Terror-linked CAIR boohooing about so many Muslims still being on the NO-FLY list

no-fly-listOK, so they won one case. That leaves about 19,000+ Muslims who are still on the no-fly list. Muslim pressure groups like CAIR say the list  targets Muslims disproportionately, and they hope the ruling will force the government to become more transparent about the highly secretive program. (When Muslims no longer are considered the greatest threat to every country on earth, we can talk…Maybe)


HUFFPO  A Muslim woman now living in Malaysia struck a blow to the U.S. government’s “no-fly list” when a federal judge ruled Tuesday (Jan. 14) that the government violated her due process rights by putting her on the list without telling her why. Government lawyers argued that Ibrahim, as a Malaysian citizen, had no standing in U.S. courts and that no-fly list information must be kept secret for security reasons.


Ibrahim’s case is the oldest of three lawsuits brought by Muslims challenging the no-fly list. Some media reports estimate that 20,000 people are on the list, which has been blamed for delaying many innocent travelers. In 2012, an 18-month-old Muslim girl was ordered off a Jet Blue flight from Fort Lauderdale. (Diaper bomber suspect?)


“Each year our offices hear from hundreds of individuals who are visited by the FBI and face related travel issues,” said Zahra Billoo, executive director of the California chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations. “Many have lost hope about clearing their names, but this case will renew our collective desire to continue forward with the courts on our side.”

Under the guidelines, people who have been stopped from boarding flights may file an inquiry with the Department of Homeland Security, but responses do not include information about whether the person is on the no-fly list, according to the ACLU. The only way to find out whether a person has been removed from the no-fly list is to buy a ticket and try to board a flight.