Awwww…Sweden’s bleeding heart leftist flower people come out to support the mosque

Several swastikas scrawled on the facade (possibly by Muslims themselves) of the Stockholm mosque were covered by flowers on Monday, leading the Islamic Association’s chairman to hope ‘the quiet majority’ is finally speaking up. (More like the ‘noisy minority’)


ORIGINAL STORY: sweden-looks-like-muslims-are-painting-swastikas-on-the-door-of-a-mosque-again-to-get-attention

The Local  Last Thursday morning, members of the Stockholm Muslim congregation arrived at the mosque on Södermalm to find the doors were covered in Nazi graffiti. By Monday morning, however, a much more positive display had taken their place: bouquets of pink and white flowers were taped over the black swastikas, and a note of solidarity was tied to the door. (Apparently, none of their daughters have been the victims of the rampant rape wave in Sweden by Somali Muslims)


“For every hate crime there is a flower,” the sign read. “An attack on you is an attack on Sweden! We stand together!” (You’ll live to regret that statement)

Flowers were also placed outside the mosque in Fittja, which had its windows smashed and pig feet tossed in back in November, as well as a Hagsätra church which had also been vandalized with swastikas last Friday.  

“I thought society was moving the wrong direction. (It IS, thanks to Muslim immigration) But now my view changed 180 degrees,” Omar Mustafa, chairman of the Swedish Islamic Association, told The Local. “Members of the congregation arrived for the morning prayer at 7am and called me saying there were flowers on the mosque. They sent me a picture and I felt strength and encouragement in a whole new way.”