British Conservatives need to get a life…or a sense of humor

burqatrashbag-vi-e13598794225821Councillor Chris Joannides has been suspended by the Conservative party pending investigation by the national decision board over what some are calling ‘anti-Islamic’ Facebook taunts. 

Enfield Independent  An Enfield Borough Council’s Tory group withdrew the whip from the Grange Ward representative in February 2013 for alleged anti-Islamic comments posted on his Facebook page (photo below).

By a picture of a woman and child dressed in burqas with a black binbag either side of them, he is said to have written: “I saw her standing there and I told her she had three beautiful children. She didn’t have to get all p***** off and threaten me … an honest mistake.”

However, earlier this month Mr Joannides was cleared by the Crown Prosecution Service, stating he did not break the law and will not face any criminal charges. Despite there being no legal wrongdoing, he now faces an investigation from the national party’s decision-making body.

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