U.S. deploying two warships to the Black Sea because of Chechen Muslim terror threats at Sochi Olympics

My question is, which side will the Obama-commanded Navy be on if something happens – the Russian side? Or the Chechen Muslim side?


REUTERS  The U.S. military said on Monday that air and naval assets, including two ships in the Black Sea, would be made available if needed during the Sochi Winter Olympics in support of Russia, which faces Muslim terrorist threats to disrupt the Games. The Pentagon said U.S. military commanders were “conducting prudent planning and preparations” should American support be required during the Winter Olympics.


“Air and naval assets, to include two Navy ships in the Black Sea, will be available. The Pentagon statement came the same day that two men said by Islamist militants to have carried out suicide attacks in south Russia appeared in a video donning explosive belts and warning Russian President Vladimir Putin to expect a “present” at the Sochi Winter Olympics from fighters following after them.

Let’s see, two American warships vs two Muslim suicide bombers. Yeah, sounds like a plan.


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  1. This site provides a detailed comparison of the 68 top military powers on earth. Each country has a comparative rating. For example the US is #1, Russia #2, Israel #13, and Egypt #14.


    The site is factual, informative and not political. This is a good reference site to bookmark.

  2. Two U.S. warships heading east – 2 Iranian warships heading west…hhmmm I wonder if they’ll cross paths/swords in the Atlantic…?

    As for o’shitbag sending them to support security for anything – that’s anybody’s guess. He’ll NEVER attack the muzzies, he’s already made that promise and been proven to keep it with his support of the MB and Al Qaeda in Syria.

    Should Snowden foolishly decide to attend the games, I have NO doubt o’shitbag will have him eliminated, not captured. Snowden would have to be a total retard to even think about this.

    • Had, Russia has spent $50 billion on these games with a large chuck of that going toward security. Even so, they won’t be able to stop a determined suicide bomber and they don’t have to do it in the Olympic Village to cause chaos.

  3. Obama send the two war ships, not to help the security of the Olimpic Games, is to help the islamic terrorrists against the russian!!!! …Obama administration give full support to all jihadists and muslims movements, to empower the muslims in the world!!!..

  4. Can we give them obama and kerry as pre hostages? Does anyone have the Russian security forces address so that we can donate Silver Bullet Gun Oil for their weapons?

  5. I have a feeling Obama is trying to ruin the Games for Putin by scaring the hell out of people.

    Russia has its own ships and aircraft. All that wasted money. Just makes no sense to me.

  6. I pray that if and when the islamic terrorists make a failed attempt that they blow themselves up. This will ignite a ‘sh-t storm’ as putin goes ape on the muslim scum and does a cleansing of the whole muslim hell holes in Russia that will be olympic in proportion. Of course odumbo will side with the muslims.

  7. Good question, BNI!

    Gee, I like how Putin and the Obama administration think it’s okay to get ready to strike at Islamic terrorist scum when threatened, but the Obama administration and most other countries in the world don’t think it’s okay for Israel to do the same thing. Maybe we should ask Kerry, Obama to just let Americans and Russians commit virtual suicide if — when — the Islamists start killing Americans, Russians and ALL the other kuffar the Muslims are having erections over just thinking about blowing up. Yes, that was erections, not elections.

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