SWEDEN: 15-year-old Arab Muslim beats up Swedish boy because of his blue eyes

swedenumma-viA 15-year-old boy in Helsingborg has now been convicted for assaulting and threatening another boy because of his blue eyes. Two witnesses say they saw the Arab deliver a blow to the Swedish boy and said he continued to beat on him during a school break. 

IVE  According to the district court, the 15-year-old asked a Swedish boy about his eye coluor, to which the Swede is said to have replied “bluish-green”, an answer that the 15-year-old for an unknown reason found provocative.

“Big man are you?” asked the 15-year-old, then leaned over the table and gave the Swede a slap. The 15-year-old himself denies the crime and claims that he was misunderstood because of language difficulties, as his first language is Arabic. The case has not been classified as a hate crime. (Of course not, it’s only a hate crime when a Muslim is the victim)