Does anyone believe this Canadian university doesn’t know if the student demanding separation of sexes in class is a Muslim or an Orthodox Jew?

Sharia-compliant York University now supports gender apartheid in standing by its choice to excuse a male student from group work with women over religious beliefs. The student never revealed his religion, although the professor ‘guessed’ it was either Islam or Orthodox Judaism. (Notice that the university never revealed the student’s name)

National Post (h/t Susan K)  York University appears to be standing by its controversial decision to permit a student to be excused from a group project because the presence of women interfered with his “firm religious beliefs.” In a statement Thursday by provost Rhonda Lenton, the university contradicted its commitment to “gender equity, inclusivity and diversity,” by not retracting an October order authorizing the much-criticized “gender apartheid religious accommodation.” 

The statement comes one day after York University sociology professor J. Paul Grayson went public with documents showing that university brass had backed a request from one of his students to be separated from female classmates for religious reasons. “Seventy per cent of the students at York University are female,” Mr. Grayson told theNational Post. “This kind of situation, from that point of view, is simply intolerable.”

The “unusual” request arose on Sept. 20, when a student in one of Mr. Grayson’s online courses asked to be exempted from a group project because he did not believe in “intermingling between men and women.”


Although the professor’s impulse was to reject the request on the grounds that it would make him an “accessory to sexism,” he forwarded it to both the Dean of his faculty and the university’s Centre for Human Rights, intending to respond with a “principled statement from the university.” Instead, both sources instructed him to “accommodate” the student’s wishes. A reply from the Vice Dean argued that the “academic integrity” of the course could be compromised if Mr. Grayson did not respect the “sincerity of the student’s beliefs.”

Mr. Grayson ultimately ignored university brass and, together with his departmental colleagues, passed a resolution stating that “accommodations for students will not be made if they contribute to material or symbolic marginalizations of other students, faculty or teaching assistants.” The student withdrew his request.

The student never revealed his religion, although Mr. Grayson guessed it was either Islam or Orthodox Judaism. 

The administration’s position found no support among federal MPs asked about the controversy Tuesday. “This is what we’ve tried to combat in places like Afghanistan,” Justice Minister Peter MacKay said in an interview.

Looks like this associate dean had something to do with this sharia-compliant decision: York University Office of the Dean

Abdullah, Thabit A.J. Associate Dean, External Affairs






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  1. There was an Anti-Semitic, gay film professor at York named John Grayson who pulled a film out of TIFF over an Israeli issue – he wanted Israeli films boycotted. Could he be related to J. Paul Grayson? There was an issue about a letter to a student paper once in which a Muzzie gal wrote praising the terrorists who shot up a bunch of Jewish kids in a Jerusalem school. The paper’s editor was also a towel head. In fact, a look through the various student organizations at this sad organization pretending to be a university showed that practically all these organizations had Muslim names among the kids running them. The university covers a large area of land which would make a fine farm if it were all bulldozed down and the land cleared.

  2. Of course this is York University. That place is an absolute nightmare. Strikes every other year, high profile stories of rapes and murder, and the campus itself is disgustingly dirty and unkempt. I snicker at this because in university circles, York is considered the “reject” school, where only the deranged go. Everybody knows about the out-of-control “activism” there, and nobody wishes to attend. The only saving grace York has is Osgoode Law School which, admittedly, is one of the most prestigious schools in the country.

    If I’m not mistaken, Israel Apartheid Week originated in Canada at York, which is all you need to know really when it comes to this story. I’m astounded the professor didn’t back down, but I’m equally not astounded about the dhimmi decision of the administration.

    Here’s a really cringe-worthy take on the whole thing, from a York University Muslim woman, who is a self-described “radical feminist”. I ripped this from her Twiiter feed: “This article abt the York student thats floating around is so annoying. And people’s commentary is even worse -_- there aren’t too many religions that deny gender interactions in public settings I.e. Uni but some comments are so ignorant and orientalist some religions or cultures have rules re: gender interactions. Whats your point? Its not out of hatred of opposite gender its out of respect” (unedited)

    Well done, Islamic feminism!!

  3. No one believes it. Of course not. I had a similar situation when I taught an online course in Bachelor of Education at a Canadian university. One of my students was a woman living in Saudi Arabia. She was married. She refused to participate in a seminar that would have required her to work with other students online, men, women and non-Muslims. The seminar was worth 10% of the final grade. I told her she was free to refuse to do the assignment but that she would get a zero for it. It cost her a grade level. Later that term, as I left work one day around 8 pm in April, three hooded men assaulted me as I got into my car in the parking lot. After that incident, police told me it was no longer safe for me to return to campus without a police escort. Were the two incidents related? Hard to tell as the MSA was extremely active at that campus and my classroom website had been repeatedly hit, in part because I refused another group their wish to engage my students in a seminar that discussed whom we would kill in a situation where there were limited resources. The leader of that group went to the President and the dean to try to get me fired. He got a lawyer. But the department director supported me. Still, in the end, I had to leave because if you want to teach at a university, you must bow down to Allah.

    • That is very worrisome. I have an old, old friend, now retired who taught in a Canadian university and he has never mentioned any problems of this nature and a good share of his on-going studies are in the muslim community…I believe he has made 18 trips to Iran alone.

      In the meantime…why do Canadian citizens bow down to these savages like this….for heaven’s sake? Why are they allowing this horrific set of laws to get a toe-hold in their country? Have they lost their collective mind? It makes no sense to me. Universities cannot be self-supporting with their tuition alone, they have to depend, most of them, on a lot of government funds and I, as a taxpayer, in the USA am just furious when my hard-earned tax money is diverted to assist a wild-eyed barbaric cult.

      When are people going to wise up? What is it going to take?

      Too bad you weren’t in Texas, Joan, you could have defended yourself from those three knuckle-dragging barbarians.

      They now have people so afraid of them, they are going to get everything they want from us…we are doomed.

  4. I’ve been learning Spanish recently. Our current lesson is the “ITO” suffix. Chiquitito. Churrito. Burrito. Gordito. You just add the “ITO” to the end and get another word!

    So if you take the word “MOSQUE” and add “ITO” you get “MOSQUITO”!

  5. What would York U have said if this student had said he didn’t want to deal with Italians, Polish, Spaniards or Blacks in the class ? They would have said: Tough luck mister ! But under the false guise of religion they keep gnawing at our institutions, we keep giving in …and they find us weak. The only language they understand is refusal and force.

  6. And the vice dean who supportted the misogynistic creep student involved is named?

    Abdullah, Thabit A.J? none of the postings on this story have named the vice dean involved, although Grayson is named. WTF?

    • Cam: Searching in York’s system for ‘vice’ deans (no snickering please) produces:

      “ASSOCIATE DEANS 2013-2014 as of October 11, 2013”

      The appropriate DEAN appears to be Dr. Martin Singer
      Dean, Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies

      Of course that quote is not clear as to which ‘vice dean’ pontificated, and their CHR doesn’t mention a ‘dean’, only a director.

      Centre for Human Rights
      York University, Ross Building (South) Suite 327
      Toronto, ON Canada M3J 1P3

      Voice: 416-736-5682, TTY: 416-650-8023, Fax: 416-650-4823


      For human rights complaints email:

      Office Hours: Monday to Friday 9 am – 5 pm Closed statutory holidays

      Noël A. J. Badiou, Director,

      “What difference does it make now, anyway?”
      1/. The “unusual” request arose on Sept. 20, when a student in one of Mr. Grayson’s ONLINE COURSES asked to be exempted from a group project because he did not believe in “intermingling between men and women.”
      [He doesn’t want to soil his avatar.]

      “What difference does it make now, anyway?”
      2/. York U is the sire of Osgoode Hall school of ‘Human Rights’ Star Chambers

      “What difference does it make now, anyway?”
      Completely omits any mention of his Egyptian origin, or his mohammedan ‘faith’.

      “In current times when there is an ongoing dialogue about inclusion in the workplace, he points out that diversity begins in the classroom. “York University is a place that truly values diversity in the broadest sense — whether this refers to culture, ethnicity, religion or viewpoint. I am very mindful and believe strongly that an important role of a university is to encourage the exploration of our differences and those things we share in common.”

      Except when they don’t.

      “Student groups expressed pride at Shoukri’s appointment. [President and Vice-Chancellor] “Most importantly, his selection is based on his credentials,” said Kamal Haseeb, president of York’s Muslim Association. “The fact he’s Muslim just solidifies the acceptance of ALL groups and faiths.” [??? HOW?] “The diversity on campus is not always reflected at an administrative level. This is great to see.”

      “Adam Hummel [chief dhimmi] of Hillel at York, known as the centre for Jewish life on campus, called Shoukri’s selection “very Canadian” and a reflection of York’s population. “And, I couldn’t be prouder,” Hummel said.”

    • I’m not surprised. As a former York U student, I can tell you that this university is a stinking cesspool of Islamofascist, Leftist, anti-semitic activity. As a Jew, I can say that there is no Jewish law that prohibits someone from working with the opposite sex. I am quite certain that this was not a Jewish student’s request. But thanks, York, for planting a seed of doubt.

  7. since the student had firm religious convictions why attend a university that is 70% women? go elsewhere preferably a theocratic society

  8. WOW Afghanistan has taken major leaps backward! Unbelievable.

    I’m going to bet that this “student” doesn’t have the last name of Goldberg! Only a muslim would be “offended” and complain!

  9. Jews dont have a problem being in the same class
    ultra ultra orthodox may but then again they wouldnt be in York. They would be in a yeshiva

    • Rina, that’s the difference. Jews don’t try to force their religious customs on anyone. The ultra orthodox live in their own communities, go to schools and work in those communities. Kind of like the Amish. Don’t bother us, we won’t bother you.


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  11. So York never revealed the name of the student who wanted gender apartheid?! Allow me to venture a few guesses: Muhammad, Mohamed, Nadeem, Issam, Hasan, Islaaam….NOT Orthodox Jewish names, by any means!!….

  12. If a student has a problem sharing studies with the opposite sex he should not enrol. This is transparent Sharia-imposition. It has to be resisted.
    All credit to Professor Grayson.

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