BROOKLYN: Muslim man found dead with his head nearly cut off

Get a sharper knife. Isn’t it nice that Muslims are bringing their culture to America?

Muslim meet and greet in downtown Manhattan
Muslim ‘meet and greet’ in downtown Manhattan

Metro (h/t Rina) Mahuddin Mahumd, 57, a native of Bangladesh and the father of two young children, was found with his throat slashed in the basement of a Kensington apartment building shortly after midnight when police responded to a 911 call of an assault in progress. Officers found Mahumd with burns to his face and deep lacerations to his throat.

It appeared as if someone was trying to cut his head off, police said. He was pronounced dead at the scene. Police said no arrests have been made and the investigation is ongoing.

Mahumd was found several blocks from his own Ditmas Park home.

Former U.S military man in downtown Manhattan
Former U.S soldier in downtown Manhattan