Has Quebec inadvertently figured out how to cull its Muslim population?

There could be an unintended consequence of the proposed ‘Charter of Quebec Values’ which seeks to ban the wearing of conspicuous religious symbols and attire from public buildings: Many Muslim families would leave Quebec.


(Although this ban would affect several different religions, as everyone knows, the sole reason for the legislation is to stop Muslim women from wearing full face veils (niqabs and burqas) in public. The majority in Quebec feel it’s a small price to pay for getting offensive Muslim supremacist attire out of stores, offices, and other public buildings)

CTV News  (h/t der Kanadier) A majority of Quebecers agree with the proposed “Charter of Quebec Values” would essentially ban public employees from wearing religious clothing such as turbans, hijabs and kippas, and other symbols, such as crucifixes. Sixty-five per cent of francophones support it, compared to only 25 per cent of Anglophones. And 91 per cent of Quebecers of all backgrounds said they were opposed to gender considerations in the charter, such as separate swim times for men and women at public pools.

Charter supporters
Charter supporters

A Muslim publication, Muslim Matters, has this to say:

“Mom, are we going to leave Canada?” Shahzaib, my almost 10-year-old’s voice was laced with nervousness, his big brown eyes filled with a worry that can cut through a mother’s heart. But, my answer came gently, yet firmly.

“Yes, hon, if Bill 60 gets passed, and if it ever gets adopted by all of Canada; we would leave. In a heartbeat.”

He got it.  Sheheryar, my older one was already asking follow-up questions.  I was glad, and relieved. They understood – being a Muslim comes first. We had just discussed Bill 60. My sons couldn’t fathom the “unfairness,” of it.


Bill 60 is the secular values charter being advocated in Quebec.   Funny how it manages to pummel basic religious values embraced by four major religions: Islam, Sikh, Judaism, and Christianity in order to create secular ones.  Democratic Institutions Minister Bernard Drainville is championing the bill, which asks civil servants to get rid of “ostentatious religious symbols.”

Ostentatious? Ostentatious is a synonym for flamboyant, showy, brazen, and pretentious.  It is the opposite of modest, which is exactly the main reason for the hijab, and other religious “symbols” being discussed. (Non-Muslims see it as a symbol of Muslim supremacy, which it is)

This legislation would prevent your children having to be cared for by women who look like this
This legislation would prevent your children having to be cared for by women who look like this

And, in what can only be deemed as phenomenally ironic – Drainville banned the use of “racist” during the Bill 60 hearings now going on in Quebec.  So he’s not a racist? The supporters aren’t racists. Who’s the racist? If you can answer this question, you are surely smarter than I am. (Since when is Islam a race? If you can answer this question, you are surely smarter than I am)

Whatever unfulfilled desires Quebecers may have when it comes to their heritage, projecting them on other multicultural groups is simply uncalled for!

(Don’t let the door hit you in the ass as you leave Quebec)