No wonder Facebook is on its way out

Young people are rapidly deserting Facebook as it is considered a social network for old people now. With policies like this one, I predict, Facebook will become the next MySpace in a few years.

When Barracuda Brigade posted this iconic 9/11 photo, Facebook told them it had been reported as “abusive.” Yet another reason why everyone should abandon Facebook.


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  1. I totally agree. I am about to close down my FB also. All that is required to close down a page is a few people to gang up on you. I refuse all ‘friends’ also. Only certain groups that are private.

    My own group has no FB page, no website, but our email transfer list is tremendous.

    Much better to have a record of email addresses by group and post stories from there.

    Bye bye Facebook.

    • Just do like my buddy did and repeatedly type the “F” bomb. They shut him down several times – we laughed hysterically! They didn’t object to his closing his account either….hahahahahaha

  2. I have never joined FB, as I have always viewed it as a Data Collection site and not trustworthy. Additionally, if you ever listen to Zuckerberg he has a flagrant (sneeringly so) disregard for peoples privacy and what personal data he and his company are entitlement to and what they can do with that data.

    Coupled with the fact, that FB are typical of left wing hypocrisy. Allowing pro-jihadi pages and cutting off pages like the one listed above on some bogus farcical ground.

    It was only a matter of time, that FB fell out of favour and replaced by something else.

    Good Riddance.

  3. I would like to see …. a forum …. that never deletes anything …. if posts are in really poor taste, annoying or off point …. (ike many of mine are) …. just park them aside …. with a little disclaimer …. so no one is denied …. the right to judge for themselves ? Maybe this place …. is like that ? ZeroDelete.World Tour

  4. Facebook is very popular with young people in Australia; in fact it is the opposite here a lot of older people don’t use FB. But some of us oldies, the ‘Baby Boomers’ use FB because it is a good social media when used wisely and correctly. It helps us understand the thinking and lifestyle of young people, namely our children, grandchildren and their friends. Most of the young people do not use e-mail, they use FB. And we also use FB secret communication.

    I am hooked up to anti-Islam sites- no problems so far; including ‘Act For America.’

    My profile states clearly my ‘Anti-Islam Belief System’ recorded in 2010 before I even found BNI, it is still there even though FB presentation has been altered 3 times since 2010.

    And yes I and others have posted images and comments which are ‘Anti-Islam’ we have not ever been challenged. Of course the use of ‘Coarse Language’ is opposed by us ‘oldies’ and the young people know it and they mostly avoid use of ‘Foul Language’ on FB.

    But out there in social network media there are always troublemakers, emotional over reactionaries. So what! I just deal with them. The use of ‘Emotional Intelligence’ is a powerful tool when dealing with people that do not have E.I.

    We the family/friend social network on FB also share access to Family Albums which gives everyone the opportunity to enjoy memories as one friendly team.

    FB is a very powerful social media tool when used wisely and correctly.

    • I am not saying Bye FB… “Hello Facebook” another Aussie against Islam just found me on FB and we have united in communication against Islam.

      I know a lot of people especially the young ones that do not use e-mail; they use FB and they know nothing about Islam.

      Many of us are using FB to warn about Islam and we are not being stopped; in fact we cannot be stopped!

      If we are serious about defeating ‘Anti-Freedom Totalitarian Islam’ we must use every communication tool as a weapon to alert people and encourage them to learn the ‘Dark Truth about Apartheid Islam.’

      Countless millions of people still have their head in the sand- Islam can only be stopped by education and that means using every communication tool to advantage.

      Fighting against Islamization of the World requires the use of persistent effort using every available method that we can access.

      Half effort is not good enough!

  5. fuckfacebook , never joined it to start with , and fuck zuckerburg even harder ,hope he gets eaten by a shark while holidaying in the bahama`s on his mega yacht , dumb zuck`s wont get my personal shit , ever

  6. Facebook was explicitly designed for around 18-28 year olds anyway. No surprise that younger ones don’t use it, or did, and are leaving it for platforms like snapchat and others.

    Older people have the extended networks to make facebook useful, younger ones simply don’t.

  7. Barely use it. It still has some value if you use it to drive traffic to your sites. but as soon as this stops I’m going to post a whole lotta anti muslim articles and see who long it takes to get banned.

  8. This is the Typical FuckBook Mentality.
    I Was a Page Administrator for Several Anti-Islam FB Pages in the Past, So I Speak From Experience. I Typically Received 250+ Death Threats Per Week.
    (My Rule Was to Stop Counting at 250).
    There are Jihadist Pages ALL OVER FuckBook That Are Actively Recruiting The New “Converts” to Commit Acts of Mass Murder to Terrorize We Infidels and Give Glory to “Allah.” FuckBook Allows These Savages to Operate Openly and With Total Impunity. When You “Out” These Pages (i.e. Pubicly Embarass FuckBook) Then and Only Then Will They Delete Their Page. However, FuckBook WILL Also Ban You Immediately for a Non-Existent “Content Violation.” FB Will Not Tell You The Specific Violation (Since There Was None) But Give You The Generic Leftist Excuse of “Racist” Content. After Being Banned More Times Than I Care to Count (You Can’t Out These Savages and Their Dhimmi Trolls When You’re Banned) I Dumped FuckBook Entirely, Deleted ALL My Pages, Accts, Etc.
    FuckBook is Truly a Den of Islamic Savages, Leftist Dhimmi Collaborators, and Obama Sychophants.

  9. Betty White on an appearance on Saturday Night Live said that she had looked into Face Book and all the social media and figured it out – It is all a waste of time. My gut told me that several years ago. I thought of starting an ANTISOCIAL NETWORK and as a gag approached several venture capitalists who took me seriously. Furthermore there are now a number of sites who have given Facebook an exclusive of sorts so that if you want to comment on anything on that site, it has to go through Facebook. I make it clear to the site administrators that if they can’t handle traffic on their own, they’re not worth visiting. No, Facebook sucks in too many ways and it will die.

  10. The idea of FB was to create a “Hive” mentality. PC drone bees.

    Everyone should mind their own business if they have one.

  11. The only FB I still use is the 640 a.m. Oakley morning radio news entertainment show FB page. I have had many of my posts reported to FB censors as “abusive” and had them removed and I have been repeatedly banned from FB too, you know, punished for my views. I have contacted FB about it with no response but when I was removed from the 640 a.m. Oakley Show, I copied all the abusive comments, personally abusive comments about my sexuality, my political views, even my toilet habits, and sent them into the monitor of the 640 a.m. FB page, the person responsible at the radio station, and they shut down the FB page entirely and opened up a new one that they monitor much more tightly. So, I agree, FB is on its way out and those poor suckers who have invested in it; it’s a ponzi scheme and they will lose big time.

  12. Corrupt staff that rips into you for posting nearly anything, people using it just To post idiotic memes and celebrity gossip crap. People are getting sick of it for various reasons

    • FB has been good for our family members to stay together but like a lot of folks, I’ve grown tired of the site. About six (6) months ago I notified all my friends and family I was leaving FB and would look in from time to time to see if anything important had been missed by myself. Strange but I’ve not missed it at all and there hasn’t been any “really important messages” that I’ve missed. So I’m going to copy this post and put it on FB then I’ll see who really needs this useless site.

  13. Sooner it dies, the better. It’s no friend of the American or western nations peoples. It’s Gob shite organisation abiding by the PC rules.