SWEDEN announces it will continue to give Muslim immigrants welfare benefits and housing allowances even if they find a job

flagswedenislam-viThe Swedish Government is so desperate for newly arrived Muslim immigrants to be motivated enough to look for work, they will continue to pay them the same benefits they are getting for not working, in addition to the income they will get if they find a job.

  (h/t Johan A) Anyone who gets a job is henceforth allowed to keep the same welfare benefits and housing allowance they are getting while sitting around doing nothing. Apparently, the government has realized that most of these Muslim immigrants lack the natural incentive to work that Swedish citizens have.  So they figure that bribing them might get them off their big fat asses.


This is a major problem among Muslim immigrants who do not want to work and are happy to be living so well in Sweden on welfare benefits without working compared to how they were living in their native countries. Of course, this program of continuing to pay welfare is not available to unemployed Swedish citizens, only to immigrants, legal and otherwise.

The previous exemption amount for work together with the welfare allowance  has been removed so that labor income will no longer reduce the housing and benefits allowance.

The ‘genius’ behind this moronic reform appears to be the Minister for Integration Erik Ullenhag (FP), who issued a statement in conjunction with the press release that says that the government’s line is clear – it pays to work. (It figures that the government would come up with something this stupid)