Re: Islamic terror attacks in Russia, ‘moderate’ imam in Brussels warns, “Belgium’s turn will come soon”

“What happened in Volgograd, Russia is only the beginning of a series of nightmares that the heathen states will experience in response to their oppression. Soon it will be Belgium’s and France’s turn. That’s a promise and the believer never breaks a promise!”

BRUSSELS is predicted to have a Muslim majority by 2030.


IVE  These are the words of Ilias Azaouaj on the social network. The young 22-year-old imam, who is currently said to be in Syria on the side of the a;-Qaeda linked al-Qaeda fighters. “The Russians couldn’t stop this attack despite their security agencies,” he emphasizes, adding: “The Belgians and French wouldn’t be able to either! The time when you could buy informants is over, the time when you could trust everyone, now we’re not kidding, we’re not joking, we’re moving into action.”

Ilias Azaouaj left for Syria last April, officially to bring young Belgian fighters back to their parents. After a long period of silence, the man reappeared last 7 November in a recording where he declared that he had joined a group of fighters linked to Al Qaeda. Long suspected of collaboration with Belgian and Moroccan secret services, he admitted having been an agent for both countries.


The video in question has been authenticated by the police and by a member of the Brussels imam’s family. However, questions remain about the management of his Facebook account, followed by more than 1000 people and on which he appears in the company of the Minister of the Interior Joëlle Milquet. On his cover photo, he threatens her with releasing recordings of his meetings with the federal police and state security agency to the general public.

In the new statement published this Sunday, he congratulates the “brothers in the Caucasus for this marvellous success”, underlining that they are “excellent in combat, especially in Syria”. Ilias Azaouaj warns Belgium and France: “You’re powerlessness will be unveiled to the world (…) We are everywhere and we follow the only infallible methodology which is the methodology of Allah while you are headed for your downfall!”