Tea Party audience cheers as Navy SEAL Benjamin Smith calls Obama a ‘Muslim traitor” and desecrates a quran by slamming it onto the floor

Ben_SmithFormer Navy SEAL Benjamin Smith was speaking the truth at the South Carolina Tea Party Coalition Convention, January 19, 2014 when he called Barack Hussein Obama a Communist and a Muslim traitor who is linked to the Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaeda (al-Qaeda being the military arm of the Brotherhood).


MR (h/t FredericF)  Smith spoke of Obama and his anti-American views and pro-Islamic leanings, asking why Obama finds the need to bow to Arab royalty and suggests it has something to do with two most “holy” mosques in the world located in their countries. He continues to question why we would shell out millions of dollars to Muslims that in, another current war, are viewed as the enemy.


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  1. “Radical Muslim” is redundant.

    Only a fool or someone who is intentionally ignorant or someone who is brain-washed or someone who is a liberal—wait, the word “liberal” is a synonym for each of the first three categories—does not realize that Islam is at war with America. Actually, they are at war with the world. They know that if America falls, the rest will too. Any Muslim who is not a strong believer in Jihad is the same as a lukewarm (or fake) Christian. He is not following what his Book says.

    I am a Christian and I know how it all turns out so it is not scary at all.

    However, since no one knows the date of the end, we need to stand up and defend ourselves from the enemy.

    Folks, I think liberals are more dangerous than Muslims.

      • You are right BNI.
        The speech is fishy and unnatural.
        Dropping the ku-ran on the floor (oops!) is not enough to convince me of his true, patriotic intentions.
        It isn’t convincing, by all means.

  2. Well done, Ben! This is the way the hate book should be used (including toilet paper). Islam is NOT a religion but an evil ideology. Al-illah aka allah is NOT the creator but satan!

  3. This guy is so awesome………….I am so glad that he is not afraid to speak the truth THANK GOD someone is saying something………..THANK GOD for Him KEEP SPEAKING KEEP SPEAKING BEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. It is so good to hear people who will tell it like it is without the liberal leftard d’himmi spin of stupidity. We need to hear more from Ben Smith, Pam Geller, Robert Spence, BNI, Allan West, Geet Wilders and so on. Keep the truth coming and keep outing the evil goals of the mudslums of islam.

  5. The man sees what is obvious. The great mystery remains why all Americans cannot see it? Obama is an impostor, a Muslim, a member of the MB and half the country of idiots is blind to it all.

    • I know it is so so strange that half the country is so blind to this man I cannot believe it. This is so very strange what country are we in now ………………God Help us !!!!!

  6. Benjamin to the Congress now…!!!…..to replace all the gutless GOP dhimis who are just hurting the party and the nation forever….yes forever: they don’t know there’s no return after bho???

  7. I dunno…but I seriously doubt that this hero will be too intimidated by the likes of obama and his alphabet cronies. God bless him, and bring forth, many more of his kind!

  8. It’s not my style to talk that way but I enjoyed him mentioning muslims “lifting their asses 5 times a day”. That is definitely language suitable for leftists who are stupid, spineless, and have no class.

  9. God Bless You Sir!
    Islam is Not a Religion But a System of Consensual Slavery.
    Everything You Value as a Free American Citizen is Absolute Anathema to a Muslim.
    Since Predestination is a Prime Tenet of “Islam”
    (i.e. You Have No Free Will, Personal Responsibility, or Personal Accountibility Since EVERYTHING is Predestined by “Allah”) Your Very Existence as a Free Citizen, Therefore Spits in the Face of Islam.
    They’re Forbidden from Having Loyalty to ANYONE or ANYTHING But “Islam.”
    They’re Forbidden from Even Friendships with we Kafirs.
    To Self-Identify as a Muslim and Say They’re Loyal Citizens, or They’re a Friend is Boldfaced Deception, and Nothing Less.
    And I’m Not the Only One Who Recognizes Every Speech Our First Red President Has Given Since He Announced in ’08 are LOADED with Quotes, Both Direct and in Paraphrase from Karl Marx Communist Manifesto. . . Am I?

  10. Obama is indeed a Marxist sympathizer. He is also a Muslim Brotherhood sympathizer and is responsible for funding them, leading to many deaths at their hands. Obama is too swayed by sympathy for his Muslim relatives to realize how amoral this Death Cult actually is. Many U.S. presidents have come to the conclusion that Islam can only bring death and backwardness. Obama should take the words of his highly intelligent predecessors if he is enough intelligence himself!

    John Quincy Adams, Thomas Jefferson and Teddy Roosevelt were all dead on when speaking about Islam in the days before (Marxist) political correctness.

  11. This guy has got some guts – good on him. Brave man, telling it like it is. How the Dems. will hate him because he dares to speak the truth.

  12. I love this guy, and we have the same name. If I could gracefully ad to what he said: The chief tenant of Islam is “submission.” That is why the Muslims are incompatible with Christians, Hindus, and Jews, and “America.” Wake up call to the American people–pretty soon we will be at war with Islam. It’s going to start with Iran in March, during our Persian Gulf war games, and we need to do what it takes to protect ourselves, our families, and the beliefs we hold so dear, in order to survive.

  13. And within a week the FBI, IRS, TSA, ATF and the rest of the alphabet gov’t will be all over his ass like stink on shit. Maybe the NDAA will “disappear” him.
    Buck Ofama!