LOL! Egyptian judge puts Mohamed Morsi and his fellow Muslim Brotherhood jihadists in a soundproof cage during the first trial


Unwilling to allow a defiant, shrieking Morsi to disrupt this trial (the first of several), the judge caged up Morsi and friends as they do with rabid animals.

Former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, appearing before a Cairo court Tuesday to face charges related to a 2011 jailbreak, denounced the process as unfair and unjust. Speaking from inside a soundproof glass enclosure, Morsi demanded to know where he was and who was in charge.  Nineteen Muslim Brotherhood members, including Morsi, allegedly broke out of the prison in 2011. At the time, the Muslim Brotherhood was banned in the country. Morsi and dozens of co-defendants are accused of collaborating with Hamas and Hezbollah to escape from the Wadi-Natroun prison. The defendants are also accused of attempting to murder police officers.