GERMANY: Muslim Taxi Driver convicted of raping elderly blind woman won’t get any jail time

samp36b0bef662f09255-viIs Germany becoming another Sweden when it comes to turning a blind eye to Muslim rape jihad?  A Muslim taxi driver, identified only as ‘Nihad S,’ raped a 64-year-old blind pensioner he had known for two years and had regularly driven around Hannover. On July 14th, after  driving her home from surgery, apparently, he decided it was time to rape her.

The Local  The attack was not pre-meditated, the court heard. The man had parked his taxi and told another driver to keep an eye on it while he helped the woman take her shopping up to the flat in the Bemerode area of Hannover. Prosecutor Stefan Dach told the Hannover court: “In her flat he forced her onto the bed. The woman tried to push him away,” Bild newspaper reported.

Even Muslims know that Muslim taxi drivers can't be trusted
Even Muslim women know that Muslim taxi drivers can’t be trusted

During the assault, the driver was disturbed when his fellow taxi driver rang the door bell to find out where he was.  The father-of-three fled and was arrested by police on the same day.

In mitigation, his solicitor said Nihad S. had apologized and shown remorse. “It came about through him misjudging the situation,” they said. But the victim’s lawyer said: “My client thought her age would protect her from sexual assaults,” the Hannoversche Allgemeine newspaper reported.

Nihad S. was sentenced to a two-year suspended prison sentence after admitting the charge. He will also have to pay the victim €3,600. Bild reported the firm which employed him fired him on Monday, while authorities are also looking into taking his taxi license away. 

This kind of thing is not an isolated incident: