CANADA: Remember the teenager in the Aikido class whose teacher segregated the students by gender because one Muslim man demanded it?

Her name is Sonja Parker and her father Dan just sent me a petition to the Canadian Government to protest this outrageous misogynistic action by the Aikido school. I hope BNI readers will join me in signing it.

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Sonja Parker
Sonja Parker


  • Petitioning Canadian Government, Prime Minister Stephen Harper

Protect Canadian women rights from gender based religious persecution, and stop the erosion of the most important and fundamental RIGHT that we enjoy in a free and democratic society.

Our daughters were discriminated against in a martial arts class (Aikido) and the Human Rights Board of Nova Scotia allowed this discrimination because the Man claimed his offensive and sexist beliefs were based on “his interpretation of a religion”.  His interpretation of his religion can be found in a very offensive booklet that he handed out in this same Martial Arts class, titled “Islam From Darkness to Light”, by Suhail Kapoor, published in 2008 by Al-Amal Electronic Printers in Saudi Arabia.  This booklet is very offensive and explicitly promotes discrimination and violence against women, homosexuals, western society, and much more.

Our story made the news in January 2014, and SUN News has one particularly well done discussion on the issues in the video linked to below.

As discussed in the SUN News video, our youngest daughter attended this CO-ED martial arts class (Dojo) for 9 years when the instructor/owner told the class that women would no longer be treated equal in his Dojo. The instructor informed the class that this new, self proclaimed muslim student refuses to interact with women because of his “religious” beliefs, and so the class will have to be separated.

The message in this booklet made it VERY clear that the reason he requested that women be segregated in the Dojo was to promote discrimination and the oppression of women.  We contacted Tarak Fatah of the Muslim Canadian Congress and he confirmed this mans request has nothing to do with islamic religious beliefs.  The student also refused to bow and show respect for the Japanese culture in the same fashion as ALL of the other students, but that is another story.  My daughters, my husband and I were very upset and shocked at this segregation. Our initial feelings related to how people of colour felt in the 50’s when they were forced to the back of the bus.  Even though they were told to stop complaining because they still got to ride the bus, they were clearly discriminated against.

We started to investigate how it is possible in Canada that an individual can be allowed to openly discriminate against women (who are born with their gender) because of religion (which is a choice).  We found out religious based discrimination against gender, sexual orientation, colour and (of all things) religion is a growing problem in the civilized world.

We contacted the Halifax Municipality, our government officials and the Human Rights Board and were told that this individual has the “right” to discriminate against women based on “his interpretation of his religious beliefs” including the booklet.  All parties, including the Human Rights board said the degrading and disgusting values expresses in this booklet are not relevant.  We disagree. Human Rights explicitly refused to investigate the complaint and actually told us to stop calling them.

After this muslim man gave a copy of this very offensive booklet to our 15 year old daughter, both of our daughters quit this class, refusing to be humiliated and discriminated against in a publicly funded Martial Arts class.

We have received amazing support from so very many people who agree that segregation, discrimination and/or the oppression of women based on “religious” beliefs MUST NOT BE TOLERATED in Canada.  Thankyou.

We have raised this petition and are asking for your support to add your signature and share this with your friends and family.  We intend to use your signatures to motivate our politicians to take action to protect this fundamental right, and defend Canadian Women from this form of discrimination. We hope your signatures will help enforce our Charter Rights for equal treatment of women (who are born women) and NOT ALLOW this to be trumped by religion (a persons choice).  We hope to change our Human Rights Board to focus on protecting Canadian women from gender based persecution, and stop the erosion of the most important and fundamental RIGHT that we enjoy in a free and democratic society.