Message to Barack Hussein Obama from Egypt: “If you are Muslim Brotherhood, you are a terrorist”


The United States’ dogged support of the Muslim Brotherhood has taken on another humiliating aspect: Egypt’s military leadership labeling the Brotherhood as a terrorist organization. The ruling, made on December 25, effectively outlaws the country’s most successful political movement since the ouster of Hosni Mubarak—the very organization Obama and Hillary threw their support behind after his fall.

The Trumpet (h/t Mike F)  As a long-time member of the Muslim Brotherhood, former President Muhammad Morsi moved to radicalize Egypt. The repercussions were skyrocketing violence, corruption, inflation and economic woes. Yet in all of that, the U.S. supported the Muslim Brotherhood because it supposedly represented the will of the people.


Now the Egyptian government that replaced him has officially labeled the Muslim Brotherhood as a group of terrorists. It doesn’t look good for the Brotherhood or for its supporters in Washington. The announcement was made after a terrorist attack in the Nile Delta town of Mansoura that claimed the lives of 16 people and wounded over 100.

Following the decision to outlaw the Brotherhood, violent protests erupted across the nation. The Brotherhood still has a lot of support even though the army is threatening Brotherhood supporters with punishment. Simply being a member is an offense punishable with five years in an Egyptian prison. The protests show that the Brotherhood is down but definitely not out.


The Trumpet has warned of the Muslim Brotherhood’s rise in Egyptian society and politics for over 17 years. In 1996 Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry released a booklet titled The King of the South. If you haven’t read this book, request a free copy. It will give you insight into the powerful prophecies being fulfilled in Egypt and elsewhere across the region.

In 2005, Trumpet columnist Brad Macdonald emphasized the concerns for the U.S. as the Muslim Brotherhood rose to power: America, for some time now, has been imploring President Mubarak’s government to weaken its grip on the electoral process and foster more democratic elections. Mubarak listened and reduced his control over the Egyptian electoral process.



The results of that move are clear. Democracy has facilitated the rise of the outlawed Islamic fundamentalist Muslim Brotherhood to become the largest and most powerful opposition party in Egypt. The Egyptian people are speaking, and Islamic law and leadership appears to be what many increasingly desire.

The conundrum facing the U.S. is becoming ever more puzzling: Does it continue to support a an organization accused of blowing civilians up, or does it now turn against the Brotherhood and support a military-backed government akin to the very government the U.S. helped overthrow in 2011?


Either way, the situation is troublesome for the United States. Mr. Flurry wrote in 2008, long before the Brotherhood came to power: [W]e expect the most radical elements within Egypt to assume control and directly ally themselves with Iran. This worst-case scenario for the U.S. is just what the Bible prophesied will occur soon.

We know the radical Islamic movement in Egypt will certainly have a lot of influence in Egyptian politics; and it’s going to swing that nation toward Iran. Ultimately, that means bad news for Egypt because of the final outcome.


Looking at Egypt today, it is clear that the U.S. has all but lost one of its closest allies in the region. Rather than support Hosni Mubarak, the U.S. chose to support the people that are now out of power and labeled as a terrorist organization.

As the fight for power continues, we can expect more violence such as that seen in Mansoura. We have seen what chaos and lawlessness breeds in nations such as Libya, Iraq and Syria: extremism. Radical ideologies flourish in situations such as that now facing Egypt. The threat of extremists coming to power again is an ever-present reality.


Pay close attention to the tumult up and down the Nile River. Through Bible prophecy God is not only warning Egypt; He is warning the whole world. Egypt’s inevitable fall to Iran is part of broader prophecies that will trigger global warfare. That is why it is so crucial to be watching events in Egypt today.

If you want to understand more about what is in store for Egypt, the Middle East and the world in the imminent future, request and read The King of the South. You will then see world news as you have never seen it before.