CANADIAN Prime Minister Stephen Harper gets a royal welcome in Israel

UnknownIsraeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called Stephen Harper “a great friend of Israel and the Jewish people” at a welcoming ceremony for the Canadian prime minister on Sunday.

CTV News  Netanyahu said Harper has shown “great moral leadership” in fighting terrorism and also lauded Harper for his stands on anti-Semitism, Iran and Middle East peace. “The people of Israel and I deeply appreciate your friendship, and the friendship of the people of Canada to us.”

Stephen Harper has been a passionate supporter of Israel, and he will be the first Canadian prime minister to address the Knesset — Israel’s parliament. Somewhere in Harper’s entourage is the Toronto Rabbi which caused Canada’s version of CAIR to have a hissy fit. canadian-officials-tell-cair-to-go-stick-it-where-the-sun-dont-shine

Sometimes, body language IS everything:


U.S. President Obama greets Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper at the Nuclear Security Summit in Washington