When ‘BRITAIN FIRST’ patriots confront notorious Muslim hate preacher Anjem Choudary at his home, Choudary flees like the pantywaisted vermin we all know he is

b500b4f38dfa745899efae0bf4a87a7e-e13888645855481After six months of intense searching and surveillance, Britain First activists finally tracked down the elusive and vile terrorist enabler, Anjem Choudary, to a house in East London, confirmed as Choudary’s residence, a luxury home paid for by British taxpayers because Choudary, a lawyer by profession, prefers to live off welfare.

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Once outside Choudary’s front door last night, the team, who have the details of his car and registration number, spotted the hate preacher in his car 20 feet from his house.

At once, our activists sought to confront Anjem Choudary and question him about his connections to terrorism, violence, sharia patrols and the murder of Lee Rigby, but Choudary fled the scene like a cockroach fleeing the light.


Following up on Britain First’s visit to Anjem Choudary’s doorstep – which saw him flee like a coward when confronted – the hate rags of the Muslim jihad scene have tried to gloss it over with threats and idiotic cries of racism. We have Anjem Choudary on Twitter posting to say that it was a “racist” attack on him and his family!

It’s not racist, Islam is not a race, there are white Muslims, Asian Muslims, Black Muslims and Oriental Muslims, and we are not targeting your family Anjem – we are targeting YOU, because Britain is sick of you and your hatred!


We are true patriots and good people, we have no wish to intimidate your family – we wish to confront your views and your hatred.

As your little cabal of Muslim extremists, the ‘Islamic Emergency Defence’ (IED) attempt to warn us:


Quoting from IED again, our security and our safety as the British people are valuable commodities and foolish is the one who would jeopardise [sic] them. Wherever your followers of hatred are, we will find you. We are not going to back down, we are not going to retract, we are not going to retreat or surrender.


Britain is waking up, we are putting Britain First – and there is no place for your hatred in our nation, while our appeasing governments and politicians allow it to thrive then it will be us that confronts you.

There will never, ever, be no surrender – the voice of Britain is no longer a whimper but rather the roar of a lion!