian Federation, the only country to have gained independence against its will, believe it or not!,_1964

    “On 21 July 1964, about 25,000 Malays gathered at the Padang, Singapore to celebrate Muhammad’s birthday. 212 Muslim organizations participated in the rally. By 1 pm on 21 July 1964, 25 thousand Muslims gathered on the Padang. At 2 pm, the Yang di-Pertuan Negara, Singapore’s head of state, made a formal address. Muslims were urged to follow Islamic teachings and be “patient, forbearing and industrious”. At 3:30 pm, the crowd was supposed to form a celebratory procession from the Padang to St Andrews Road, Beach Road, Arab Street, Victoria Street, Kallang Road, and eventually to Lorong 12, Geylang.”

    “Goaded by ultra-nationalists in Singapore UMNO, who had been agitating for special rights for the Malays in Singapore, a peaceful procession quickly turned ugly.[1] The riots were reported to have started at about 5:00 p.m. between Kallang and Geylang Serai, near the former Kallang Gasworks. The government declared a curfew at 9.30 p.m. to restore order, but in the first day of rioting, 23 people were killed and 454 injured.[2]”

    Malays [Muslims] wanted to remain dominant over other ethnic groups in Malaysia, which is the cause of the conflict.

    To this end, they expelled Singapore from the federation, and then gave themselves affirmative action.

  27. I am so heartened when I hear of a country or municipality doing a good job of keeping these savages in check. It is possible if your officials have any semblance of a brain. I fear it is going to take a horrific incident before ours wake up and realize that these are not good people & we cannot have them in our midst. If I were them, I would go one step farther and not even allow a muslim to immigrate if he is the last person on earth who can do a specific job….it is not worth the risk.

  28. The Libertarian in me is uncomfortable with making these “special” conditions which only effect Muslims; however, I haven’t lived under the same fear of Muslim rampage and bloodbaths in that part of the world either. In a way, it’s like Shariah Law in reverse. They may well have the recipe for solving the world’s Muslim problem over there.

    • Because the Moslems believe not to befriend Christians, Jews, and other non-Moslems, and because they are killing people regularly and want to kill us all, we soulld keep them out. Currently our leadership is bring in tens of thousands of Moslems. In the USA Moslems consentrate on converting Blacks, but they want them to do their killing here; they don’t want them in their mosques! Most folk seem to try to believe that they want peace. Moslems believe that they will have peace when everyone has been forced to convert. But, even then, the fanatics will force those less fanatic to become fanaticts, too, or they will be killed. And on it will go!

  29. Bonni, what an awesome informative article!!

    How unfortunate that the US could not do the same.

    Many of us have overspent for Christmas. Hang in there. I am sure that increased donations are forthcoming in January.

  30. Humane and caring Pinoy should be awarded the Nobel peace prize. Highly ethical Singapore is a role model for the entire world. Protecting your nation and people should be the number one priority of any nation. Singapore you are a light in a very dark world! May God always bless and protect Singapore and their people!

    If only we had leaders who cared about protecting our people. Wicked Western leaders cooperate with Muslims — Christians who are desperate to flee persecution in Muslim countries are denied entry into our nations by our God-hater leaders. Our leaders flood our countries instead with Mohammadans.

    Join the European Freedom Parties and European Defense Leagues!

    Join the heroic EDL!

    Join Paul Weston’s heroic counter-jihad political party, LIBERTY GB!

    Sweden Natives Being Kicked Out Of Their Homes In Order To Give Them To Immigrants

  31. This is awesome.
    Effective, legal and peaceful.
    There is no reason this cannot be adopted by other civilized nations.
    Until, of course, you see the lack of balls evident in the leadership of those nations.

  32. They need to cull the FILTH to zero percent – just like any other rational state should do.

    Islamic FILTH multiply like ROACH BUGS. Sickening SCUM.

  33. The Administration of Muslim Law Act is a brilliant idea.

    It creates a muslim council, majlis, with 1 mufti appointed by arselifters, and every other member appointed by the president. That’s fair 🙂

    Key points of this Act are:

    – The majlis is funded from zakat, which all muslims must pay.
    – The majlis controls all mosques and schools.
    – Teaching false doctrine is a crime. Naturally the majlis is final arbiter of what is and isn’t correct doctrine.
    – There is a register of conversions. All conversions to islam must be done properly, no tricking people to convert, and reported to the authorities.
    – the Act sets out the rights of married women.
    – it makes extra crimes just for muslims, such as cohabiting outside of marriage.

    All things considered it’s a brilliant policy. It takes all the arselifter institutions and places them under control of the government… err an independant council. It picks out the especially obnoxious bits of islamic practice and makes them a crime, and it regulates the less odious parts. All this while letting muslims think they have special dispensation to practise sharia law. Brilliant.;page=0;query=DocId%3A%223e90fc65-b364-434b-b2dc-ced1d9608640%22%20Status%3Ainforce%20Depth%3A0;rec=0;whole=yes#legis

  34. Deceit is normative Islam. Lying is ‘good’ if it helps Islam. Islam does not respect the rights of ‘others’. Only Moslems have rights under Sharia…’others’ have privileges that can be removed for any reason or no reason at any time depending on the whims of the majority or the judge, etc.

    This is SUPREMACISM, right?

  35. That’s an innovation that the West NEEDS to adopt.
    Unfortunately, the Leftist Dhimmi’s would circumvent it at every turn.
    They would be even more insistent on importing more Blood Thirsty, 7th Century Tribal Savages. Importing Smallpox or Bubonic Plague would be safer than importing these savages. These Leftist Dhimmi’s are truly intent on destroying civilization as we know it.

  36. It’s a way. Times will come that we ” as infidels ” will have to chose, to be killed or simple kill!!!…

  37. Oh to dream of such laws in the West. I am afraid that is all it will ever be here…dreams. We have a self destructing liberal elite who are determined to see an end of Western cultures.

  38. U idiot…those laws are written BY MUSLIMS to PROTECT Isalm from being corrupted!! Shariah as u call it is part of the State lol

    • That’s the beauty of it. Arselifters think they won, so they’re content to submit, pay the muslim tax, and feel subdued.

    • That’s EXACTLY WHY we PROUD “infidels” DON’T want absolutely ANY Moslems coming into our communities, our regions, our countries and into the ENTIRE West!!!!

      We want ZERO to do with Islam or its handmaiden Shari’ah!!! We DON’T WANT Moslems to lord it over the rest of us, stealing our money, murdering, torturing and raping our people, cheating us everywhere they possibly can!!! That’s why we MUST PUSH our politicians to one fine day:

      1) Evacuate every last single Westerner from ALL Islamic countries;

      2) Confiscate and nationalise ALL Moslem wealth in all Western countries;

      3) Evict every last single Moslem from ALL Western countries;

      4) Cut off ALL relations with all Moslem countries: no communications, no transportation, no diplomatic, cultural or ANY OTHER links with such!!! If ANY Moslem groups attempt then to force themselves anywhere in the West, they should be promptly liable for the death penalty in addition to their originating countries being likewise at risk for any and all sanctions including total war…

      Take your taqiyya and kitman BACK to where you’re originally from (if you’re a convert to Islam, then off to Saudi Arabia or Iran with you!!!!) – and the sooner the better, for your own good!!!!

      DEATH TO ISLAM!!!!!

  39. also we hindus are not united in this agenda, because this website needs to be seen by every indian cos nobody knows the agenda of these vile creatures that much here. They are allowed to thrive but what we get is that muzzies kill hindus in north eastern and north western parts of india, also kerala in south india is totally fucked and thank you madam for your great effort in opening eyes of millions if not billions of people.

  40. i wish in my indian muslim congress dominated country would have such rules, but alas those a$$holes are thriving here. But anyway congragulations to singaporeans for knowing what these pisslamists are worth for. Even if they start a genocide it’s still good cos if they don’t start genocide the cheap ass muzzies will.

    • Don’t worry Modi Ji is coming to town in the next elections. Jai Hind. I just hope the Christians and Sikhs back him up. India is secular because it is a Hindu Majority.If it was an Islamic majority, the minorities would have been butchered or force converted.

      • haha!! what a load of cock.. India bans beef and bans valentines day too. You call that secularism? I last heard that many hindu families also support violence against women. So it is both Islam and Hinduism which need to be contained. Christianity, Sikhs and Buddhists are the best!

    • Sorry but your logic on strict laws on Muslim to non-muslim marriages don’t make sense…If someone marries a non-muslim and that person converts to Islam. ..that automatically adds to the Muslim population don’t it? It’s tiring seeing shallow people arguing, feuding and getting at each others’ throats because of religion. When will you people learn to look at a person as a human…Damn tired…seeing posts of religious hatred and spewing baseless stories. You create all kinds of religion and you use that as an excuse to fight each other…pathetic. Those opinionated and stereotyping certain type of thinking or attitudes, it just shows you are as narrow minded as those who do not seek to learn more than what they are taught…who technically follow what they are taught blindly. Those who question will gain the wisdom that not all their religion teaches is truth…This applies to all religions…Some are merely traditions that are handed down generations…know the difference…use the brains you have for once…Where are we headed with this inhumane, callous and intolerant attitude towards each other….Make me sick to my stomach…yucks!!

        • There are good and bad people in all religions. Unfortunate Al Quada,Daesh/Isil and other fanatical muslim groups are getting lots of publiclty for their suicide bombings,raping and persecution of yarzidis,kurds and journalists. We need to publish more of the moderate muslims deeds,more of muslims leaving their religion and becoming athetists to encourage others to do so. Take out the fanatical Imams like Uk did. No tolerance of fanatical Muslims&Imams in Malaysia, Indonesia ,Saudi Arabia,Yemen and all other Muslim countries.It is not good to become Hitler to get rid of them but to encourage them to bring changes to Islam. If the Christian religion can change so can Islam.

          • Dino, who is this “we” you speak of? There already is way too much coverage of so-called “moderate” muslims, which only means they haven’t yet committed to violent jihad, but they are all engaged in civilization jihad, trying to force their filthy beliefs on the West, in schools, in businesses, and the media.

            The vast majority of stories here are NOT about terrorism but rather about the creeping islamization of civilized countries. So take your “we need to publish” ideas to the left wing blogs.

            And while you’re at it, learn a little about Islam which will never be reformed because they will kill you if you even suggest it.

            You are very ignorant.