Muslim hate ‘preacher’ Anjem Choudary cancels anti-freedom rally rather than be confronted by Britain First counter-protestors

b500b4f38dfa745899efae0bf4a87a7e-e1388864585548In the face of a threatened major turnout from patriots of Britain First, Anjem Choudary and the Sharia Project have cancelled their march against gambling on the Edgware Road.

Britain First  They blame it all on a bit of rain, and issued a statement which – bizarrely – implies the rain is Allah’s sign to the kafir British people to change their ways! How pathetic! We can turn up patriots from across the country come rain or shine – but Choudary and his rabid Jihadis are scared off by a bit of rain!


All tremble before the brave warriors of Islam who can’t even wield an umbrella! Admit it Anjem, you were scared your dismal turnout of bearded enrichers would be humiliated – once again – by the true voice of Britain.

You were terrified Britain First would serve that arrest warrant on you, the weather just made a convenient excuse. Victory for us at Britain First, for all patriots, for all genuine Brits – the voice of Jihad bottles it and blames the rain!

Ooooh, diddums, can’t have your beards getting wet while you’re trying to establish Sharia, and the Islamic caliphate, can we? Anjem Cowardly and the ShariaPathetic, says it all.

Well done to the Britain First activists who turned up today, and to the activists from the other groups present.