U.S. deploying two warships to the Black Sea because of Chechen Muslim terror threats at Sochi Olympics

My question is, which side will the Obama-commanded Navy be on if something happens – the Russian side? Or the Chechen Muslim side?


REUTERS  The U.S. military said on Monday that air and naval assets, including two ships in the Black Sea, would be made available if needed during the Sochi Winter Olympics in support of Russia, which faces Muslim terrorist threats to disrupt the Games. The Pentagon said U.S. military commanders were “conducting prudent planning and preparations” should American support be required during the Winter Olympics.


“Air and naval assets, to include two Navy ships in the Black Sea, will be available. The Pentagon statement came the same day that two men said by Islamist militants to have carried out suicide attacks in south Russia appeared in a video donning explosive belts and warning Russian President Vladimir Putin to expect a “present” at the Sochi Winter Olympics from fighters following after them.

Let’s see, two American warships vs two Muslim suicide bombers. Yeah, sounds like a plan.