Oh, Goodie! It’s World Hijab Day again


Mark your calendars, ladies. Saturday, Feb. 1st is when stupid dhimmi females dress up in headbags (hijabs) to show their solidarity with the most oppressed, abused, and self-loathing women on earth – Muslims.

From World Hijab Day website: When a Muslim woman covers her hair, chest and body, she is sending a silent message that she respects her body and like a pearl in the ocean, she covers it with her beautiful shell (Hijab). 

No one has the right to observe, gawk at and judge a Muslim woman by the highlights in her hair or curves on her body. Instead they judge her for what is in her mind, her character, and her goals and ambitions.  Hijab is prevention from being accosted by ignorant minds who only judge a woman by the clothes she wears and the skin she shows. A woman’s body as you know is sacred and this is why Islam encourages women to strive to cover and protect it.