Does anyone believe this Canadian university doesn’t know if the student demanding separation of sexes in class is a Muslim or an Orthodox Jew?

Sharia-compliant York University now supports gender apartheid in standing by its choice to excuse a male student from group work with women over religious beliefs. The student never revealed his religion, although the professor ‘guessed’ it was either Islam or Orthodox Judaism. (Notice that the university never revealed the student’s name)

National Post (h/t Susan K)  York University appears to be standing by its controversial decision to permit a student to be excused from a group project because the presence of women interfered with his “firm religious beliefs.” In a statement Thursday by provost Rhonda Lenton, the university contradicted its commitment to “gender equity, inclusivity and diversity,” by not retracting an October order authorizing the much-criticized “gender apartheid religious accommodation.” 

The statement comes one day after York University sociology professor J. Paul Grayson went public with documents showing that university brass had backed a request from one of his students to be separated from female classmates for religious reasons. “Seventy per cent of the students at York University are female,” Mr. Grayson told theNational Post. “This kind of situation, from that point of view, is simply intolerable.”

The “unusual” request arose on Sept. 20, when a student in one of Mr. Grayson’s online courses asked to be exempted from a group project because he did not believe in “intermingling between men and women.”


Although the professor’s impulse was to reject the request on the grounds that it would make him an “accessory to sexism,” he forwarded it to both the Dean of his faculty and the university’s Centre for Human Rights, intending to respond with a “principled statement from the university.” Instead, both sources instructed him to “accommodate” the student’s wishes. A reply from the Vice Dean argued that the “academic integrity” of the course could be compromised if Mr. Grayson did not respect the “sincerity of the student’s beliefs.”

Mr. Grayson ultimately ignored university brass and, together with his departmental colleagues, passed a resolution stating that “accommodations for students will not be made if they contribute to material or symbolic marginalizations of other students, faculty or teaching assistants.” The student withdrew his request.

The student never revealed his religion, although Mr. Grayson guessed it was either Islam or Orthodox Judaism. 

The administration’s position found no support among federal MPs asked about the controversy Tuesday. “This is what we’ve tried to combat in places like Afghanistan,” Justice Minister Peter MacKay said in an interview.

Looks like this associate dean had something to do with this sharia-compliant decision: York University Office of the Dean

Abdullah, Thabit A.J. Associate Dean, External Affairs