QUEBEC: Muslim women are being intimidated and threatened for supporting ‘Charter of Values’ ban on most religious symbols in public buildings

This is a press conference on the witness intimidation many Muslim women are being subjected to if they are in favor of the secularism charter of values being debated in Quebec at this time.

More information here (in French) PostedeVeille

Vlad Tepes (h/t Susan K)

PostedeVeille The author and journalist Djemila Benhabib, recipient of the 2012 International Award of Secularism and finalist of the 2013 Simone de Beauvoir award, is currently being sued by a private school establishment bearing the name ‘Écoles musulmanes de Montréal’ or EMMS (Muslim Schools of Montreal).

As stated in the lawsuit, EMMS claims Mrs. Benhabib held defamatory and anti-Koranic views on the public radio station 98.5 FM while being interviewed by Benoît Dutrizac on February 8th 2012, following an article posted on her Journal de Montréal blog which mentioned said school.

In view of the significant resources that are made available to this school, which happens to be affiliated with the Mosquée de Montréal, the Muslim Community of Montreal as well as the Muslim Community of Québec (MCQ) and its international ramifications, it seems to us this lawsuit could in effect be a SLAPP (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation) since its purpose is to intimidate and frighten Mrs. Benhabib, thus entangling her in litigation destined to silence her as evidenced by their action of not targeting the Journal de Montréal nor the 98.5 FM radio station.

As most of you well know, Mrs. Benhabib is the author of the book ‘Ma vie à contre-Coran’.  She is very active in fighting Islamic radicalism and denounces forcefully any and all Islamic strategies not only in the West but also in Muslim lands.