ALABAMA School Board dismisses all parental concerns about Islam-focused textbooks in public schools


The State Education Board has refused to replace 11 of Alabama’s approved social studies textbooks that feature a chilling overemphasis on Islam at the exclusion of any and all other religions. Most of these textbooks are funded by the Saudi government and distributed free of charge to U.S. schools.

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Angry parents show the books Islam is covered in 30 - 40 pages on one textbook while all other religions combines are discussed in one page
Angry parents show one of the books in which Islam is covered in 30 – 40 pages while all other religions combined are discussed in one page  The Alabama State Board of Education was not swayed today by allegations that some of the state’s approved social studies textbooks have a pro-Islamic bias and diminish Christianity.

Voting 5-2, the board approved a measure to recommend more than 500 new social studies textbooks for use in public schools, including 11 of 12 books concerned citizens asked the board to remove from the list. One of the 12 books was removed from the list, but not because of a perceived pro-Islamic bias. State Superintendent of Education Tommy Bice described that book as an unintentional duplicate.


Board members Betty Peters of Kinsey and Stephanie Bell of Montgomery opposed the measure. The board rejected an amendment from Bell that would have removed the 11 books.

The decision comes after the board delayed consideration of the new textbook list in December, citing bias concerns.

The list now goes to local school boards for review. Local schools are not required to use textbooks from the approved list, but they will not receive state textbook funding for books not on the list.


Here’s a list of the Alabama school board members who need to be admonished and then fired:

Alabama State School Board Map


District 1
Tracy Roberts
Current Term: 2013-2017
new incumbent
31490 Tara Boulevard West
Spanish Fort, AL 36527
Phone: (251) 610-1283

District 5
Current Term: 2013-2017
Previous Terms: 2001-2013
2634 Airwood Drive
Montgomery, AL 36108
Phone: (334) 834-2811

District 6
Charles E Elliott, M.D.
Current Term: 2011-2015
Post Office Box 1584
Decatur, AL 35602
Phone: (256) 580-1705

District 8
Mary Scott Hunter
Current Term: 2011-2015
Post Office Box 18572
Huntsville, AL 35801
Phone: (888) 531-1312
Fax: (888) 531-1312

District 7
(should have been there to vote!)
Jeffery Newman
Current Term: 2013-2017
Post Office Box 266
Millport, AL 35576
Phone: (205) 712-0011

District 4
Yvette Richardson, Ed.D.
Current Term: 2011-2015
Post Office Box 785
Fairfield, AL 35064
Phone: (205) 923-7262
Fax: (205) 923-7262