Is the United Nations and Barack Hussein Obama putting in place a legal framework to invade Egypt?

Old Egyptian saying: “Kill the victim, pay condolences to his family and then walk in his funeral.”

Eman Nabih On the 24th of December 2013UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon said that he was  seriously concerned about recent developments in Egypt. He condemned the deadly terrorist attack on the police headquarters that killed 17 police officers in Mansoura City. That was obviously not a condolences statement because the rest of it was actually something else!


The United Nations putting in place a legal framework to invade Egypt. According to his statement, Ban Ki-Moon  was troubled by the deteriorating human rights situation and political climate in Egypt under the controversial new law regulating protests. Three  prominent democracy and human rights activists were sentenced to three years in prison and Egyptian authorities raided a human rights organization.

The Secretary-General viewed these actions as contrary to the spirit of  Egypt’s revolution nearly three years ago. Egyptian authorities have reiterated their commitment to  holding a referendum on the proposed constitution, followed by  parliamentary and presidential elections. The Secretary-General reminded Egyptian officials that freedom of assembly and expression are essential elements for credible elections. The Secretary-General called on Egyptians to find common ground and renewed consensus around  the country’s transition.

New government has been rounding up and jailing members of Muslim Brotherhood
New government has been rounding up and jailing members of Muslim Brotherhood

Ban Ki-Moon continued to underscore the need for  political inclusion and due process for those in detention (Specifically the Muslim Brotherhood). He  is fully committed  to supporting the Egyptian people’s goal of a stable, democratic, prosperous Egypt.

This was not a condolence statement, this was declaring war against Egypt, exactly like The Obama’s speech in Egypt year 2009. The only difference between Obama’s speech and Ban Ki-Moon’s statement, is that Obama declared war against Egypt on our territory, while the United Nations declared war against Egypt from their headquarters.


This statement of Ban Ki-Moon was just the introduction for invading Egypt when the US specifies the time. Apparently, Obama will justify his actions under cover of the UN. (Russia will not go along with this, however)

Egyptians didn’t hear a word about Ban Ki Moon being troubled for the deteriorating human rights situation when Brotherhood were in power, where they actually added a clause to their constitution which allowed the marriage of 10-year old children.

Ban Ki Moon was not troubled  by the time rape and sexual assault against female protesters approved by the Muslim Brotherhood’s President of the Senate (Shura board) and several Muslim Brotherhood clerics!  And he never said a word when Mohmamed Morsi actively supported female genital mutilation for all Egyptian Muslim girls, or when Muslim Brotherhood female members were cutting off young girls’ hair in the subways and in schools for not wearing a veil.


Moon was absolutely fine when verbal and physical persecution of Christians soared when the Brotherhood was in power and especially after June 30th revolution and didn’t mind when Hate messages against non-Muslims were printed in the Brotherhood Islamic media. He was OK when Muslim Brotherhood and their supporters were marking Christians homes as “Atheist and pigs” and were not troubled when the Brotherhood burnt down more than 73 Churches all over Egypt! 


Moon was not disturbed when Morsi called for the establishment of the Islamic caliphate! And he did not condemn Mohamed Elbeltagy, Brotherhood leader, when he threatened Christians with a bloodbath before and after the June 30th revolution! He was  silent when Morsi and his extremists clerics publicly gave hate speeches which incited their followers to kill Shiites in Syria, and cut the throats of Egyptian protesters who were against the Brotherhood regime!

While US and EU were rewarding the Brotherhood regime with funds and support, Moon didn’t mind that Morsi never took any measures to stop local hateful incitement messages and speeches, which were not only made by the Muslim Brothers and their supporters but also by Morsi  himself against his own people!


How dare Moon and the West attack the political climate in Egypt about the new law regulating  violent protests? Western nations didn’t even criticize Morsi when he announced a curfew and state of emergency! Where were they when Muslim Brothers and their supporters terrorized the constitutional court judges!? Didn’t hear any condemnation when Muslim Brothers carried the Al-Qaeda black flag of jihad and attacked the National Security, Intelligence and ministry of defense Buildings!

Where was the United Nations condemnation of  Morsi’s regime when he murdered journalists and young social media activists? Or when they staged the Etihadeya Presidential Palace massacre in December 2012 against peaceful protesters? On the contrary, the UN claimed that Muslim Brothers are innocent without any evidence of their crimes which according to the UN are just political motives and framed by the Egyptian State!


Apparently, the UN didn’t care when Morsi gave presidential pardons to more than 1000 dangerous jailed terrorists and gave them full freedom to move around the country. Or when Morsi gave himself unilateral authority and immunity above the law, which violated the constitution.

I didn’t know that the United Nations actually support those who betray their own countries and accept foreign funds to take down the Regime under “Applying Democracy claim”?!  After publishing the recordings which prove these activists betrayed their own country, the US and their politicized news agencies claimed that it is not legal to spy on people’s calls! 

You mentioned the spirit of Egypt’s revolution which took place nearly three years ago. So, you are admitting and supporting the 25th of Jan 2011 revolution, but not a single word about the June 3oth revolution! You are supporting 4 millions Egyptians participated in the 25th of Jan, but not a single word about more than 33 Million Egyptians participated in the June 30th revolution?!


You Ban Ki-Moon the Secretary-General of the United Nations who is much more Secretary than a General reminding Egyptian officials that freedom of assembly and expression are essential elements for credible elections?! You did not react when Muslim Brothers forged the presidential elections and their militias threatened and stopped many Egyptians especially Christians from voting to Morsi’s rival candidate!

You Ban Ki-Moon the nowhere man are lecturing Egyptians on how to handle our own country’s transition. Where were you when Morsi was dividing the country and was spreading hatred and violence? Is your mission and job in the United Nations to support terrorists and fascist regimes and lecturing the Egyptians on how to deal with them?

Egyptians reject your support and we surely don’t need your faked democracy which is based on a double standard policy!