CANADA: Mocked by the left, simple farm people give testimony as to why Muslim religious garb should be banned in Quebec

According to Canadian BNI reader, Susan K, “These are uneducated people, simple people from the farmlands… they have been mocked mercilessly, but somehow their politically incorrect honest testimony is turning the public’s shame into appreciation.”


Susan continues:  

“One phrase stands out: They went to Morocco for a visit and visited a mosque.  They had to take off their shoes.  They had never heard of this before but they did it.  And then, they made them go down on hands and knees on a carpet !!!

 Somehow, here in Québec, we are now doing the same thing, meaning going down on hands and knees for them (Muslims).

 They also spoke of a situation in the bazaar where they were hit on the right side and then, the left side, by people entirely covered in black… couldn’t tell what or who they were.

 At first, it was embarrassing to listen to them, but then, it’s saying what a lot of people are afraid to say in the most simplest terms.

 By the way, support for the Charter (banning all religious garb in Quebec) is increasing, up to 60% now.”

National Post A family’s controversial testimony during public hearings into Quebec’s secularism charter has brought widespread attention — with an online video of their appearance attracting nearly 300,000 views in just a few days.

Video excerpts of the Pineault-Caron family’s testimony posted on YouTube show them recalling how surprised they were by local religious practices during their visits to the predominantly Muslim countries of Morocco and Turkey.


Their comments last Thursday in favour of the values charter came during public hearings into the contentious legislation — a proposal that would ban public employees from wearing religious symbols, such as the Muslim veil, in the workplace.

In her testimony, Genevieve Caron says she was stunned to see people on small rugs while they prayed in a Moroccan mosque. “Praying on all fours on a carpet, what is that all about?” she asked.

She adds she was taken aback when she was asked to follow the custom of removing her shoes before entering the building. “I remained really marked by this. I got back on the bus and said, ‘Could this be? Praying on all fours on a carpet?’”

Her husband, Claude Pineault, says people wearing Muslim veils — tried to pickpocket him at a market in Morocco and he believes it would be unthinkable to allow people in Quebec to walk around wearing such disguises.

“Who was under these disguises? Women? Men? I don’t know,” he said. “What I do know, is that it’s unthinkable to allow people to walk around in Quebec, in the streets, in public places — really anywhere besides homes and private places — with such disguises.”

The couple’s comments at the hearings were swiftly criticized on social media for being ignorant.

Here is a second video from an obviously educated man about the threat Muslims pose to Quebec:

Thanks to Vlad Tepes for the English translation