OUTSTANDING! Utah Gun manufacturer turns down $15 million arms deal with Pakistan out of fear they would be used against American troops


How do you say no to $15 million dollars when you are a small growing business? According to the president of Desert Tech the answer was simple, “You say no.”

FunkerTactical  The reason behind his answer is something we probably don’t hear enough of these days. Nicholas Young, posted this to the Desert Tech Facebook page yesterday and it went viral:


The response from the firearms and military community has been overwhelming praise for their difficult decision, which places the safety of our military members over a massive paycheck. 

To some people, hearing about a weapons manufacturing company turning down 15 million dollars based on morals may seem shocking, but to the Desert Tech team it was a pretty easy decision. In a recent interview the CEO of Desert Tech, Tommy Alexander, stated “We just didn’t feel comfortable with the morality of giving those guns, when they might end up in the wrong hands.”


AP “The company was founded on the principle of keeping Americans and our allied forces safe,” said sales manager Mike Davis, who said the company was on a short list for a contract with Pakistan, but spurned the opportunity because of unrest in Pakistan and ethical concerns. “It was a difficult decision because of the amount of money involved, he said, and the sale of rifles to Pakistan would have been legal.” “We don’t know that those guns would’ve went somewhere bad, but with the unrest we just ended up not feeling right about it,” Davis told KTVX-TV.

The company, based in the Salt Lake City suburb of West Valley City, was founded in 2007 on the principle of keeping America and its allies safe, he added. “As a business owner you always want to be successful, but I think ethically and morally you want to go about it the right way and stick behind your founding principles,” Davis told KSL.

Weapons sales to allies such as Pakistan are nothing new but they can be complicated, especially in a country with an al-Qaida presence. The U.S. often targets al-Qaida, Taliban and their Pakistani supporters in the country’s tribal regions.

The Desert Tech team
The Desert Tech team

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