AUSTRALIA: The prison couldn’t find any ‘halal’ babies to feed the Muslim baby killer so he is suing them…again!

The Muslim savage who bludgeoned his newborn daughter to death then chopped her body into pieces, won $3,000 in compensation last year because he was forced to eat vegetables instead of halal meat in jail. Now, apparently, he is demanding even more compensation for his ‘pain and suffering.’

Raymond Akhtar Ali
Raymond Akhtar Ali

Frontpage (via Religion of Peace h/t Traduction) Former butcher Raymond Akhtar Ali, who is serving a life sentence for bashing his newborn daughter to death in 1998 and dismembering her body, took legal action after he was fed vegetarian meals in jail for four months instead of halal meat. Akhtar Ali has appealed for the payout to be doubled to $6000 (about $5300 American dollars.)

Former butcher Ali was fed a vegetarian diet in Maryborough Correctional Centre for four months, instead of specially prepared halal meat in accordance with his religious requirements.

“I’m disgusted,” Helen Blackwell, the grandmother of murdered baby Chahleen, said yesterday after being told of Ali’s bid to double his money.

Australian searchers looking for the dismembered parts
Australian searchers looking for the dismembered parts

Ali’s story was a classic tale that is being repeated again and again in Australia and the United Kingdom.

Ali moved his business to a property at Logan Village, south of Brisbane, in 1997 where he continued mainly butchering goats for the Muslim market. In 2000 that Ali was found guilty of the gruesome murder of his newborn daughter while the baby’s mother, Amanda Blackwell, 22, was found guilty of manslaughter. The court learned that she had become Ali’s virtual ‘sex slave’ while working in his halal butcher’s shop.

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Blackwell’s distraught mother Helen, who was present during the trial, told The Courier-Mail that Ali corrupted her teenage daughter when she went to work at his butcher shop in 1996. Blackwell, a baby-faced 17-year-old, was not as strong, and succumbed to Ali’s overtures soon after she started work. Although he was married at the time, she became pregnant with his child.

Minutes after she secretly gave birth, Ali killed the baby girl. A post-mortem found that her severe fractures were likely to have been caused by being crashed against a hard surface while still alive.

When her body was found by police in a grave it was found her right leg had been severed, she had been cut in half at the abdomen and her reproductive organs had been removed. She had suffered multiple skull fractures, multiple rib fractures and ‘multiple incised and stab wounds’. A forensic examiner said after the trial that the ‘victim in this case was defeminized – her reproductive organs were removed to destroy evidence that she was a female.’

But the authorities focused on what was ‘important’ – the babykiller’s right to eat Islam-approved meat. Ms Fitzpatrick said Ali was forced to eat vegetarian food at the prison from 9/24/2008 to 1/29/2009, after being incorrectly told halal food was not available. “It forced a person who otherwise ate meat as part of his diet to eat a vegetarian diet.”