How Singapore culls its Muslim population

The Republic of Singapore won its independence from Malaysia in 1965, when Singapore had 75% Chinese Buddhists and 15% Malay Muslims. Today, more than 50 years later, Muslims still comprise the same 15%.


HLA OO  How has Singapore been able to do this without ethnic cleansing and without receiving a single human-rights violation complaint from the UN or that notorious Multinational Muslim Mafia OIC?

Simple, the Chinese-Buddhist-dominated Singaporean Government uses two pronged approach:

(1) Strict non-immigration policy for Muslims 

(2) Strict legal prohibition of interfaith-marriages between Muslim men and non-Muslim women in Singapore.

In Singapore, no Muslim male is allowed to marry a non-Muslim female, period. No Large Scale Muslim Immigration is Allowed. No asylum seekers. No economic parasites. Except for some individual cases of highly educated professionals, Singapore never allows large scale immigration of Muslims from any Muslim country. 


Islamic Proselytizing By Interfaith Marriage is Legally Prohibited: There is no legal restriction on interfaith marriages in Singapore except for the interfaith marriages of Muslim men to non-Muslim women. 

SingaporeMuslimsRatio-ROMMTo enforce that law, Singapore maintains two separate Marriage Registries. Registry of Muslim Marriages (ROMM) for Muslims and Registry of Marriage (ROM) for non-Muslims.  Polygamy is legally prohibited. On the other hand, Buddhists can freely marry Hindus or Christians or any other religionists or even Atheists. But the cross marriage of a Muslim man to a non-Muslim bride is not allowed unless the woman is a willing convert to Islam. Singapore Government strictly enforces Muslim Law Act (1968) and ROMM is one significant part of that act in keeping the Muslim population at roughly 15% of total 5.4 million Singaporeans.

Singapore is determined not to allow it to be turned into another Burma (Myanmar) where Muslims are the cause of civil unrest, increased crime, rape, and forced marriages with Buddhist women. Unlike in Burma, forced conversions of Buddhist girls or women into Islam is prohibited.

Bengali-Muslim Imam Hussein, his four wives, and 30 children in Maungdaw. (All taken care of by UNHCR, MSF, and other Islamic INGOs so eager to rapidly increase the Muslim population to Islamize Buddhist Burma.)
Bengali-Muslim Imam Hussein, his four wives, and 30 children in Burma (All taken care of by UNHCR, MSF, and other Islamic INGOs so eager to rapidly increase the Muslim population to Islamize Buddhist Burma.)

In Burma, Bengali-Muslim men can freely marry up to four Burmese-Buddhist women, and all Buddhist wives are later force-converted to Islam. An illegal Bengali-Muslim man can create a massive 20-members Muslim family in just 10 years.

In almost every case of interfaith marriage between a Muslim man and a Buddhist girl  or woman in Burma, the Muslim husband always tells his prospective Buddhist bride that she would be allowed practice Buddhism after their marriage. Later the Buddhists brides are forced to convert to Islam.

In Singapore, it is felt that if a Buddhist female is required to convert first to Islam legally well before marrying a Muslim man, she would think seriously before blindly marrying a Muslim man.