CANADA: Federal Court upholds government decision to cut funding to Canadian Arab Federaton for their support of terrorism and anti-semitism

276735_483324711684303_143814719_nIn dismissing an appeal launched by the Toronto-based pro-Palestinian lobby group, Justice Russel Zinn ruled the decision to not renew the $1-million in annual funding was reasonable.


“All of the statements and actions raised by the Minister can, in my view, reasonably lead one to the view that CAF appears to support organizations that Canada has declared to be terrorist organizations and which are arguably anti-Semitic,” the judge wrote.

The CAF had received 74% of its budget from a federal program that funds language training for new immigrants. But after he became Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, Jason Kenney brought that to an end. He said he wanted to ensure the government was not financing organizations that apologized for violence or terrorism. In a 2009 email, he described the CAF as “radical and anti-semitic” and called the funding arrangement “shameful.” The CAF, whose president had once called Mr. Kenney a “whore of war,” could not be reached for comment.