BELGIUM: Hundreds of Afghan Muslim invaders demand to be allowed to stay

Afghan Muslim illegal aliens are protesting in Belgium against being sent home, claiming they would be killed if forced to return. (That’s what they all are told to say. Why not seek asylum in Turkey, Iran, or Pakistan, all of which are a lot closer to Afghanistan?)11467893976_383841af09_o

BBC  Sitting inside a cramped, cold tent erected under the ornate roof of a 17th-Century church, 27-year-old Marwa Mahbub, an asylum seeker from Afghanistan, explains why she is refusing to return to her home country. “My life is in danger in Afghanistan,” she says. “I have problems with the Taliban. Most of the people here have problems with the Taliban.” (You allowed them to take control of your country again, after we cleaned them out for you, it’s YOUR problem)


Marwa is among more than 200 Afghans who, since the end of last year, have become squatters inside the Beguinage Church in central Brussels. Originally from Helmand Province, she says she fled Afghanistan in 2008 after receiving death threats from the Taliban for promoting women rights. Despite repeatedly applying for asylum in Belgium, her applications have been rejected.


The church has been transformed into a tent village. Pews have been moved aside to make way for mattresses. Men huddle around electric lamps trying to stay warm, while children play on the pulpit as if it were a playground climbing frame. None of them go to school.

Just over 1,300 Afghans applied for asylum in Belgium last year. According to the EU statistical office Eurostat, more than 20,000 sought asylum across the EU. The International Organisation for Migration (IOM) expects the numbers coming to Europe to rise when Nato troops leave Afghanistan this year.

When Nato forces withdraw, there is a fear a power vacuum could develop that allows the hardline Islamist Taliban to seize more territory. Some Afghans worry a civil war might again break out. Others think the Afghan economy will sharply decline due to a reduction in foreign aid. For the Afghan asylum seekers in Belgium there is little prospect of work either. Hundreds of these illegal aliens have recently held demonstrations across Belgium to raise awareness about the situation they are in.


“We are not dangerous.” proclaimed one of their banners at a recent march in the city of Ghent. (Yes, you are. Wherever Muslims go, crime rates soar)

Some complain that they are caught in a legal limbo, denied asylum or a work permit but also unable to return to Afghanistan. Els Keytsman, director of Flemish Refugee Action, told the BBC the Belgian government needed to do more to help.“We fear that the situation in Afghanistan will be worse after international troops have left the country, as many experts in the field do. That’s why we ask the Belgian government not to send back any rejected Afghan asylum seeker.”

With tens of thousands of refugees from Syria, Iraq, Somalia and other countries all making their way to Europe, many countries have a huge backlog in asylum applications. (Why do Muslims NEVER seek asylum in MUSLIM countries? Send them to Turkey)