NEW JERSEY: What was a Muslim trespasser doing inside a water pipe at a water treatment facility?

The man, Asaf Mohammad, 26, of Manapalan, who spent several hours trapped in a pipe at a United Water facility, was rescued this morning and then promptly arrested for fourth-degree criminal trespass, said Capt. Michael Fountain of the Manalapan Police.

water-pipe-stuck (h/t Rina T) United Water spokesman Rich Henning told NBC that workers “heard cries for help” coming from an area that has a wellhead with a storage tank when they arrived at the facility on Friday morning.

Jim Mastrokalos, director of operations for United Water, said the man was found in a decommissioned pipe that is 20 inches in diameter. “He must have traversed through a basin and climbed up into a pipe for reasons unknown at this time,” Mastrokalos said.

United Water is investigating surveillance video to determine how Mohammed was able to get into the facility, which is surrounded by barbed wire fencing, Mastrokalos said. After sections of the pipe were dismantled, emergency responders were able to get a harness around the man and pull him out of the pipe.

He was freed at about 11 a.m. The mayor said the man is known to police, but would not elaborate. (Oh, that’s right, Eric Holder’s Dept of JihadiJustice, won’t allow police to mention the perp’s religion or national origin)