A welcome ‘paws’ from the relentless stream of depressing news at BNI


The sole survivor from a 3-cub litter, this adorable polar bear cub at the Toronto Zoo took his first wobbly steps yesterday – just in time to celebrate his two-month birthday. While the male bear doesn’t yet have a name, he’s got plenty of character as he squawked and screeched before tentatively walking for the first time.

UK Daily Mail  But life hasn’t always looked as hopeful as it does now for the cub. When he was born on November 9, he had two brothers – but sadly they died within 48 hours. And while his mother, Aurora, showed nothing but love and affection for this baby, she had a history of violence towards her own offspring.


So when zoo staff noticed this cub getting weak, they swiftly moved him into an incubator in intensive care. Since then he has gone from strength to strength. Toronto Zoo carefully monitored his health and milestones: ‘He began showing his contentment by purring on November 15th, crawling on the 17th and rolling over for the first time on November 23rd.’

The bear weighed in at 25 ounces (700g) at birth, but has now increased this to 9.7 pounds (4.4kg) and is currently teething – mostly by biting his blanket. This cub has now had his eyes open for 35 days, is growing whiskers and developing a thicker coat, which will be helpful in the cold Toronto days to come. Most importantly, his biggest achievement so far is taking these first-ever steps.