NORWAY: New right wing government is kicking out foreign criminals, most of them Muslims

See what happens when you kick the leftists out of government and replace them with a real conservative. Erna Solberg, leader of Norway’s Conservative Party, took office as new prime minister in October, and introduced a new cabinet that ‘represents the entire country.’


The Local (h/t Marina)  Conservative Party leader Erna Solberg – nicknamed “Iron Erna” – as Norway’s new prime minister is the leader of a centre-right coalition government that includes an an anti-immigration party.

A record number of foreign citizens are being deported from Norway, after the country’s police stepped up the use of deportation as a way of fighting crime. Some 5,198 foreign citizens were expelled from the country in 2013, an increase of 31 percent since 2012, when 3,958 people were deported.  

“It is the highest number we’ve had ever,” Frode Forfang, head of the Directorate of Immigration (UDI), told NRK. “We believe that one reason for the increase is that the police have become more conscious of using deportation as a tool to fight crime.” 

Nigerian citizens topped the list of those expelled for committing crimes, with 232 citizens expelled as a punishment in 2013, followed by Afghan citizens with 136 expelled as a punishment, and 76 Moroccans expelled as a punishment. 

Afghan citizens topped the list of those expelled for violating the Immigration Act, with 380 expelled for this reason, followed by Iraqi citizens, 234 were expelled for violating the act. 


Oh, here we go, a dhimmi Brit slamming Norway for its “Islamophobia!”

The Local (h/t Marina)  A British journalist writing in the Guardian newspaper has torn into the Norwegians, accusing them of being “fearful of outsiders”, harbouring a “disturbing Islamophobic subculture”, and polluting the world with their oil exports.

Michael Booth, whose wife is Danish, has lived in Denmark for a decade, working as a correspondent for Monocle Magazine, giving him time to reflect on the reality behind Britain’s recent infatuation with Nordic countries. Out of all the Nordic countries, he argues, Norwegians are the most closed.  

Michael Booth

Michael Booth

“Ask the Danes, and they will tell you that the Norwegians are the most insular and xenophobic of all the Scandinavians,” he writes. “And it is true that since they came into a bit of money in the 1970s the Norwegians have become increasingly Scrooge-like, hoarding their gold, fearful of outsiders.” (Norwegians aren’t xenophobic, they are Muslimphobic because of the soaring crime and rape rates thanks to Muslim immigrants)

The country has yet to come to come to terms with the ethics of being a major oil exporter in an age of global warming, he adds, saying they act like “the dealer who never touches his own supply”, going green domestically, while pumping out oil for the rest of us.  (Say WHAT?)


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  1. The next thing that pisses me off after the backward sponging raping Muslim scum is the western do gooders that stick up for them perhaps when they are raped by them or one of their family they might think again.and as for the politicians of the eu what a load of spineless assholes all they think bout is getting the votes.also why are the rich Muslim countries not helping makes my blood boil free all the west of this vermin.but the difference between them and us is they stick together we dont

  2. Imagine a person saying a country is bad for kicking out immigrants who are criminals. He is an absolute idiot. All European countries should be following suit. That is called biting the hand that feeds you and they should all be put to sleep!

  3. Instead of acting like pompous twits in a Monty Python twit race, supporting all these disgusting Muslims, more Brits should join with Britain First and other great groups and see that UK follow the great example of Norway, deporting its recent Muslim immigrants. And frankly, why wait for them to commit any crime? They aren’t worth a tinker’s damn as citizens, as they seek to destroy all national governments, and create a worldwide hell called a “caliphate.”

    • I know this will offend some folks but I’m way past caring. Just put them outside in the snow for a day or so with only a bit of underwear to cover the unsavoury bits. Then carry the corpsicles down to the Fjord before the spring melt. From personal experience Hyperthermia is quite pleasant when the shivering stops and if someone tries to help you, you actually get rather peeved with them, so their end will be downright pleasant……and a lot less messy.

    • I couldn’t agree more – but…guys, let’s face it – with all the moronic LEFT WING assholes destroying our lives/cultures it is now a battle for our lives and our cultures and our DNA………..throw them out – kill them as they are killing us. Wake up America – Wake Up you jackass Europe – it is already too late !!!!!!

    • Good on them. They have the balls.
      As for that idiotic journalist, he needs a good slap, to wake him up to what really is going on in this World. Why doesn’t he report on all the Christians that have been killed by Muslims, and all the churches that have been destroyed by the same?
      Islamphobia is just a word that has been passed down by Government, as an excuse to what we all know. TWAT.

  4. -Asylum camp was not suitable for people

    “Aisha” traveled from Dubai to Norway and back again. After two months in 1922, she pulled the asylum application. With the home journey to the Mideast, she got 20,000 dollars as a gift from the Norwegian State.”

    “Cold in all ways. We lived in a very small village, with only two supermarkets. We had to go for an hour to get there. And so you had to even carry all the heavy items back to the receipt, on your own feet. It was very tough for me.”

  5. I’m all for living in harmony and knew no difference in human beings of different races/religions… Until I started working for a major insurance company in Canada. Everytime I see a name to the likes of Mohammad El-Habibi, I cringe and my heart sinks.

    These dirty middle-Eastern Arabs and Muslims are literally 80% of all of our problems, escalations and complains, not to mention they take up 5 times more time and attention than the average client. They account for maybe 3% of the total business volume.

    A typical middle Eastern in his late 40’s/50’s with his illiterate underage wife and 5 children will call to shop for a plan. You can give them the cheapest plan, one where benefits exceed projected claims and he’ll still try to haggle the prices.

    They are cheap, low-class individuals with a self-entitlement through the roof. They believe everyone owes them freebies. They’ll call in to shop for prices and then try to haggle prices for INSURANCE. But it is not insurance they want, it is handouts. They think they are shopping at a street shop.

    A middle-Eastern lady called to cancel an insurance policy (after having made $1500 in claims for dental work) and was borderline abusive in trying to get her $80 premium for next month refunded. Which she is technically entitled to. I assured her the money will be refunded to her. She held me hostage on the phone for 18 minutes asking me for proof that she will get her money back and who she needs to contact in case it doesn’t. We are a major company, not crooks (unlike those Muslims). After she got her money back she had the audacity to call back and file a complaint for the “service” she got. And I mean full escalation to head of department, demands for call review, red flags, the whole nine yards. I doubt she was born or educated in Canada. Or educated at all.

  6. What race are you? Don’t be ashamed tell me. Myself, Anglo Saxon(white x10) and damn proud. We won America through war, fare and square, it’s the other parasitic races that came after the dust settled to live off of our accomplishments that don’t belong here. I’ll be waiting for you chicken shit response.

  7. As an Ethnic Norwegian i must tell you all that THIS IS BULLSHIT !
    This is made up news from “top right news” site. All percentage numbers, all quotes is fake. 31% is a number going around for some reason. Last time it was 31% criminal muslims that where sent out.
    Dont belive this bullshit.

  8. Kick them all out and let the door hit em on the way out. No Muslims should be allowed into any nation on Earth. Neutralize them in every way possible.

  9. Quatar is not excepting muslim brother refugees in their country. So why in the hell should USA and europe should except them?.
    We protect Muslim families and the Muslim isis is beheading Christian families in iraq, syria and Kurdistan.

    • Congratulations Norway, as for Britain and it carpet districts Good Lucks Mates, after what happened in France Wait ! they will follow Norway, this Journalist should go on assignment in Syria that would scare the pasty white off of him

    • Netiher is Saudi Arabia or the United Arab Emirties – all 3 countries wealthy and fairly stable and able to take in people. But, they won’t. You have to wonder why they refuse to help the “fellow” Muslims.

      Now, some have suggested that the reason is because the current shitloat of so-called “refugees” invading Europe are going there because of the sectarian reasons.

      If that’s so, then any bonafide refugee should be GRATEFUL to be let in anywhere and NOT complain or demand to go to two specific countries, Germany and Sweden, both of which have very generous social support packages for the “needy.”

      That smacks of two things: freeloading, and targeting. Why should those two countries or any other nation in Europe be “obligated” to open the door to anyone who is standing there banging and *demanding* to be let in? Every country has the right to say no. Every single country should be saying NO loudly for their good of their own citizens in this case.

      The smugglers to pouring single men into countries, who then harass European women and commit crimes against them and in general. Any women who come will be subjected to the same repressive conditions they encountered where they came from, and their treatment will be breaking laws in the European nations where they seek to deluge the native populations and force these people to support them.

      This isn’t about “refugees,” it’s about human overpopulation, horrible conditions, and demand that everyone “accept” them so they can promptly commit crimes, terrorize and scream that those who don’t allow them to act are “racists.”

      No, they might be religionists, but not racists. That’s one term they misuse on purpose to bully Europeans into some sort of misguided guilt to be “nice” to them and let them in.

      You know why they got their asses kicked after September 11, 2001 in the USA and they NEVER got traction here? MANY AMERICANS OWN AND CARRY GUNS. They know Americans will not hesitate to use them, either.

      Europeans mostly don’t, and they are being accused of racism and xenophobia and guilted about being “nazis” all to force them into allowing wave after wave of muslim trash in that will promptly misbehave THE MINUTE they get settled in. Don’t fall for it.

      Norway, hats off to you! You and Holland are the no-nonsense leadership among Europeans. You might just be the native European’s salvation here, too.


    • sites like this really make me sad from all the hate….i have muslim friends and i know how moderate musilms are….theyre a lot different than what u guys think…hate the extremism the 1% of muslims, and no theyre not seeking world domination lol they just wanna live peacefully and trying real hard to adapt in the community. even i asked my friend about isis and qaeda they curesd the name of isis……

        • Moslems are following your web blog.

          They have time and energy, living on social welfare. I read and write here after work and study, I cannot spend all of my time online.

          See, they open many accounts and write with different names and stories. Not a big deal.

          No Scandinavian would write that, I know Scandinavians, I’ve got friends in Denmark and Sweden.

          Scandinavians are shy and very polite people, they are incredibly peaceful and loving people.

          This is nasty and naughty, it is a Muslim attacking your website.

      • Magnus….you may might think you are friends with muslims..BUT the muslims are not friends of yours. They will use you then abuse you. To think otherwise you must be a fool. It is written for them, they can do nothing else but follow their book to the letter. If they do not, then they are not muslims.

      • Unfortunately, magnus, that’s exactly the sly mentality (“I have friends who are Muslims”, etc) that’s allowed them to worm their way around the globe and cause murder, mayhem and devastation.

        If they’re ‘so good’, then let them publicly denounce Islam and fight to destroy them along with the rest of the world. They know exactly what their murderous fanatical religion is all about, or they’d burn their mosques and book of hate.

        They’re not your friends. They’re pure evil.

      • You are delusional and your numbers are wrong. It’s 10% not 1% who are radical and that is a huge number! All they want is welfare and hand outs. They won’t work!
        From what I have seen, Muslims have no value to society.


    • Soultana,
      You are right on. Absolutely, they have come to the West to exploit what we have and to subdue us. They have evil content and no plans for anything but domination. They write that on their placards during their demonstrations. How much clearer can it be. They all need to be sent back from where they came. They are pigs and should be sent back where they can kill each other and not us. The West needs to wake from the long slumber and take action. We may have waited too long and the horse may already be out of the barn. We must resist the Muslims at every point. They are liars, thieves and murderers and we will be next. Who will step up to the plate??

    • I completely agree! Why should we have to bow down to their every wish, most of them aren’t respectful of our traditions and laws so why are they allowed to stay here!

  11. The UN now wants the US to take in 70,000 Syrian refugees and with the problems I am reading about in the EU, well anyone can see that it’s a bad idea. Especially since we already supposedly have terrorist cells all around the country that need to be dealt with.

    • America is home to over 30+ million Illegals from Central and South America and all of their females have five babies in five years because of the Birth Right Citizenship. and they get Welfare Free Housing, Food Stamps, Medicade, etc while we are inundated with Muslims from who knows where while our borders are left wide open to anyone wanting to walk right in while our President last year alone allowed 90,000 undocumented children to cross into america bringing all kinds of disease, and spreading them all across America to Illegal Families. REAL NICE?

      • 30+ million Illegals from Central and South America are not bringing some bull shit political ideology…all the disease bullshits a joke to whats going on like u are hearing some plaguesbreaking out yeah…try harder…just remeber 1 thing mexico will never face a muslim problem in ay way shape or form they will chop them fuckers up in 2o pieces and roast them alive….this countrys fucked …thats 3o million illegals that would back the shit up and go against these islamist piles……

    • On my birthday you have the gall and unprofessional manners to get your point across? Wouldn’t matter if my BD, you should be ashamed of yourself!

    • Right brother. I’m an American. I can tell you that once all this third world scum infests your country, you can NEVER get rid of them. All they do is turn your happy country into a third world craphole just like where they came from. For GOD’S sake don’t let them in. They’ve destroyed what was once a proud country-America. My beloved South is now an international settlement zone.

  12. How we wish that was true, sorry to disappoint, we voted for them to do just that but they are not sending back insted they import more of these Bozos then or previous lefty government.

  13. this is great news! at this rate every muslim will go back to their forsaken land…. they will realize that they can’t even handle their own invented crap. they will realized that they were living a lie and retard way of thinking for centuries! the truth will shock them to their bones

  14. It’s not Islamaphobia if there is a legit reason to kick them out. They should go back to where they belong. That is a land of freedom, not a land to desecrate. Take your bull shit religion back to the shit land you belong in.

    • The muslim, scumbama, is allowing the muslim pig to take over America….they are already in gov’t. When will the American face the truth, get your head out of the sand….get the sand out of your eyes that the muslim pig has thrown at you.

      • Easier said than done, you don’t quite understand the whole picture which I won’t go into. Most know it very well.

    • Norway is going to hell in a hand cart, and closing the stable door after the horse has bolted will not work. It is to late ,too many of them already in the country. It could be worse you could be in Sweden.

    • norway is finnally seeing the light. GOOD FOR THEM. now if ONLY in USA could we as a nation of people, stand up and email our usa senator and usa representative and say END THE MIDDLE EAST MUSLIM IMMIGRATION LOTTERY.
      THIS is how 50,000/year muslims get residency in USA. in the last 11 years 5.500,000 MUSLIMS have entered our country. THE immigraton department that is running it, has decided that there have been too many white europeans and black africans and our country is underrepresented by the middle east.
      so they made a program, SITUATED IN KENTUCKY of all places to allow MUSLIMS from middle east countries to apply ONLINE with only a local background check from their local police dept. which for most that is NOT what they call that dept. and have a career, or agree to go to college in USA for a career. then these names are put on a list.. and the names are spun like in a lotto. and 50.,000 muslims are given residency status that also must have someone already IN usa that will represent them that lives here. THIS PERSON is a muslim from earlier lotto’s.
      GOOGLE if you don’t believe me…

      • Who cares. The US is not controlled by Christian-anglo saxon culture…..its controlled by media elites, crypto jews….they are all so mixed up ethnically they don’t qualify as european…..they obsess over exploitation of northern european flesh…..US generals gendarmed the sex trade in Bosnia….and intellectually your average republican or idiot democrat couldnt find Poland, Austria or Latvia on the map…….strip malls, burger kings and mestizo gangstets is America…….they can’t be spoken of as being a part of a great Christian civilization. NATO and Turkey have manipulated the EU into accepting mass migration from the Arab world. Time to keep in-bred American idiots out of European affairs. Nihilistic morons like Madge and Bradgalina form public opinion in the US….they secretly hate workers (black and white) Christians (black qnd white) and promote there Jew friends who are really only white in appearance. I like jews but they need to be kept out of affairs of defense and immigration In Christian European nation states….Isreal is theirs. God bless Isreal!

    • I think they already are, Beertruk; however the proximity to Indonesia means that your coastline is under constant attack from the ‘people traffickers’ who are making a lot of money out of shipping these people to the northeast corner.
      As for waking up, the rest of the world needs to wake up to the fact that the basic function of Islam is to take over the entire world and impose sha’ria law on every living human being. There ARE no halfway houses with this idea – for them, it’s all or nothing, which is why they’re still hacking unbelievers’ heads off and setting fire to people.
      The Norse are going about it the right way – about time every other contry followed suit!

    • Don’t worry Caroline.
      Most muslims will be deported when we danes get tired enough of their acting up, doing crimes, and rape.. Tjek hvor mange stemmer Dansk Folkeparti får år efter år

      • Michael Booth can’t see because of the sand in his eyes!

        It’s hard to get more stupid!

        But typical of the kind of outmoded dross that one would expect to find in the Guardian.

        I do keep a few copies in my toilet though where they can sometimes become useful.

      • Jonas, Will the Danes, who are wonderful people, really do this? Will they take action and expel the Muslims or take the “Politically Correct” option of not taking any action against them in any way because it would be considered “racist”, “bigoted” , or whatever is en vogue to be used by the Muslims to help their cause?

  15. If people can’t learn to be civilized and accept 21st century values and the values of a 1st world country, they shouldn’t be living in a 1st world country. If they actively undermine the laws and institutions of their country, there will inevitably be backlash.

  16. I can’t help but feel a little bit smug that it was Norway that awarded the bogus Peace Prize to the cowardly bottom-licking potsmoking piece of filth Barry Sotero, usurper-in-chief in my country. A Muslim at heart, Barry is like Farrakhan lite. Now maybe Norwegians are finally waking up to the Muslim baceteria and to the need to disinfect their country. Perhaps one day they will take back the Nobel Prize and give it to someone who is a defender of Europe! Long live Europe! Death to Muslim invaders!

    • So well said!! Yes, he is an awful president but watch out for the tidal wave! People in the US are finally waking up. Also, I am so relieved that Norwegian policies are making sense as I thought the Norwegians were hopelessly leftists.

    • “Morton” needs to wash his mouth out with Limbaugh’s piss, with his US hating, fake patriotism all wrapped in a plastic US flag. FTHKOFF !

    • Ditto and very well said from the U.S.A. or is it amerikah. Our commie leaders are using the muzzlimms, and 100’s of thousands of central americans to destroy our culture.

  17. The western white countries are not perfect but still the best one can find. Muslims are welcome, they abandoned their own society and come to complain and destroy our culture and kill people. The answer is very simple (please whites, have balls): you are welcome and well-go. One Muslim commits a crime, send the whole tribe back to the heat and camels !

    • they dont abandon their own society – they move to western countries to proseltyse and believe the world cant have peace until the infidels are got rid of and everyone becomes muslim – Norway got itself into trouble by allowing mass numbers of Muslims in, and having laws that forbid racism which meant Norwegians couldnt even say there were too many Muslims as thats racist….I read the Muslim taxi drivers at the airports expected to have allowances made for their prayer times by having prayer rooms built so they could keep their place n the queues but they would not allow a blind Norwegian to have his guidedog in any of their taxis because their religious beiefs are that dogs are filthy – and now there are reports of majority of rapes are by Muslims – look at what they do in Afghanistan and Sudan, Syria and Palestine – talk about percentages of filth in their own communities – thank goodness Norway now have a new government

  18. well done Norway, all Europe countries MUST follow their new rules. It is about time the western countries are waking up. They are like a deadly diseases and the dirt of the world. They MUST be removed for good.

    • Dobro došo, Saša!!! Vi ste sasvim u pravo – na žalost, još ima PUNO levičari ko spavaju ili rade sa ovim Muslimanima…

      Welcome, Sasha!!! You’re completely correct – unfortunately, there still are PLENTY of leftists who’re either asleep or collaborating with those Moslems…

      As to Max Schelling: either you’re an ignoramus or Moslem-sympathiser, meaning that you’re a leftist. YOU go to HELL and rot there until you know better!!!!! The REAL hatred was and is manifested by the Moslemised Bóshñaci (Bosniaks) and their nationalist Ustashe (Croat – minority of the Croatian people) allies. The Serbs have been MASSIVELY WRONGED – and so many, many people worldwide yet have to wake up…

  19. Muslims, you must leave Europe immediately. Leave the USA. Go back to the sand dunes and reflect on your wickedness. When you are ready to renounce your sick pedophile bastard Mohammed, then we can talk. Meanwhile, don’t let the door hit your bleeding ass on the way back to Mecca. Scum.

  20. Michael Booth is an idiot. I have had the pleasure of staying in Oslo (Norway) for around 2 years and let me tell you they are a very peace loving people. They are also very helpful and gentle and they mind their own business. When I arrived there I was surprised to see loads of people from different countries & ethnicity living, earning and taking asylum there. If they have made a decision to expel the criminals, I believe it is only correct if they wish to keep their country peaceful as always and definitely support their decision.

    How I wish our Indian govt. does the same and expels all the terror causing elements out of our that our people live peacefully without the terror of terrorism.

      • Well said Paul. People are sleeping standing up. Why can’t anyone see whats going on. That all the sabatoges are done by the muslim extremists. 9/11. Lockerbie plane crash. hi jacking. underground tube station bombings. etc. Who started the last “war” in Israel. The Hammas. Who asked for ceasefire 6 times and broke it? Yes. the Hammas. WAKE UP WORLD The biggest war machine of the muslims is the womb. they multiply like rabbits. They are already destroying Europe. King Hussein should have killed them all in Black September 1970 !

      • One thing you don’t understand is that all Muslims believe in Sheria law. It is not just extremists. It’s only a matter of time before your wife will have to hide here face, or be stoned to death.

    • we need to kick out all those incompatible with western democratic christian that includes hindus..sikhs..buddists….all are similar to the muslims in demanding changes to rules and laws..building temples everywhere…..kick them all out.

      • Nice one man, you are sounding just like animals with quran (supremacists who wants only him to survive and let others die)– why do you feel need to kick out hindus, buddhists and sikhs — they wanted a place of worship not your whole country — Isn’t christ the one who allows people of all faith to live in peace. Are you a true christian. Here in my country india which has majority hindu people still have millions upon millions of christians and they have all privileges and their own facilities like their own institutions and places of worship — and you don’t see me angry about it. Please learn to differentiate between quranimals and us humans. And unlike any christian nation — this only country with hindus is still a secular nation because of secular minded people like hindus. Please remember if you have an immigrant you need people like hindus who will coexist and to show their peace with you they even go to any length to show solidarity with you than other faiths. You really wanna trade hindus/buddists/sikhs for more breeding rats called muslims. Pity on you.

      • 100% with dude571. The people in the UK that I know, have no problems with the aforementioned groups.

        When I was at school, 3 muslims tried to pin down a Sikh lad and cut his fucking hair off. Myself and 8 other white lads rushed em’ and kicked the living shit out of them. Sikh lad was ok, didn’t have his hair cut, but they’d ripped his turban off. We got suspended for 4 days.

  21. We’ll done that woman.we have mohamed cameron in the uk the leader of the conservative islam party.before that we had Mohamed Blair leader of the muslim Labour Party.we have no freedom of speech here anymore.but we all feel really lucky to have Mohamed cameron as our very own traitor.

  22. She’s absolutely right.get rid of the problem ASAP.dont wait for them to blow you up.muslims aim is to take over every non-Muslim country.and they will kill to get there.
    What do you think will happen if you let thousands into your countries?
    More then half will get radicalised.
    Which means more bombs going off.
    Religion of peace my ass.
    They worship a pedo murderer.that tells you everything.
    They want sharia law
    They do honour killings
    They convert
    They lie
    Dress up like ninjas
    Women don’t have same rights like men

    They follow a fake prophet who at the age of 55 raped a 6 year old.
    He was a sick bastard just like all these muslims.

    Just look around the world.
    Who’s causing the problems?
    You guessed it
    The religion of peace.

    Kick em out b4 the country turns into Syria or iraq

  23. Muslims are awash in money and oil and don’t have the desire or wherewithal to improve their countries or help each other. They come to our developed Western countries and degrade all they touch with their deplorable lifestyles, customs and religion. Rather than helping their own fellow Muslims, the Saudis and others spend billions on drinking and whoring in London. They seem to be incapable of doing a whole lot of anything else. Lets hope what the Norwegian government is doing is going to spread like wildfire all over the Western world.

  24. How has Europe benefited by sharing their countries with other races? Have they made Europe a better place for the native European people? Do they make Europe a better place? Are you aware of the lack of respect and hate for the European people and the European culture that the immigrants bring with them? Why should the European people suffer so that other races can live the life that the European forefathers have left for their descendants?

    If a European country don’t let the hoards flood their land they are called”racist” and “Nazis” if they let them in, their country will be torn apart. Which one is easier to live with? Which one does the most damage? Which choice is beneficial to the European country?

  25. Wow, Great stuff Norway! I think more women should rule countries in the world,,they tend to do the right things,,after the cleanup your country should be free of crime

  26. Looks like everyone missed the point here, including the author of this article. They are not kicking Muslim people out of Norway, they are deporting law breaking foreigners regardless of faith or nationality. I applaud Norway for taking a stand against criminals and showing immigrants that there is a severe penalty for breaking the law. The stats happen to show the majority of deportations are Muslim, but if a foreign Catholic or Jew breaks the law, they are also deported. The Norwegian Government has taken a stand against crime by foreign nationals, which has no correlation to religion whatsoever.

  27. Yea Michael Booth, When your daughter or wife gets raped or killed for your idealistic views by the very people you try to protect you will change your mind. All Western nations need to send them all packing.

  28. I can’t really feel sorry for Norway, as hard as I try. I am half Jewish. My father survived the Holocaust, his mother, brother, and sister were murdered by the Nazis. The Norwegians zealously support boycotts of Israel for “human rights violations in the west bank” while Hafaz Assad slaughters thousands of his people, innocent children no exception. Israel is not perfect, but does not torture, hang, and drag dead bodies in the streets for public exhibit. It does not celebrate martyrdom with glee by passing out candies and dancing in the streets when some savage blows himself up killing civilians. Israel does not allow public executions like hanging and beheadings, (capital punishment is not practiced) or allow women to be treated like cattle, have their bodies forcefully and cruelly mutilated and forbid them from going to school, threatening them with death if they do. Norway has a shameful past in WW2. Many Norwegians proudly served in SS Units, displaying their “bravery” by throwing babies in ovens or machine gunning their parents in cold blood. Yet the Norwegians hate Israel. Israel respects all 3 faiths, while the Muslim countries burn my Catholic churches to the ground! Yes, I am a practising Catholic. Look what the Muslims have done to the Coptic Christians in Egypt.
    There is a saying in the USA, what goes around comes around. You leftists got exactly what you deserved. This is how the Muslim world repays you Norwegians for your support against Israel and many Jews who don’t even have any intention of living in Israel. Norway hates the Jews and hates Israel.
    I would love to talk about Sweden too, but will limit my comments to Norway. Sorry Norway, you are destined to become an Islamic caliphate like your neighbor Sweden. Europe lacks the backbone to stand up to radical Islam. Not all Muslims are radicals, but so many of them are terrified of speaking out, lest they be condemned. The punishment for leaving Islam (converting to another religion) is death. I know it not a simple issue. Not all Muslims are radicals, but sadly, most are. There was a time in the Middle Ages when the Muslims were the enlightened ones…obviously something went horribly wrong. Again, Norway’s Islamification is its just reward for its cowardly, vicious anti-Semitism and unrealistic hatred of Israel.

    • Victor, that’s why this new conservative govt in Norway offers some hope that their nosedive into Islamization and Marxism might be reversed.

      FYI: Muslims were NEVER the enlightened ones. Stop reading their propaganda. Most of what they claim as their own they stole from other cultures.

    • What a gross generalisation of a whole country! I am half Norwegian, half Danish, and I can assure you that my family and friends in Norway are supportive of Israel, their ancestors did not serve in the German army (in fact quite a few were in the resistance) and they applaud the new Government’s actions to combat radical Islam and crime in their country. Shame on you, Victor!

    • Victor, I totally agree with AK. Having my father & his family living in Norway during WW2 I can assure you that no one in our large extended Norwegian family had any issues with the Jewish people, except of overwhelming sadness for what was going on. What I can tell you, is that during the war they supported the Jews and many Norwegians were involved in the underground, hiding Jews from Hitler’s armies. You don’t have the facts. I have testimony after testimony of people I know who feel so far from what you are saying the believe. Shame on you. Shame ON YOU!

  29. It’s a step in the right direction. Bjt it’s only a very, VERY small step, if Norway means to resolve it’s mistake of allowing Muslims to immigrate there in the first place. Too little to late is not much better than doing nothing. Nevertheless, that they are even taking the very small step that they are taking is commendable.

  30. Well done Norway, if only the the rest of world would follow suit and eradicate these rancid filthy worthless shit cowards from our planet the rest of us could all live in peace.

    • Couldn’t agree more when will the uk get real and support the cristians in Syria instead of supplying the Muslim’s with arms
      they will only turn on us like they have in iran. Afghanistan.this filth needs getting rid of

  31. Deport all muslims out of every county. The oil Arabs collect money and shove their criminals to Greece and all over europe, usa, china and japan! Fuck them off your land! they are plaine criminal! The came to our countries to destroy us! They are rapist, killers, trouble makers, filthy pigs! Kick them out!

    • Well done Norway……..I am Scottish and will be voting Yes for Independence in September…..I would far prefer a Norwegian lifestyle, the sooner we get away from Westminster the better and separate ourselves from England. Kick the muslims out altogether, they do not live by our rules and I’m sick of bending over backwards to please them, pc gone mad. I have Norwegian ancestry and very proud of it.

      • That’s very naive of you. Norway’s wealth has been built on oil, and has wisely avoided membership of the EU, but for Scotland there is very little left. If you vote in favour of Scottish independence then the SNP will take you into the EU where you will instantly lose your independence, and you will have to abide by its rules with regard to open borders. So while we in England will vote to leave the EU, Scotland will join, and allow all those Bulgarians, Romanians, and Muslims – and maybe even Turkish ones eventually – to come flooding in, thereby forcing England to impose a closed border.

        No country can be independent and be a member of the EU at the same time.

  32. From all these comments here, it gives hope that our numbers are growing against Islamification of our countries. It is a matter of selecting the right political party, not buying Halal Foods that will include careful spending of our monies to the “home grown” stores. Watch changing teachings in our children schools and stand up against the Islamic teachings, and explaining to friends and families about what is happening that the media isn’t telling us. Join online groups against this Idealogy, together WE WILL SUCCEED.

  33. Islam is not a religion; it is a Death Cult. The punishment for many ‘crimes’ – apostasy, being of another faith, etc – is death. In the 1700-1800s in the British raj, when the Brits ran India, there was the Thuggee cult; adherents would murder people so ensuring their goddess, Kali, got another soul. The Brits exterminated the cult members. Islam is as bad, with their war on all other religions, their Female Genital Mutilation, their ‘cutting of the hands and feet on opposite sides’ as punishment of minor crimes, and their murdering of others for punishment of more serious ‘crimes’.
    In America, Mormons were banned by law from having more than one wife, because American law is loosely based on the bible. So why are Muslims allowed four wives in the US? Everyone in the ‘civilised’ world has to kill animals humanely, except Muslims, who force them to bleed to death. Muslims still practice slavery because it’s proscribed in the Koran, whereas all civilised societies outlaw it.
    Islam really is a stone-age cult, which has no place in the modern world. And their backwards thinking should not be allowed in other countries. Fine, if they want to do those things in their own countries, great, but when they emigrate somewhere else, those atrocities and outmoded tenets must be left behind.

  34. Thank God for some common sense at last! I cannot see the reasoning behind keeping criminals of any culture within our protection. If someone came into David Cameron’s home and started stealing, killing and telling him to change his ways, he would be thrown out!!! What is the difference?

  35. Having family in Norway I understand their frustration over immigrants sucking the life out their system, producing the next generation faster than the main population, insisting their religious laws be incorporated into Norwegian law and disrespecting the Norwegian heritage. Too bad Americans don’t feel the same way.

  36. i believe that muslim immigration to the west is all about conquest and if they do not see that they are not fit for office any country who do not see them for what they are ,are either ignorant or worse complicit in the total give away of our culture muslims are the only demograph who go to another country and set up a replica of what they left behind so much for only trying to better them self as the liberal left keep telling us no this is about the take over of western society from within and one day all the cowardly politicians and cultural hating leftists will surely have to pay a price either that or god help us we all will have a bleak future to hand our kids

    • Smokie your speaking the truth my friend cause I look at Britain an France an see how bad the muslims have taken over those countries an I see the same thing happening here in Canada an America if no action is taken.

      • and Norway, Sweden Denmark, Germany…..and so forth. They produce more children and collect more wellfare and plainly wait us out for some generations before they take over.

      • I am Canadian. I shudder to see the covered up women with no faces. We dont have many in our small city, but a mosque has been built. Who knows if it will become like England with its ghettos. Hope not ….

    • Your are correct. Abraham Lincoln said, “To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men.” It’s time to be concerned America. Enough is enough. This is among the main issues of the 21st Century. Over 500,000+ Muslim refugees mainly from Somalia under the refugee immigrant resettlement program are being relocated throughout America. Did you vote for that? No one voted for this! Awareness is the issue folks, put the word out. Most families are simply far too busy just trying to survive, working two jobs, raising their children and do not have a clue what is taking place. Our mainstream news will not inform you due to political correctness. I have done the research for you. First, Google “theprojectmuslimbrotherhood” this is the doctrine to destroy America from within, and guess what they are succeeding. One only has to look at England, Belgium, France, Germany, Russia, and the rest of Europe to understand the immigration issue. It is sad, what Paris has become, have you been there lately? Massive immigration and Multiculturalism is literally destroying Europe. There are now over 700 “Islamic no go Muslim Zones” within England, France and Germany. Islam is a political ideology; it is the antithesis of a free society. We are now approaching over 2400 mosques in America, along with 2.7 million Muslims here in the USA. The Mosques can be used for converting homegrown terrorists, as is the case in the Boston Marathon bombing. That number is supposed to double in the next decade. Take a look at Dearborn, Michigan (they now have Muslim zones, where the police are afraid to enter.) The Muslim immigration and mosques continue with Maine, Tennessee, Minnesota, New York, Indiana, S. Dakota, California and Colorado taking in most of the immigrants so far, your state could be next. I have no issue with the peaceful Muslim that wants to integrate into our culture and follow our laws. The problem lies in that the militant Muslims dominates and wants to force Islam and Sharia law upon us all. Why should America be forced into adapting to their culture? This is our America; we should not have to change one iota to accommodate them. “When good men and woman are quiet, evil always wins”. Forget about be labeled a racist, bigot or being politically correct. The time has come to speak up and take a stand. Again for the facts and truth just Google “theprojectmuslimbrotherhood” a real eye opener. They are making inroads into our schools, universities, cities and towns and even our own government. They want Sharia law and even our textbooks changed to put a more favorable light on Islam. (And they are succeeding folks) When Jews, Christians, Priests, Infidels are being murdered and Churches are being burned down and recently 59 students locked up in a school room, the building was set fire allowing no one to escape and anyone trying to escape was slaughtered by Islamic militants, where is the condemnation from the nearly 3 million Muslims that are here? For the majority of them there is total silence and none condemn the atrocities that continue to go on in Europe. That alone speaks volumes on their real intent. Europe is losing the battle all ready and America will be next. What you do today will affect your children and grandchildren and future generations of America yet unborn. One generation of silence on the issue due to political correctness is all it takes. Stand up and be counted to defeat this real threat upon America. Voice your opinion, let your congressmen, senators, and school boards, and know how you feel on the issue. Forget about being labeled and do what is right for future generations of America. We need a permanent solution, time is running out. Let us not become the next Europe. Do it for your children and grandchildren’s future folks. As for me I refuse to be silent on the issue. One person can make a difference but think what 1 million united can do. My goal is to get the word out to 1 million people. Thank you and please comment with your viewpoint.

  37. I live here in Norway, What is all the fuzz about? There are moore of them coming in then going out. And there are more criminals coming from eastern europe than from islamic countries, they being sendt back too. some speak of viking spirit here, that spirit died a long time ago, still to many lefties run the media, and the cristian church support this immigration, they like to be so nice to others. You know that cover that always work……

    • The policies are probably not having the effect of de-Islamizing the country. Such cultural measures will be initiated by the people. They can’t be centrally planned. As for Viking spirit, I don’t think spirits actually die. It’s just a matter of immersing yourself in the history and understanding the mentality of such people. The Vikings left Norway. As a Norwegian who believes in the integrity of your country and culture, you need to stay there. You need to spread Norwegian historical culture and stand on it.

    • Sverre Mortveit. You are wrong. The criminals of Eastern Europe does not rape us en masse. And they do not force islam upon us. And please note that we don’t give
      legal asylum to other Europeans as we do to criminals from islamic countries in high numbers. Proportions must be considered.

  38. Finally a country who’s waking up from a state of hypnosis that other European countries are still suffering from. Norway I salute you !!!

  39. The Guardian? What else to expect from a propaganda sheet known for such headlines as OF COURSE ALL WHITE PEOPLE ARE RACIST, or INSIDE THE MIND OF A RACIST – BRAIN SCANS REVEAL HIDDEN PREJUDICE.

    Just Google that crap. That’s the Left’s top read in the UK.

      • i think the same all that ordeal with young kids some i knew being in sex circle run by these immigrants if we just kicked out the ones breaking the law we head the right way for once back into a seat power as we once was and not have a country as badly in termoil

    • I like it, I wish my countries government would have the back bone and recognise the Islamic dogs have grown up surrounded by crime and hate for the west. Their religious leaders spout hate and intolerance yet wish to be treated with respect. It is no wonder there are so many rape crimes committed by muslim men, they are taught from an early age that we the white people are dirty and our woman fair game, when it is simply this, they are the filth & their women have to cover up from FEAR of being raped, so why should our women cover up to keep them the muslims from lusting over them then when opportunity represents itself rape our women. The one to blame in all of this, the prophet pretender muhammed, he & sick ideology. I agree with you Mitch they deserve to be when they came from, everyone but them have assimilated into our way of life like the Sikhs & Hindus & many more all but muslims.

  40. Good work. A woman has the spine to do what has to be done. I wonder how much of this has to do with the fact that women stand to lose the most via Sharia?? Men can simply convert and rule over women, but what do women get from Sharia? Enslavement. Even the infidel women will be terrorized by Sharia. WE get it!

    • women in ur country are needed just when she’s young and beautiful but when she gets older there is no care or respect for her even her children leaves her alone that is forbidden in I slam, most men in ur country have hidden relationships with younger ladies when their wife gets old,
      You must know the difference between Islam and and muslims who have wrong acts just like SOME Kristen people also have.
      Try to judge Islam after u read about it from it’s real sources like translated Quran.

      • Sara David: I have a Qu’ran, and I’ve read it, cover to cover. I’ve also read the Hadith. They are frightful, horrifying documents rife with misogyny, hatred, slavery, pedophilia, and violence, the likes of which not even Stalin, Hitler or Pol Pot could aspire to. In a woman’s shoes, I would guess most would prefer to be ‘left alone’ (as you label it) than kept as aging chattel good for nothing than to labor endlessly for the will of their husbands/masters.
        The Christian community has its problems, true, but I will start worrying about THOSE when they start blowing up synagogues/mosques, flying planes into buildings, raining rockets down upon Israel (or wherever), torture animals because of a idiot few lines in their holy book, hang people from cranes for the crime of being gay, and keeping all their womenfolk in what are essentially slave garments (because a collar and leash is simply not degrading enough). Until that day happens, and evil Christian theocracies threaten us all, Islam has exactly zero business preaching to us about it, and it can bloody well shut its yap.

        • All religions are bad.The World would be a better place without.But the worst is the ISLAM and should be taken more seriously by our National leaders.The Norwegian PM is right to react so.Our leaders should do the same.

      • Yes there are good and bad in all society’s
        but you need to help us get rid of the fanatics
        they are destroying this country I heve never felt such

    • The illegal alien in the White House should be the first to go. If we got rid of that POS we might stand a chance.
      however, the Muslim Brotherhood has so thoroughly infiltrated our government that I’m not sure we stand a chance anyway.

      • SO true julietsm, so true. What was wrong with Americans to let in that Muslim to begin with, ignoring that the couldn’t even prove he was legally qualified to run for president. The govt turns a blind eye. Only a few are outraged.

    • Oh Thanks Norway! You’ve thrown them all out and now Obama will welcome them in with open arms and a bag full of our hard paid taxes so they can live off of our backs.

    • First of all, you americans have to get rid og the muslim brotherhood member B. Hussein Obama. Why do you let him cheat you with all his lies ?



  43. Fantastic News ! Take back your culture Norway … there are millions who are on your side … the problem here in NA is the politicians are Gutless and owned by Muzzers … not the people though and we’ll fight if we have to …

  44. I see no problem with this! They are kicking out those that make crimes! I do not think they give a damn from what country the foreigner comes from or what race he represents if he is a criminal! This is not about race but about trying to keep Norway clean of bad foreign people!

    • Over a period of 5 yrs all the rapers who were convicted in our capitol Oslo were muslim men. From different muslim countries. Our peaceful land is invadeded by barbarians.

  45. Is he a closet gay? Just askingg


    We need not detain ourselves here too long. Only 320,000 – it would appear rather greedy and irresponsible – people cling to this breathtaking, yet borderline uninhabitable rock in the North Atlantic. Further attention will only encourage them.”

    There is nothing, NOTHING positive to say about this article. But it is from “The National Lampoon” aka The Garudian.

    Booth seeks to insult everyone with his cheap shots and pathetic attempts at humor which even pisses off many ‘Garudianistas’, who normally slavishly follow the sinislam leads of their leftard writers.

    • Comments for this discussion are now closed. Can’t speak my mind to this backstabbing pig.

      Why don’t Booth move to the middle east or Africa, since he finds finds the Scandinavian people so worthless? He bashes the people while he lives off of them, what a bastard, he should be deported and/or banned from entering any Scandinavian country. Scandinavia is not for the muslims and the other unwanted freeloaders. When it comes to them or my “bad” people I’ll have to side with Rudyard Kipling on the subject.

      The Stranger

      The Stranger within my gate,
      He may be true or kind,
      But he does not talk my talk–
      I cannot feel his mind.
      I see the face and the eyes and the mouth,
      But not the soul behind.

      The men of my own stock,
      They may do ill or well,
      But they tell the lies I am wanted to,
      They are used to the lies I tell;
      And we do not need interpreters
      When we go to buy or sell.

      The Stranger within my gates,
      He may be evil or good,
      But I cannot tell what powers control–
      What reasons sway his mood;
      Nor when the Gods of his far-off land
      Shall repossess his blood.

      The men of my own stock,
      Bitter bad they may be,
      But, at least, they hear the things I hear,
      And see the things I see;
      And whatever I think of them and their likes
      They think of the likes of me.

      This was my father’s belief
      And this is also mine:
      Let the corn be all one sheaf–
      And the grapes be all one vine,
      Ere our children’s teeth are set on edge
      By bitter bread and wine

  46. Ah, after 13 weeks of holding the reins ‘the girls’ are stating to flex their muscles!

    The idiot Michael Booth is just envious that Norwegians are waking up while the Danes are still reeling, and allowing the mudslimes to keep demanding and intimidating their citizens. For many Danes it’s a problem just to get to work in Copenhagen; they have to run a slalom through an obstacle course of muslim punks out to rob and intimidate.

    For Booth to say Norway is the most ‘closed’ of Nordic countries is complete nonsense–Sweden takes that prize, and Swedes see no light at the end of the tunnel, as they descend ever faster into Islamic oblivion thanks to their own traitorous people ‘running’ (ruining) the country

    Erna Solberg is a giant step in the right direction, but her coalition partner Siv Jensen, Finance Minister and leader of the Freedom Party hold views which are more in line with bloggers on this site, including a complete end to all immigration and a review of foreigners already in the country,sadly, Erna doesn’t agree, but the two will surely come up with a solution– it’s early days yet!

    • @Peter35: Solberg`s coalition partner Siv Jensen is not leader of the Freedom Party since Norway do not have that Party. Jensen is leader of the Progress Party ( FrP),
      and it`s a liberal party not a Freedom Party

      • Sorry Stein, I just wasn’t thinking; I’m well aware of Fremskrittspartiet, having lived in Norway for years and still visit occasionally, and been married in Mo I Rana. (we’re still married after 55 years) Mvh, Peter

  47. Great news.. There is hope after all for Europe. The muslim problem has been growing big in many parts and those frikken UK liberals sure aren’t doing a damn thing to stop it. In fact they are too sympathetic. Now I never been to Norway so I don’t know how it is socially if say another white person from anywhere was going to move there but I know that if a country has a cancer, they need to get rid of it.

  48. What’s the be the Saudis and their cronies will get wind of this and start financing Norwegian opposition parties to revoke this policy. Or some idiot mullah somewhere raises a fatwone against Norwegians.

    • A fatwa against Norwegians would be GREAT because it would give Norway and Europe the kick they need to go to WAR against Islam! Although we may need to replace most of the Politicians first because most of the Political Elite side with the Muslims against their own people!

        • @dennis Jurinsky
          You have an East European (Polish?) surname but NOT the East European fighting spirit.
          If you will not fight for freedom YOU do not deserve it.

          We need to unite and behead the Islamic beast NOW before it kills at a more horrific cost.

      • Hardly likely. Western politicians would run out the usual dhimmi line that “This does not represent true Islam” and all the other similar bollocks.

  49. ‘Listen Emily, I assume you’ve seen more than a few zombie movies over the years?’
    ‘Yes’ she answered struck by the seeming oddity of the question.
    ‘Well they are not far from the truth I’m afraid. All those you are about to see gathering around us are virtually zombies. They follow the edicts of a long dead conman who thought up just about every evil vice you could think of and had them cleverly inserted into a new religion in order to appeal to the base instincts of a very primitive and uneducated people. For the past fourteen centuries we have had devotees of that cult continually hammering at the door of civilisation. They are all taught not to question what has been written for them in the Koran and to destroy all those who do. We are at war not with terrorism but with an ideology so evil it is beyond comprehension for most people. So Emily, when you get home, please help support your father in his quest to help defend the civilised world from this threat of descending darkness and infinite evil’ he said.
    [Excerpt from my novel “Get Emily”]

  50. That is an agemda of the government .whhat to say no criminals as proved must be kept in the country? If they are living as per the laws of that country they can go before the court of the same country? Kicking out muslim fundamentalist if is a problem it is bettere to do earlier or prepare for facimg self born terorist that the same facing now in south east asia!

  51. Give this woman a medal for caring about her own first. These people come to western counties seeking refugee status from the torture and treatment they have endured. Lots of them are on a quest to take over western countries world wide in the name of Allah. These people come to us then bit the hand that feeds them. They won’t assimilate into the communities and take over whole areas of townships and displace the countries own people who have lived there for generations. We give them our homes instead of giving them bricks and mortar and make them build their own homes instead of sitting on there asses drinking coffee all day and planning how to take over. Why would any country take in people who continuously break the laws with murder, rape, paedophilia, persecution of women, animal cruelty and buggery and the hate they have for anything not Islamic. I can’t even call these thing animals for animals have more respect for each other than they do for humans. I believe in helping those less fortunate but not at the expense of it’s peoples peace of mind and safety.

  52. Divs like booth live in a leftwing denial fantasy in the real world thankfully eejits like hime are getting sparse….pathectic how the left used to redicule religion and be for people and jewish folk and now are a sick apologists for the new nazis of islam

  53. we in the u/k should withdraw from the human rights charter for 2 years ,and deport every muslim thug rapist pedo, including his entire family,and stop all child benefits,stop the the payments for multiple homes and wifes,you gey my drift

        • So you can’t deport him, but why support him? Cut off his dole money (jizya), and make him earn a living.
          Of course that won’t happen, as Brits are (with good reason) terrified of Muslims.
          Rue Britannia.

        • For Mslims with Citizenship the only method would be an anti-Islam camp to clean them from that ideology. Tell then when they come into the camp: “You have exactly 2 ways out here: As an apostate or through the chimney. We hope for everyone he will choose the first way but unfortunately we know we wont succed for all of you so some of you will go the 2nd way.”

    • C. right on. Every country could learn from this strength move to deport all illegals, deport all criminals and their families. I like this law that Norway has. Well done. keep up the good work. I hope that all democratic countries can learn from this.

  54. Common sense must win out. The culture of these European countries must be sacrosanct, and the culture of these Middle Eastern rat-holes must be regarded irrelevant. In general principle, I have no problem with people who want to move to places so they can have “a better life;” however, if these people are going to bring their blight with them, and begin to create their own little corner of Kabul within Oslo, then their hearts and souls are still in Afghanistan, and they’ve got no business living in Norway. Europeans must get to the realization that their culture is ultimately SUPERIOR to that of these Muslim sand monkeys, and they must DEFEND IT TO THE DEATH.

  55. This is wonderful!!! Go Vikings!!!

    Now when will the rest of Europe and the US join in the deportation party….

    Don’t get me wrong. I’m fine with foreigners and asylum seekers. But when the foreigners are leaving theocratic shit holes because they are theocratic shit holes, then demand to turn the host countries into the same theocratic shit holes that they left… yeah there’s a problem. Politicians need to protect their own people first and have no business letting foreigners abuse them into oblivion. Islam is completely incompatible with the civilized world and people need to stop fearing the fabricated and phony slur “islamophobia”. Muslim savages need to learn the hard way that they aren’t entitled to special treatment, even though that’s what Islam tells them. Because infidels just don’t give a shit about their bogus sense of elitism. Fit in or get out!

  56. Next step is to start deporting all the man-hating fems and their mangina pet’s out of Scandinavia as well,
    I’m sure the Taliban has some “empowerment” burqas for them.
    They can always have a slutwalk in downtown Kandahar.

  57. Michael Booth is an absolute douche’ bag!
    “Norwegians, accusing them of being “fearful of outsiders”,
    Its called, punishment for their crimes!!!

    If deportation isn’t the answer, then cut of their heads and spit in their skulls!

    I’m of Norwegian ancestry. My dad always said, “we eat fish and bitch” However,
    I can assure you, we’ll never lose the power of our Viking blood!!

    • it’s also called self preservation! Michael Booth has the nerve to criticise Norwegians on ethics while backing middle eastern culture? these Islamic rats are liars, pedophiles, violators of women, hypocrites, murderous violent criminals who are willing to murder thier own daughters!!! Hey Michael Booth! why don’t you take your sorry ass over to the middle east if you love that culture so much!

  58. North Way …. my affectionate term for …. Noorway …. my affectionate term for …. No Way …. my affectionate term for Norway …. has a tiny population …. easily overun by Muslime …. and is seed corn for a better Europe …. give the scum …. the boot …. das boot !

  59. Hooray …. for …. Norway ! “Iron Erna” …. that touches a chord …. in my dreams …. I am the Love Child …. of Ronnie Reagan and “Iron Lady” Maggie Thatcher ! Norway is finishing the job …. Anders started …. his famous ZeroQuislings campaign ? Monedas 1929 Comedy Jihad World Tour

  60. Great news Norway! now if North America grows a set we too can get rid of these MuzTURDS Islam isn’t a religion it’s made up of a bunch of HomoPhobic
    goat fornicating COWARDS!

  61. Straight forward thinking uncluttered by the false idea that absorbing them into society at all costs is a good thing (see USA problems). The Norwegians are anti rape, not anti Muslim. Anything less is an insult to the victim. Let the world follow suit but make sure this applies to all immigrants no matter what race or religion.

  62. I know enough people who work in Norway and i’ve never heard them complain about being discriminated or anything like that.
    So indeed, it is as you say, it’s Muslimphobic, especially since in an article you posted i think it said that all the rapes in a city were caused only by recent muslim immigrants. Who wouldn’t want to deport each and every one of them if that happened in their country?

  63. Its wonderful to see that Norway is waking up and getting rid of these Muslim inbreds. . Many of my fellow Americans are clueless when it comes to the Muslims . They don’t want to be bothered with the problem, most of them don’t even know there is a problem. They just want to be left alone to play with their high tech toys , smoke pot ,get their food stamps and other entitlement from the Great Godfather.
    God help us all.
    Proud Infidel USA

  64. Great! Hope Norway deports all muslim parasites and set an example to the rest of the western countries. Lazy, least productive sloths want to live on state benefits

    • I’ve said this Before …..deporting is the most cost and time efficient way to secure
      non muslim nations from the parasitic jihadi hordes.

      Andres Brevik and his attack on Leftist govt ….seems to woken up the Norwegians
      to vote out the Leftists who ruled Norway for over 40 years !

      The Leftists election defeat was historical and earthshaking event for Norway and hope it repeats all over the non muslim world.

    • Of course the Norwegians are fearful of outsiders…..wouldn’t you think they had good reason to be so? All I can say is Go Norway! God bless this woman,not afraid and may God give her the power to carry on.Love it! Bet they don’t take any Syrian refugees like good ‘ole England,we’re having the disabled ones as well now,all need housing,health care and food…..all free.Makes me ashamed,our countrymen and women are facing job losses,wage cuts,etc.

  65. The Viking spirit lives on in a woman. Hang your heads in shame you leftist Norwegian eunuchs who let all that muslim trash in.

  66. Let’s hope it’s contagious, and spreads to next door to the dopey Swedes, then down to Denmark, Then as it goes down through Germany, it takes a right over to Holland, and then jumps the English Channel. But Screw France, they don’t care who invades them. May it spread faster than the Black Plague and eliminate Europe’s entire infestation. While I ain’t no Christian, it’s long past time for a new Crusade! Which is the white Man’s word for Jihad!

    • Haven’t you been following Alain’s postings???

      Not a few of the French have been waking up – in fact, well ahead of enough of the other Europeans!!!! The descendants of Charles Martel, of St. Louis Capet (Louis IX) and not a few others ARE even ahead of the Norwegians!!! Although their government is Socialist – MOST unfortunately – they’re feeling the heat both from the muzturds AND the Génération Identitaire, the ones who’re coming forth…

      I think you need to retract your above posting…

  67. It’s a start, but STILL a very long way to go!!!

    I’ll not be satisfied until every last practising Moslem man, woman and child is EXPELLED (being disenfranchised of Norwegian or ANY OTHER WESTERN citizenship in the process) out of the West, PERIOD!!!! Any remaining Moslems have to be sifted through using the strictest criteria and either forced also to leave or (if they have REAL reasons to stay – see my earlier postings) forced to renounce Islam, ALL ties and communications with the Islamic world and put on STRICTEST probation for at least 10 – preferably 15 – years.

    Only when ALL these steps are implemented and they otherwise ALL been booted out will there really be improvement…

  68. Awesome news, there is hope for other countries yet. Australia has started deporting some criminals but needs to get rid of more of the filth no matter what country they come from. Go Norway

    • Yes, and quite a few have taken off and gottrn their fool heads blown off in Syria, which is a decent outcome.
      Wait until the war expands to Lebanon and all the fully sik Lebo rappers head across to get their fool heads blown off.
      War worked for Schindler, and it can work for thecivilized man too.

      • Yes and some pillocks call them British
        they will never be British as long as they have a hole in their arse mind you some of the crap they tolk I sometimes wonder if they have one

    • i have just returned from visiting Australia for the third time in the last two years. I have noticed the increase of muslims into your country. You people are sleeping. You’ve always been a very trusting country but things are going to change rapidly if your government doesn’t wake up!!!! Doesn’t anyone get it yet that the biggest weapon of the muslims is the womb. for every one child we people bring into the world the muslims bring 7 kids and then go on multiplying it. your crime rate will go up. rape will go up. these people have no respect for lives or life itself.
      why doesn’t anyone still see that most of the crimes bombings are done by the muslims….be it Lockerbie the blowing up the airplane. 9/11 the bombings in the underground tube stations in london…..shall i go on.? even King Hussein of Jordan in 1970 killed thousands upon thousands of palestinians cos of them making an uprising. that was known as black september. In Syria over 170,000 citizens have been killed. Look whats happening in Iran now – the brutal killings of helpless citizens. And as for Israel…while I was in Australia not once did your wonderful news show the side of the Israelis. Just remember who started that “war” – Yes. the Hammas. And who broke the Cease Fire 6 times? Yes the Hammas. And where did they hide their missiles and launchers…? Yes. they were put into schools, peoples houses, the UN building…. and it goes on. all i can say to you Australia & new zealand WAKE UP!! Act Now
      Upon saying all that i am talking about the extremists who want to disrupt the everyday life of nations all over the world. Of course there are muslims, with whom I am very freindly with – who are peaceful and are like everyday citizens like yourself and me and just want to to get on with life.

  69. People ARE waking up. These “democratic” nations tried being polite, letting these scum in in hopes of it working out but, alas, now they’re seeing it’s hopeless. You can’t train a cactus to be an orchid not a muzzie to be a human.

  70. ‘Obama must apologise for envoy gaffe’ 24 Jan 2014

    “Norway’s Progress Party has demanded a personal apology from US President Barack Obama after his nomination for Norway’s new ambassador described its members as “fringe elements” who “spew out their hatred” (PLUS VIDEO).
    “I think this is unacceptable and a provocation,” Jan Arild Ellingsen, the party’s justice spokesman, told Norway’s TV2 television channel. “I expect the US president to apologize to both Norway and the Progress Party”. 
    “George Tsunis, a Greek-American property millionaire who was one of Obama’s biggest individual campaign donors, displayed only the scantiest knowledge of Norway at a senate hearing this week ahead of his appointment, describing the Progress Party, which has seven ministers in the government, as if it were a fringe far-right group.” 
    “He then referred to the country’s “president”, apparently under the impression that the country is a republic rather than a constitutional monarchy.”

    “What we have here is a ‘hotel concierge’ who has not done his job in advance,” Ellingsen added, mocking Tsunis for Chartwell Hotels, the hotel management company which made his fortune.” 
    Tsunis and his wife were among the largest individual donors to Obama’s 2012 campaign. After registering as a Democrat in November 2009, Tsunis raised $988,550 for Obama’s 2012 campaign, and donated $300,000 to Democratic super PACs and $75,800 to the Obama Victory Fund, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. 
    “Tsunis became a Democrat in November 2009, after giving $50,000 to Republican Sen. John McCain’s 2008 campaign.” 

    • Quote:
      “Norway’s Progress Party has demanded a personal apology from US President Barack Obama after his nomination for Norway’s new ambassador described its members as “fringe elements” who “spew out their hatred” (PLUS VIDEO).

      Barack Obama is an extraordinarily arrogant man, and it’s unlikely he will apologize for anything. Don’t let it faze you, Norway. Do what you have to do.

      • Norway may get rid of a criminal element be it Muslim or people of other religious beliefs but that’s all you’ll be able to do at this time in this world because the power behind the governments of the new world order have told your leaders what to do, that is to allow foreigners into your countries on mass to break down your national strength and cohesion, divide and conquer and how better than the jew hating muslims or arabs let’s face it there’s huge profits and power to be had in a war between religions fought in the streets of every country in the world. The hidden one’s can even get away with changing history to suit their agenda don’t be fooled. I agree with claiming our home lands back but who displaced the people in the middle east and for what reason do some research and you’ll eventually truly wake up to what is really going on and the one’s who wield the power behind governments of the new world order. They are the one’s who have to be stopped.

  71. They’re very different from the swedes.

    This is very good news, they may be the first but hopefully everyone else will copy.

  72. True to her word. Wonderful.

    The one weapon we have against muslim immigration is expulsion. To be kicked out by a woman, and a blonde on top of it, is quite insulting for any muslim male.

  73. It is unfortunate that Western countries have to be brought to the brink of destruction by Islamic FILTH before they wise up and finally get the SCUM out.

    Hopefully, ALL Western countries will soon join in the fun of eradicating Islamic FILTH from their midst.

  74. YEE HAR !!!!!!!!!!!! YOU BLOODY BEAUTY !!!!!

    Onya Camel , Abdul , how do you like them dates ? Is there any good Moooooozlims , ie , ones that are still living ?

    Does anyone know where the hog humpers are being deported to ?

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