SYRIAN Army wipes out 100 Obama-backed al Qaeda militants from the Christian town of Sednaya

e598cbee228f87518cdae5e9e358d303Sednaya, a village north of Damascus, known for its historical, cultural and religious heritage, characterized by a large presence of Christian churches and monasteries and a local community that speaks Aramaic, has been under constant threat by al-Qaeda linked militias, who have been terrorizing the civilian population.

Militants targeted Cherubim Monastery, which is located on top of a mountain in Qalamoun region. The armed militants continuously attacked the monastery from Rankus village in an effort to reach and take over the town of Sednaya. On January 19, more than 100  militants from the al-Qaeda-linked al-Nusra Front and brigades of the so-called Free Syrian Army (armed, trained, and funded by the Obama Regime) were killed during clashes with the Syrian Army near the monastery.

Syrian Army showing off the dead militants: