LONDON: Sharia police harass woman in the park walking her dog near the Muslim NO-GO Zone of Tower Hamlets. Hilarity ensues.


According to the woman, “A dog walk in Victoria Park goes horribly wrong when a Muslim Tower Hamlets Council Enforcement Officer accuses me of letting my dog defacate in the park and not clearing it up. It’s New Years Day and we take the dogs for a morning walk. My dog poos, I bag it, bin it and continue our walk. About 20 to 30 minutes later, a Muslim sharia enforcement officer accuses me of failing to remove a dog poo, but but refuses to show me where the alleged unpicked up poo is.  Instead, he demands my details repeatedly and reads me my rights. He wants to give me a ticket and/or have me arrested.” 

About 10 minutes of ‘SHOW ME THE POO’ later, he declares “The poo was here, but it is gone now.” The sharia officer then wonders off looking at the floor and in an area nearby he does indeed locate a poo. Part 2 begins. “Right then,” I say “I don’t believe this poo has anything to do with me, but because you do,  I’ll remove it.” We were then followed around and out of the park by the sharia patrol officer and two more of his Muslim enforcement colleagues, while he continued to radio for Police back-up and continued to harass me.

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