BIG EXPLOSION from car bomb at police headquarters in Cairo

Stinks of the Muslim Brotherhood’s filthy hands.


News AU (h/t MZ)   Unconfirmed reports suggest the explosion was in the vicinity of the Cairo Security Directorate. AFP reports the explosion was the result of a car bombing. Egyptian state TV is reporting casualties are being rushed to Ahmed Maher & Gomhuria hospitals as security forces converge on the area.

State TV: Eyewitness says, “There were people with machine guns firing after the explosion. All shop windows shattered.”

Since President Mohamed Morsi’s ouster on July 3, security forces have jailed thousands of members of his Muslim Brotherhood, which has also been declared a terrorist organization. Hundreds of Morsi supporters were killed in police crackdowns on their protests.


Tens of millions protested against rule by Morsi and the Brotherhood over the summer, prompting the overthrow by the military. Since then, pro-military media have touted the police as heroes and often brand secular activists critical of the police, military or Mansour’s government as either Morsi’s supporters or foreign agents.

But armed resistance against the government has been growing. In the latest militant violence, masked gunmen riding on motorcycles sprayed a police checkpoint in the central province of Bani Sueif with bullets, killing five policemen and wounding two, the Interior Ministry said. Thousands of mourners chanted against the Muslim Brotherhood and Morsi at the funeral.